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Rich and precious life variable life insurance (universal type)

Jianxin Life Insurance Products


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  • Basic Information

Insurance company Jianxin Life Insurance Use gender Unlimited
Term Insurance lifelong Annual payment period


Minimum contribution amount 6000 yuan Supplementary explanation of payment method
Insurance management fee 6 yuan / month Policy loan no
Loan ratio - Surrender fee 10.0% in the first year
Use area

Shanghai, Jiangsu Province, Guangdong Province

Insurance category definition

Refers to life insurance products that include insurance coverage and have a certain asset value in at least one investment account. In addition to the same life insurance as the traditional life insurance, the universal insurance can also allow the customer to directly participate in the investment activities of the funds in the investment account established by the insurance company for the insured, and the insured investment account with the value of the policy and the insurance company operating independently. Linking the performance of funds

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  • Insurance example

  • Insurance duty

  • Liability exemption

Death, total disability insurance: If the insured person dies or is totally disabled, the company will pay the death or total disability insurance equivalent to the sum of the personal account value and the insured amount at that time (if the insured person also becomes one In the case of a total disability above the limit, the payment shall be limited to one) and the validity of this contract shall be terminated. On-going bonus: The insured shall pay the insurance premium payable in the current period within the agreed payment date or within the grace period within ten years from the effective date of this contract, from the first policy year, if the policyholder agrees On the payment date or during the grace period, the insurance premium payable in the current period shall be paid, and if the contract continues to be valid, the company shall calculate the continuous bonus according to 1.5% of the amount of the premium payable during the current period, and shall be included in the individual at the end of the policy year. account. If the period of payment of insurance premiums is delayed within the validity period of this contract, the company will no longer pay the continuous bonus from the beginning of the suspension.

                    1. Intentional killing and intentional injury of the insured by the insured;
2. The insured intentionally commits a crime or resists criminal enforcement measures taken according to law;
3. The insured commits suicide within 2 years from the date of the establishment of the contract or the restoration of the validity of the contract, except when the insured commits suicide as a person without civil capacity;
4. The insured actively takes drugs or injects drugs;
5. The insured drunk driving, driving without a valid driving license, or driving a motor vehicle without a valid driving license;
6. War, military conflict, riots, terrorist acts or armed rebellions;
7. Nuclear explosion, nuclear radiation or nuclear pollution;
In the event that the above-mentioned first item causes the insured to die or is totally disabled, the contract and the additional contract are terminated, and the company refunds the cash value of the insurance policy to the other right holder.
In the event that the above-mentioned other circumstances result in the death or total disability of the insured, the contract and the additional contract are terminated, and the company refunds the cash value of the insurance policy to the insured.