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Jianlibao (G) long-term care insurance (universal type)

Kunlun Health Products


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  • Basic Information

Insurance company Kunlun Health Use gender Unlimited
Term Insurance 10 years Annual payment period


Minimum contribution amount 10,000 yuan Supplementary explanation of payment method
Insurance management fee 10 yuan / month Policy loan no
Loan ratio - Surrender fee 5.0% in the first year
Use area

Beijing, Shanghai

Insurance category definition

Refers to life insurance products that include insurance coverage and have a certain asset value in at least one investment account. In addition to the same life insurance as the traditional life insurance, the universal insurance can also allow the customer to directly participate in the investment activities of the funds in the investment account established by the insurance company for the insured, and the insured investment account with the value of the policy and the insurance company operating independently. Linking the performance of funds

  • feature of product

  • Insurance example

  • Insurance duty

  • Liability exemption

"Sickness Death Insurance", "Caring Care Insurance", "Health Care Insurance", "Unexpected Death Insurance"

                    1. The insured person’s intentional killing and intentional injury to the insured;
2. The insured intentionally commits a crime or resists criminal enforcement measures taken according to law;
3. The insured commits suicide within 2 years from the date of the establishment of the contract or the restoration of the validity of the contract, except when the insured commits suicide as a person without civil capacity;
4. The insured is drunk, fighting, deliberately self-injured, taking, smoking or injecting drugs;
5. The insured drunk driving, driving without a valid driving license, or driving a motor vehicle without a valid driving license;
6. The insured suffers from congenital diseases, congenital malformations, and hereditary diseases;
7. Unrecognized past illnesses and excluded diseases specifically agreed in the insurance policy;
8. Infertility treatment, artificial insemination, pregnancy, childbirth (including dystocia), miscarriage, abortion, birth control (including sterilization), prenatal and postnatal examination and complications caused by the above reasons
9. Insured person's drug allergy, medical accident or cosmetic accident due to non-accident
10. The insured did not follow the doctor's advice, taking, applying, or injecting drugs;
11. The insured engages in high-risk sports, including but not limited to diving, skydiving, rock climbing, adventure, bungee jumping, flying, driving gliders or paragliding, martial arts competitions, wrestling, stunts, horse racing, racing, etc.
12. War, military conflict, riots or armed rebellions;
13. Nuclear explosion, nuclear radiation or nuclear pollution.
If the insured person dies or loses the ability of daily life due to one or more of the above circumstances, the validity of this contract is terminated. The value of the policy account of the Japanese contract for which the company refunds the insured's death or loss of daily living ability.