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The greening process of the express delivery industry is accelerating step by step: more packages, less garbage

November 09, 2018 07:57
source: People's daily

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  From packaging to transportation, the greening process of the express delivery industry is accelerating step by step.

On November 7, the State Post Bureau issued a forecast. From the 11th to the 16th, the industry's processing of postal (fast) parts is expected to exceed 1.87 billion pieces. At the same time, it announced the addition of Zhejiang Jiaxing, Xiamen, Fujian, Qingdao, Henan, Hebi, Hubei Enshi as a green pilot comprehensive pilot city, and in six enterprises to carry out a comprehensive replacement of disposable plastic woven bags for recyclable bags (boxes), and gradually promote Green express process.

Packing with less tape, printing with less ink, recyclable boxes, transporting more new energy vehicles... A series of attempts to accelerate the greening of the express.

  Courier packaging reduction and recycling to achieve a break

"Look, the demolition of this courier box is the same as opening a can, and you can open the package by gently cutting off the seals on both sides!" College student Lin Biao excitedly showed the reporter the new courier box she received.

It is reported that this is the new "zero-adhesive carton" launched by Suning Logistics. Unlike traditional cartons, which are bundled with various types of tapes, the cartons use naturally degradable seals.

Tape reduction is the general trend of express packaging this year. On the one hand, tape use is reduced by standard and standardized tape winding; on the other hand, tapeless boxes are gradually put into use. China Post, SF,BestExpress, Suning Logistics, etc. have announced the gradual promotion of the use of non-adhesive packaging boxes at national outlets.

In addition to reducing the tape, on the basis of ensuring safety, express packaging has also been reduced in other aspects. For example, reducing the amount of printing, SF, Yuantong tried to significantly reduce the surface printing area, packaging and other packaging printing ink usage reduced by 23%; consumables, express delivery companies have used high-strength, low-gram paper materials, envelopes, cartons and other packaging average Weight loss 15% - 20%; minus buffer, SF introduced bubble roll filling material instead of the original bubble film, which greatly reduces the amount of buffer used, and can improve the safety of product delivery.

“Because it can reduce material loss and reduce enterprise costs, the express delivery industry has made a major breakthrough in reducing packaging,” said Zhu Lei, dean of Qingdao Research Institute of Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication.

Reusable packaging has also become a new highlight of this year's express packaging. The rookie network announced that this year's "Double 11", the package of Ningbo Tmall Supermarket will be delivered in a circular box. After the receipt of the goods in the box, the courier will bring the recycling box back for reuse.

Of course, in order to make the express package completely green, the express delivery industry has to be recyclable. China Post has used the method of giving away vouchers to users in Tongchuan City, Shaanxi Province, and piloted the recycling of customer express boxes. SF is also committed to packaging recycling. “We hope that through the efforts in recycling and recyclability, the industry will realize the vision of “only parcels and no rubbish” step by step.” Xiao Gaofei, senior engineer of product research and development of SF·Feng·BOX, said.

  Innovation is the key to greening all aspects of express delivery

“Green packaging is only a part of it, and it has to be green and green.” Zhu Lei said that the so-called green scene requires energy consumption and parts in the package, distribution center, and network outlets. The carbon emissions are reduced as much as possible, and the recovery rate of the package is as high as possible.

Innovation is the trick to achieve greening in the express delivery scene.

The new model - in order to welcome the upcoming "Double 11", the rookie put into production the whole category "Green Warehouse" in Ningbo. Starting from the consumer's order, the “green warehouse” uses the recycling box to pick and load the goods, and then directly seals the locks and distributes them to the consumers in the form of a circulation box. The entire process, in addition to the original packaging of the product, does not require secondary packaging, fully realize zero tape, zero filler and zero new carton.

New technology - also on the eve of "Double 11",JingdongLogistics announced the launch of the intelligent packaging machine, which has many functions such as automatic boxing, automatic grabbing and packing, automatic sealing, automatic labeling, etc. The packaging speed and packaging efficiency are 10 times higher than the traditional packaging operation. At the same time, the packaging machine also uses hot melt sealing technology to replace the use of the tape, and the glue is fixed at the bottom of the package and the bottom of the carton, which effectively reduces the shaking of the goods during transportation and saves the use of the filler.

New product - an environmentally-friendly container with an electronic label. “Traditional disposable transfer bags are generally made of polyethylene and polypropylene. They are non-degradable, have low recovery rate and cannot be recycled. The environmental protection container is made of high-strength polyester fabric, and the recycling process is simple and recyclable. Reconstructed into plastic trash cans, plastic flower pots and other daily life plastics." Sun Jian, Shanghai Environmental Protection Technology Product Manager.

In order to better realize the circulation scheduling of environmental protection container bags, each environmental protection container bag has an electronic tag chip in the upper right corner, each chip corresponding to a unique chip number, and the position of the environmental protection bag can be tracked according to the chip number in the transshipment.

Sun Jian said that Shentong is an active adopter of environmental protection container bags. According to statistics, in the first half of 2018, Shentong used the number of environmentally-friendly container bags with electronic labels in the country about 49.05 million times, directly reducing the use of disposable woven bags by about 49.05 million.

  The proportion of new energy vehicles used in transportation will increase

When it comes to green courier, Beijing residents Dai Xiangrong is also impressed by new energy vehicles. "The SF network near my home, the transport car has basically become a new energy car." He said.

“In Beijing, we plan to add more than 1,500 new energy vehicles this year. By then, new energy vehicles will account for more than 70% of all vehicles in SF Beijing,” said Zheng Weizhi, head of the SF Express New Energy Vehicle Project.

China Post has also made a comprehensive change in green transportation, and has developed a set of combination punches - adjusting the structure to increase the proportion of new energy vehicles; changing the models, further improving energy consumption by reducing the weight of the vehicles and optimizing the structure of the cars. Row; strong management, establish new energy vehicles, electric tricycles, power battery use, charging, maintenance, scrap management system, standardize the recycling process of used batteries.

"By 2020, China Post will realize the use of new energy vehicles in new delivery vehicles in cities with driving conditions." Liu Aili, chairman of China Post Group, said that China Post Guangzhou Central Bureau has vigorously promoted the transportation of shackles. This reduces the use of 22 vehicles and saves 1,500 liters of diesel per day.

“Although express delivery companies have made active attempts in green transportation, there are undeniable constraints on road rights, cruising range, charging piles, battery recycling, and after-sales maintenance.” Zhu Lei said, for example, various places. The standards for new energy vehicle license plate application, freight pass and road transport business licenses are different, which objectively increases the cost of the enterprise to adjust the transport structure.

“The express delivery industry needs to come to the ‘big revolution’ of the industry’s green production methods. I hope that through the efforts of the whole industry, by 2020, it will meet the new national standards.Packaging materialThe application ratio can reach more than 90%, the average amount of materials such as single-package packaging tape and filler is significantly reduced, and the use of circulating medium-transfer bags is basically achieved. The new energy and clean energy vehicles have achieved breakthroughs in the promotion and application, and the number of materials must reach 20,000. . "The State Post Bureau Director Ma Junsheng said.

(Article source: People's Daily)

                (Editor: DF381)

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