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The monetary policy tool first "goes out to sea" The central bank issued 20 billion yuan in central bank

November 09, 2018 07:59
Author: Dai Manman
source: Yangcheng Evening News

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November 7, the peoplebankThe announcement was made on Wednesday through the Hong Kong Monetary Authority's Debt Instrument Central Clearing System (CMU) bond tendering platform.interest rateThe first phase and the second phase of central bank bills were issued in 2018, and the two phases totaled 20 billion yuan. This is the first time the central bank has issued a central bank bill since June 20, 2013. It is also the first time in history that the central bank bill has been issued in the offshore market. It is regarded as the first time that the monetary policy tool has “goed out to the sea”.

The 2018 central bank bill (Hong Kong) has a term of 3 months (91 days) and a circulation of 10 billion yuan.interest rateIt is 3.79%; the second phase of central bank bills (Hong Kong) in 2018 has a term of one year, a circulation of 10 billion yuan, and a winning bid rate of 4.20%.

On September 20, the central bank and the Hong Kong Monetary Authority have signed a memorandum of cooperation to clarify that the central bank will use the HKMA's debt instrument CCASS bond bidding platform to issue PBOC bills in Hong Kong to support the development of offshore renminbi business in Hong Kong.

Now that the central bank bills landed in Hong Kong for the first time, it was regarded as the first time that monetary policy tools "goed out to sea." The market expects that central bank bills as one of the liquidity management tools, the central bank's move is not only conducive to the stability of the RMB exchange rate, but also conducive to the advancement of the RMB internationalization process.

On November 7, the People's Bank of China also announced that the current liquidity of the banking system is at a reasonable ample level, and no reverse repurchase operations will be carried out on that day.

(Article source: Yangcheng Evening News)

                (Editor: DF398)

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