Issue status Stock code 603379 Stock short name Sanmei shares
Purchase code 732379 Place of listing                           Shanghai Stock Exchange
Issue price (yuan/share)                       32.43 Issue price-earnings ratio 13.06
P/E ratio reference industry   Reference industry price-earnings ratio (latest) 20.26
Issued face value (yuan)   The total amount of funds actually raised (100 million yuan)  
Online release date 2019-03-21 (Thursday) Offline placement date  
Number of online issuances (shares) 17,920,000 Number of shares placed under the net (shares)  
Number of shares transferred (shares)   Total number of shares (shares) 59,733,761
Maximum number of purchases (shares) 17,000 Date of payment 2019-03-25 (Monday)
The online top purchase must be matched with the market value (ten thousand yuan) 17.00 Online purchase confirmation date T-2 (T: Online subscription date)
Online purchase must be equipped with market value (ten thousand yuan)   Online purchase confirmation market value confirmation date  
Issuance method Type of distribution method  
Release method description  
Purchase status The date of the signing date 2019-03-25 (Monday) Listing date   
Online issuance rate (%) - Under-order placement winning rate (%)  
Announcement date of the winning result   Under-the-order placement subscription multiple  
Initial inquiry cumulative quoted shares (ten shares) 3700420.00 Preliminary inquiry cumulative quotation multiple 884.98
Number of valid online purchases (households)   Number of valid subscriptions under the net (household)  
Effective number of shares purchased online (10,000 shares)   Effective number of shares purchased under the net (10,000 shares)  
Signature number The date of the signing date 2019-03-25 (Monday)
Underwriter Lead underwriter   Underwriting method  
Net assets per share before issue (yuan)   Net assets per share after issuance (yuan)  
Dividend distribution policy Before the stock issuance, the undistributed profits of the company will be shared by the new and old shareholders after the issuance.
First day performance
First day opening price (yuan) - First day closing price (yuan) -
First day opening premium (%) - First day closing gains (%) -
First day turnover rate (%) - The highest increase on the first day (%) -
Opening date - Total increase (%) -
Continuous number of plates - Average daily price of opening -
Every one sign is profitable (yuan) -
Business Scope
Main business
Raise funds
                    Project used
Serial number project Investment amount (ten thousand yuan)
Total investment amount -
Excessive funds raised (actually raised funds - total investment amount) -
The total amount of investment is compared with the total amount of funds actually raised -
                    Source of data: Prospectus, declaration
                    Sanmei sharesIPO preliminary inquiry and promotion announcement schedule