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US group Wang Xing Supply-side digitization and demand-side digital combination is the digital economy

November 09, 2018 08:04
source: Huaxi Dushi Bao
edit:Eastern Fortune Network

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Wang Xing, founder and CEO of the US Mission, attended the 5th World Internet Conference and participated in the “Entrepreneur Summit Dialogue: The Digital Economy of the New Era” forum. Wang Xing believes that the digitization of the digital economy on the demand side and the digitization on the supply side have gradually completed the digitization of the demand side in the past two decades, but the digitization on the supply side has just begun.

The digital economy and the demand side are combined to complete the digital economy. Because the digitization of the supply side will be more complicated, on the one hand, their original operation is more complicated, involving many aspects. On the other hand, the supply side is not a single level, but is divided into an industrial chain and a value chain.

Wang Xing takes the catering industry made by Meituan as an example. “The consumers who eat are all on the demand side, and the restaurant is on the supply side. There are many chains in the catering industry. The restaurant has to go upstream to purchase, hire a waiter, buy a lot of equipment, etc. There are many levels, so this digitization progress is relatively slow and needs to be gradually developed. But I think that only after the supply side is gradually digitized, the entire digital economy will be complete and the entire chain will be opened."

Wang Xing also believes that technology companies should not want to subvert the traditional enterprises under the line, to integrate development, to help traditional businesses, and to help them digitize.

Wang Xing said, “There are 8 million restaurants in the catering industry, which are very scattered. Their digital capabilities are very weak. They need a platform to help them with technology. Although the restaurant is scattered, its digital ability is very weak, but because of the catering industry. The unique value, such as whether a restaurant consumer is willing to eat, depends on whether his food is good or not, and not because of its IT ability. On the one hand, we need innovation as a technology platform. Do a good job of digitizing products, help traditional businesses, and help them digitize; on the other hand, it is a fusion of development, there are 8 million restaurants across the country, there is a unique taste, you can not subvert them, so don't think about technology companies subversion This is impossible for offline traditional businesses."

“The restaurant example is easier to understand, and it is also true in many other industries.” Wang Xing said, “A hotel is doing well, and it is very relevant to his reception ability, not only the problem of digital level, offline life service. The industry is very typical. In other industries, the supply side may not be exactly the same, but there is a big category that should be a fusion of development ideas, not to subvert."

(Article source: Huaxi Dushi Bao)

                (Editor: DF398)

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