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The Shanghai stock index opened higher and lowered the day K line four consecutive Yin ST stocks against the market

November 08, 2018 15:00
source: Eastern Fortune Network

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[Closed broadcast] The Shanghai Composite Index opened higher and lower today, closing slightly lower, and the K-line was four consecutive days. The market volume was sluggish, most of the industry sector closed down, and ST stocks rallied against the market.

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  Shanghai indexToday, it opened higher and lower, closing down slightly by 0.22%, closing at 2,635.63 points, and the daily K line was four consecutive. The market turnover was sluggish. The total turnover of the two cities was only 296.6 billion yuan. Most of the industry sectors closed down, and ST stocks rebounded against the market.

Today's news:

1,A shares also see "live water": charitable funds are about to enter the market, can carry out three types of investment

2,General Administration of Customs: Exports in October increased by 20.1% year-on-year. Imports increased by 26.3% year-on-year.

3,Local soldiers, fine grain, and private aid enterprises: trillions of money reduction plan + 100 billion poverty-stricken funds

4,In a single week, the rate will hit a new high in the year! M&A and restructuring policy loosened approval to speed up the adjustment of many companies

5,The most cattle in history! 50 billion a month: the bottom-up funds madly poured into these ETFs (list)

Looking ahead to the market, Guodu Securities released the latest strategy report, pointing out that financial policy and regulatory optimization adjustments can help to alleviate or even reverse the downward pressure on valuations brought about by previous deleveraging. As market activity gradually recovers and risk appetite gradually recovers, A The stock is expected to shift from a unilateral downtrend to a moderate repair and enter a structurally active period. In the medium-term perspective, consumption upgrades and modern service industry-related sectors can be focused on; in the long run, high-quality science and technology and advanced manufacturing real growth stocks are worthy of dips.

Aijian Securities said that the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock indexes rebounded under the stimulus of continuous good news last week, and the market sentiment rebounded markedly. The two cities once reached a turnover of 450 billion yuan and a general increase last weekend. This week, the stock index continued to fluctuate. Finishing, the volume is also shrinking, so the continued success of more power can continue to be critical to the future trend; last Friday, the stock index broke through the 2450-2650 box and also stood on the long and short boundaries, this week, the two stock indexes continued to fluctuate Basically, it fluctuates up and down near the upper and lower boundary ridges and the upper rail of the cabinet. Therefore, it is still to be confirmed whether the breakthrough is effective. As the stock index gradually approaches the previous transaction-intensive area and the previous gap, the upward pressure of the stock index will gradually increase. It is expected that the short-term stock index will still fluctuate around the wide and short boundary ridges, grasping the rhythm and controlling the stock selection of individual stocks.

Galaxy Securities believes that the A-share market continues to decline in a narrow range, showing a structural market. The later A-share market may continue to show a volatile situation. In the near future, we should continue to pay attention to the efforts of relevant policies to maintain the market. In the new energy sector, policy adjustments have helped the sector's risk appetite to pick up. It is recommended to pay attention to photovoltaic leading solar power, Linyang Energy, Tongwei shares, Longji shares and so on. In terms of wind power, we continue to recommend Tianshun Wind Energy and Goldwind Technology. It is also recommended to pay attention to Kangda new materials and nuclear power equipment suppliers Jiuli Special Materials, Jiangsu Shentong and Zhejiang Fu Holdings.

Huatai Securities pointed out that most customers tend to see the box shocks at the end of the year without exceeding the expected risk. The main reason is that under the continuous game of profitable and favorable policies, there will be a bottom and bottom. Lower the expected rate of return and position, but should not be excessively pessimistic at a relatively low level, and expect the stimulus policy to be further overweight. In terms of direction, the GEM, which has already passed the valuation and has low performance expectations, is better than the blue chip white horse with implied large valuation performance. In terms of long-term allocation, focusing on its own profit is still the first concern. It is worth mentioning that more and more customers are concerned about and worry about the unemployment rate in 2019.

Founder Securities believes that the short-term market adjustment pressure is still there, but the upward trend has not changed, the shock disk is still the main tone of the broader market. Affected by changes in the surrounding market news, the short-term adjustment pressure of A-shares still exists, but the trend of the mid-term shocks has not changed. The structural trend of individual stocks remains the same, and the impact of policies on related industries will still be fermented. In operation, light index, heavy stocks, dips on brokerages, science and technology board concepts, new materials and bottom-form better stocks, avoiding recent high-yielding stocks.

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