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Reason for the removal: rights holders are not members of the Music Association

November 09, 2018 08:02
source: Cover news

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Recently, a message about "KTV will be released more than 6,000 classic songs, such as Eason Chan, Zhang Huimei and other popular songs may not be sung" spread on the Internet, causing hot comments from netizens. According to the reporter's confirmation, the news is true. It is an announcement issued by the China Audiovisual Copyright Collective Management Association (hereinafter referred to as the “Sound Collection Association”) on October 22nd. The reporter found in the following repertoire provided by the Music Association, Eason Chan, Some of the classic works by singers such as Zhang Huimei, Nicholas Tse, and Li Keqin are among them, including the ten-year-old "King of Kings" and so on.

 Sound Collection Association: will not face the risk of litigation compensation if it is not deleted

The sound collection association that issued the announcement is the only audio-visual collective management organization established by the National Copyright Administration and registered by the Ministry of Civil Affairs. It implements collective management of the copyright of audiovisual programs and the rights related to copyright.

As we all know, KTV places use mass music TV and music works to provide consumers with singing services, so they have the obligation to pay copyright fees to copyright owners. The sound collection association is to solve the problem that KTV operators can hardly obtain massive rights in practice. The actual problem of human authorization was established.

The person in charge of the sound collection association said that the rights holders of more than 6,000 music and TV works announced this time are not members of the Music Association. Therefore, in accordance with the law, the Sound Association has notified the KTV venues and the KTV music library online channels (VOD vendors) to delete them all in strict accordance with the law and exercise the collective management responsibility of copyright. At the same time, he particularly emphasized that the rights holders of more than 6,000 music TV works or their entrusted agencies have successively filed infringement suits or pending infringement lawsuits against KTV operators. If KTV operators do not delete them, they will face litigation compensation. The risk will bring losses to your business.

  Insiders: I hope to improve the music copyright system

In this list of off-track tracks, there are 6,609 songs, including Zhang Huimei's "Three Days and Three Nights", Deng Ziqi's "Foam", Eason Chan's "Ten Years", TWINS "Love Big Day" and other classic KTV songs. However, the relevant person in charge of the sound collection association said that “there are more than 150,000 song banks managed by the Music and Music Association, and the number of music libraries has also expanded with the increase in the number of members and the increase in the number of works. The 6000 deleted this notice. Many songs, except for a few popular songs, have a long history of low click-through rates, and have limited impact on the broad base of KTV music library."

The person in charge of the sound collection association also said that this is only the first step to clean up and standardize the music library. From the long-term goal, the sound collection association will take such measures to make the KTV copyright market more standardized and more prosperous. At the same time, it can bring more copyright benefits to copyright owners.

The reporter interviewed Hong Qi, executive secretary of the Music Industry Promotion Working Committee of the China Audiovisual and Digital Publishing Association. He said, "From the perspective of the promotion of the music industry, we hope that music copyright owners can benefit from their works. I hope that through the sound The implementation of this regulation of the Association can establish a perfect copyright protection system, so that the labor of musicians can produce economic benefits."

KTV operator responded: there are concerns, but the overall is not affected

In response to this announcement, the reporter contacted and interviewed many KTV operators in Chengdu. A well-known KTV operator said, “We have responded positively and cooperated with the implementation. At present, there are still hundreds of thousands of authorized songs in the library. Overall Does not affect the business."

At the same time, there are also KTV operators expressing their concerns about this matter. “There are already customers who are responding to why some classic songs can't be found. The popularity and professionalism of our music library may be affected.” The reporter interviewed some of the consumption randomly. They all said that some versions can't be found, but they can change the version that a singer sings without affecting the experience.

At the same time, the reporter learned from the Chengdu Cultural and Entertainment Industry Association that it will call the integrated KTV companies in the city to hold a meeting to discuss the announcement of the sound card association and explore the current situation of Chengdu KTV.

(Article source: cover news)

                (Editor: DF398)

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