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Fund fixed income calculator

           Please fill in the numbers in the input box below, * items are required
Enter the fixed investment fund
Choose the start date of the vote
Choose the end date of the vote
Choose a redemption date
each Choose a fixed investment cycle
Fixed investment day 1~28 or Monday~Fri
 % For example: 1.5
 yuan For example: 500
Cash dividend Dividend re-investment Choose a dividend method
Start date is the first charge date Please choose according to the actual situation
Calculation results
Earnings for the redemption date
Total assets at the end of the period include dividends from dividends or cash dividends.
Total number of scheduled investments Total principal (yuan) Dividend method Final assets (yuan) Fixed return rate
 -  -  -  -  -
Fixed investment record
Fixed date Unit net value Fixed investment amount Purchase share
 -  -  -  -