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Entering the Expo into a foreign small and medium-sized enterprise into China

November 09, 2018 07:58
source: Golden sheep net

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The Expo will not only provide more opportunities for large multinational companies to show their strength, but also give some foreign SMEs the opportunity to enter the Chinese market. At this fair, many companies from non-developed countries and small and medium-sized enterprises from Europe and the United States came to China for the first time. These exhibitors have found a larger market for themselves, and they have also brought exotic products or ingenious consumer goods to Chinese consumers.

  Bangladesh startups: “Local companies are envious of our ability to enter the Expo”

At the beginning of the exhibition, the Chinese Embassy in Bangladesh promoted the Expo to many Bangladeshi companies. In the end, three Bangladeshi companies came to Shanghai to participate. In fact, many local companies also want to come to China to participate in the exhibition, but due to the lack of economic strength to participate in the exhibition and the perception of the Chinese market, it is impossible to make a trip.

Shaf, the founder of Dada Company, one of the three Bangladeshi companies participating in the exhibition, told reporters that they were very fortunate to have the opportunity to come to Shanghai. "This is a miracle for me, and I am also envied by local companies."

Shaf said that they are start-up companies and have never engaged in foreign trade andimport and exportbusiness. For the foreign trade professional letter of credit, certificate of origin, animal and plant inspection and quarantine certificate, freight bill of lading and other operations completely unknown. However, with the help of their Shanghai partners, they successfully completed various export documents.

The reporter saw at the scene that Dada Company provided a variety of products at the exhibition, including carpets, baskets, bags, jute handicrafts and so on. Shaf pointed to one of the exhibits and said: "This is a unique jute handicraft product in Bangladesh. They are made of pure natural jute as raw materials and are green." The reporter saw that Dada’s booth had a saying " Thanks to the friendliness of the Chinese people, let us have the opportunity to meet again." Shafu said: "I hope that Bangladeshi handicrafts can be sold to China and the world, which will also increase the income and improve the craftsmen of Bangladesh. life."

  American technology company: Entering the Expo will let us start the "first shot" in the Chinese market

At the small booth in the corner of the “Consumer Electronics and Home Appliances Exhibition Zone” of the Expo, the reporter saw that the hammer and the mobile phone were being displayed on the booth, attracting many people to watch. Originally exhibitors at this booth are demonstrating their pioneering nano-pure liquid screen explosion-proof membrane.

The head of the company, Mr. Wu, said that they are a small technology company from the United States, specializing in nano-coating. I have just entered the Chinese market. There are branches in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Dongguan to conduct business.

Talking about the feelings of the Expo, Mr. Wu said: "The Expo will be very helpful for small businesses like ours, especially those who enter the Chinese market for the first time. Because of the popularity, it is necessary to be in such a large exhibition. I started the first shot. I came here and saw that it was very lively and there were many people. I knew that there was no mistake. And with the help of the Expo, we can let consumers all over China and even the world know that there is such a product that can help everyone. Solve the problem."

Neato, also a technology company from Silicon Valley, is also a small and medium-sized enterprise.robot. Although China's sweeping robot market is already a red sea and the competition is fierce, Zhu Jie, the head of Neato China, has confidence in their products. “Our robots use unmanned technology, have the ability to learn, and can upgrade functions without replacing hardware.” Zhu Jie said that their products entered China for the first time, and they gave them a good platform from here. These products can be introduced to Chinese consumers.

(Article source: Golden Sheep Network)

                (Editor: DF398)

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