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Shanghai Interbank Offered Rate
                Shibor Variety Interest Rate Table on February 15
Variety interest rate(%) Ups and downs (BP)
Overnight (O/N) 1.7130 -0.8000
1 week (1W) 2.3510 2.1000
2 weeks (2W) 2.3930 -0.4000
January (1M) 2.6980 -1.6000
March (3M) 2.8020 -2.8000
June (6M) 2.8980 -1.0000
September (9M) 2.9960 -1.9000
1 year (1Y) 3.0950 -2.4000
Relevant information
The Interbank Offered Rate (SHIBOR) adopts the quotation system, which is based on the interest rate of the lending, that is, the participating banks quotation for each period of the loaned products. After the weighted average processing of the quotations, the average lending rate for each term is announced as the SHIBOR rate. .
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