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Xiaoman CEO Zhu Guang Preventing users from excessive debt is the responsibility of financial technology companies

November 09, 2018 08:03
source: Cover news
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From November 7th to 9th, the 5th World Internet Conference was held in Wuzhen, Zhejiang Province with the theme of “Creating a Digital World of Mutual Trust and Co-governance – Joining Hands to Build a Community of Cyberspace Destiny”. On the 8th, Zhu Xiao, the financial CEO of Xiaoman, attended the Chinese people.bankSponsored the sub-forum of “Financial Technology and Social Credit Construction”.

Zhu Guang said: "In the process of building a credit society, financial technology companies must actively participate in the construction of national credit databases, share credit information, and prevent and control excessive consumption, excessive debt, and financial risks through technological capabilities. This is the common responsibility of financial technology companies."

Credit is the "stone" of the market economy. Accelerating the construction of a social credit system is an important means of improving the socialist market economic system. In recent years, the development of financial technology has played a unique role and value in the construction of social credit system. "The construction of China's social credit system has greatly improved the efficiency of financial services, and in essence reduced the cost of financial services.Common peopleGet cheaper financial services, let more people have credit records, and make inclusive finance possible. "Zhao Xiaoman Financial CEO Zhu Guang said.

Through the application of financial technology such as artificial intelligence and big data, the construction of financial credit information infrastructure can be strengthened, the coverage of credit records can be further expanded, and the incentive effect of the financial industry on the trustworthy and the restraining effect on the untrustworthy will be strengthened. Zhu Guang said that Xiaoman Financial has been actively participating in the construction of the national credit database, and regularly submits credit data to users of the Central Bank Credit Information Center and the China Internet Finance Association. At the same time, open the risk list and black list that have been excavated from their own ecology to partners, so that more financial institutions can share information and conduct risk linkage warning to help financial institutions better assess a user's debt ability and reduce Potential financial risks.

It is understood that Du Xiaoman has independently developed a number of model systems for risk prevention and control. For example, the credit model established by it can increase the risk discrimination by 15% based on the central bank's credit data; the multi-headed debt monitoring system can Accurately alert users to the risk of mutual debt 1 month in advance; industry monitoring and regional monitoring models can dynamically monitor changes in credit levels in different industries and regions, effectively preventing excessive debts of users.

Zhu Guang said that the development of financial technology has greatly improved the efficiency of financial services, allowing users to access financial services anytime and anywhere, but excessive consumption of users and excessive debts may fall into a debt crisis, increase the burden of life, and at the same time accumulate social and financial risks. Financial institutions cause losses. As a financial technology company involved in the construction of credit society, in addition to the sharing of credit information, we should also actively use technology to prevent and control users from excessive debt, advocate good financial credit behavior, and help users develop the habit of cherishing their own credit. This is also the shared responsibility of all financial technology companies.

(Article source: cover news)

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