Plate The day of inflows The balance of the day The day net turnover Buy the same day turnover The same day sold the turnover Related index Quote change
Shanghai shares pass373 million12.627 billion254 million6,105 million5.851 billionThe Shanghai Composite Index0.38%
Hong Kong Stock Connect4.401 billion6.099 billion4,417 million (HKD)9,700 million (HKD)5.283 billion (HKD)Hang Seng Index0.41%
Ranking Code Stock abbreviation Related Links Closing price Quote change Shanghai stocks net buy Shanghai Stock Connect buy amount Shanghai shares through the sale of the amount Shanghai Stock Connect turnover
1601318China safedetailed Cash flow Quotes Share it77.59-0.03%305 million603 million298 million901 million
2600519Guizhou Maotaidetailed Cash flow Quotes Share it750.18-0.07%-1.61 billion217 million378 million595 million
3600030CITIC Securitiesdetailed Cash flow Quotes Share it21.29-0.56%40,289,100279 million239 million519 million
4600019Baosteel Co., Ltd.detailed Cash flow Quotes Share it9.310.98%114 million245 million131 million376 million
5601166Industrial Bankdetailed Cash flow Quotes Share it18.25-0.71%7606.25 million212 million136 million348 million
6601668Chinese architecturedetailed Cash flow Quotes Share it10.350.00%-134 million103 million237 million340 million
7600887Yili sharesdetailed Cash flow Quotes Share it33.61-1.87%-11052800164 million175 million339 million
8600036China Merchants Bankdetailed Cash flow Quotes Share it32.460.43%31,089,300169 million138 million306 million
9600048Poly Real Estatedetailed Cash flow Quotes Share it17.29-1.59%98,600,000188 million89,481,500278 million
10600276Hengrui medicinedetailed Cash flow Quotes Share it74.362.14%81003400166 million85295900252 million
Ranking Code Stock abbreviation Related Links Closing price Quote change Hong Kong stocks net purchase Hong Kong Stock Connect buy amount Hong Kong Stock Connect sold the amount Hong Kong Stock Connect turnover
100175Geely Automobiledetailed Quotes Share it251.42%199 million535 million336 million871 million
201336Xinhua Insurancedetailed Quotes Share it54.35-3.38%-1.80 billion280 million460 million740 million
301988Minsheng Bankdetailed Quotes Share it8.560.94%-42038800341 million383 million724 million
400700Tencent Holdingsdetailed Quotes Share it452.401.03%131 million377 million246 million622 million
500998CITIC Bankdetailed Quotes Share it6.181.15%301 million428 million127 million554 million
601918Rongchuang Chinadetailed Quotes Share it354.95%-75,276,000185 million261 million446 million
702007Country Gardendetailed Quotes Share it17.043.15%6605.01 million211 million145 million355 million
800939Construction Bankdetailed Quotes Share it8.480.71%128 million232 million104 million336 million
902382Sunny Optical Technologydetailed Quotes Share it111.804.19%235 million267 million31,446,500298 million
1000005HSBC Holdingsdetailed Quotes Share it85.40-0.06%289 million290 million1,431,900292 million