Plate Inflow of funds on that day Current day balance Net purchases on the day Buying turnover for the day Selling turnover for the day Correlation index Quote change
Shanghai Stock Exchange3.509 billion9.491 billion3.450 billion68.78 billion34.27 billionThe Shanghai Composite Index0.84%
Hong Kong Stock Connect429 million100.71 billion14.72 million (HKD)4.393 billion (HKD)4.379 billion (HKD)Hang Seng Index1.40%
Rank Code Short stock Related Links Closing price Quote change Shanghai Stock Exchange Net Purchase Shanghai Stock Exchange purchase amount Shanghai Stock Exchange Selling Amount Shanghai Stock Exchange turnover
1600519Guizhou Maotaidetailed Cash flow Quotes Share it679.963.71%723 million930 million2.09 billion11.39 billion
2601318China Ping Andetailed Cash flow Quotes Share it64.481.53%522 million6.47 billion126 million737 million
3600276Hengrui Pharmaceuticaldetailed Cash flow Quotes Share it83.031.21%3.06 billion360 million53.8741 million414 million
4600887Yili sharesdetailed Cash flow Quotes Share it28.953.06%9614.57 million213 million1.7 billion330 million
5600036China Merchants Bankdetailed Cash flow Quotes Share it28.240.36%212 million239 million26.3547 million265 million
6600030CITIC Securitiesdetailed Cash flow Quotes Share it19.011.17%853,500125 million125 million250 million
7600019Baosteel Co., Ltd.detailed Cash flow Quotes Share it9.124.35%136 million192 million5528.19 million2.47 billion
8601888China National Travel Servicedetailed Cash flow Quotes Share it53.674.74%120 million177 million57,710,400235 million
9600104SAICdetailed Cash flow Quotes Share it31.951.91%-35.360 million90.5826 million130 million226 million
10600585Conch Cementdetailed Cash flow Quotes Share it32.821.86%169 million191 million2257.92 million214 million
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100981SMICdetailed Quotes Share it10.722.88%81.8518 million415 million333 million748 million
200700Tencent Holdingsdetailed Quotes Share it405.801.45%105 million359 million253 million612 million
301347Hua Hong Semiconductordetailed Quotes Share it19.1610.12%313 million359 million45.55 million404 million
402018AAC Technologydetailed Quotes Share it130.80-0.53%-2.01 billion78.225 million279 million357 million
500939Construction Bankdetailed Quotes Share it8.182.51%-166 million55.18 million2.21 billion276 million
600857China Petroleum Sharesdetailed Quotes Share it5.945.69%165 million213 million47.775 million261 million
701398ICBCdetailed Quotes Share it6.892.99%-9554.03 million69.2234 million165 million234 million
801918Sunac Chinadetailed Quotes Share it33.051.07%-75.90 million7403.72 million150 million2.24 billion
902319Mengniu Dairydetailed Quotes Share it27.953.52%8390.16 million1.49 billion64.945 million214 million
1002382Sunny Optical Technologydetailed Quotes Share it1513.92%-2405.89 million78.11 million9787.03 million172 million