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Is it possible to copy the bottom of the Internet?

January 11, 2019 06:55
Author: Lin Cong

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[The Internet has taken a shot of A shares and can you copy their bottoms? 】 In 2019, the first year was Xiaomi’s “hands-on” TCL, and then the ant’s gold clothing “connected” to the new Cape. The Internet giants began to be busy with A-shares. (Shanghai Securities News)

In 2019, the first year is Xiaomi’s “hand in hand” TCL, followed by the ant’s gold clothing “connection”New capeThe Internet giants are busy starting to climb with A shares.

Looking back at 2015, 2016, 2017, BATJM also had a marriage with many A-shares. In contrast, the Internet that is now being shot has a feeling of double 11 shopping for Tmall discounts.

However, for Daxie, earning no money is second, and whether this investment fits into its strategy is what they really care about. For Xiaosan, we may try to copy the bottom of these big bangs.

  Opening two consecutive years


On the evening of January 6, TCL Li Dongsheng was atWeibo@雷军, said, "A few days ago, Xiaomi and TCL discussed the framework of strategic cooperation, and now Xiaomi has become a shareholder.TCL Group"The official announcement of the Xiaomi strategy and TCL."

After 6 minutes, Lei Jun also responded in Weibo. "Participating in TCL Group and achieving strategic cooperation in joint research and development, supply chain, etc., will greatly help Xiaomi continue to do a strong home appliance business."

When you come to me, Xiaomi and TCL are slowly expanding to the outside world based on multi-faceted strategic cooperation at the capital level.

TCL that nightannouncementIt shows that as of January 4, Xiaomi Group purchased 65.168 million shares (0.48% of the company's total share capital) in the secondary market through the Shenzhen Stock Exchange's securities trading system.

This is not the first time that Xiaomi and TCL have joined hands.

On December 29, 2018, Xiaomi signed a strategic cooperation agreement with TCL, and both parties will carry out smart hardware anddigital informationJoint research and development of the integration of core high-end infrastructure devices to promote innovative smart products.

Industry insiders said that Xiaomi's own Internet thinking combined with TCL's production capacity will help Xiaomi to enter the home appliance market.

As early as 2015, Xiaomi participated in the price of 22.01 yuan / shareMidea GroupThe increase. In 2018, the home appliance business became a new growth point for Xiaomi. It is understood that Xiaomi quickly established the TV department after the listing, and began to incubate new business such as air conditioning.

  Ant gold clothing

Following Xiaomi’s “hands-on” TCL, Ant Financial’s announcement on the evening of January 7th, through its Shanghai Yunxin Venture Capital, was transferred to the new Cape’s 30.21 million shares (accounting for the company’s total share capital) at a total price of approximately RMB 200 million. 6.28%), which is the second largest in the new Capeshareholder.

This is the successionYonganxing,Weining Health,Run and softwareas well asLongxin TechnologyAfter that, Ant Financial Service expanded again to “A-share circle of friends”.

Equity investment is only one part of the cooperation between the two parties.

On January 6, Xinkaipu and its holding subsidiary Perfect Digital signed a transaction agreement with Shanghai Yunxin and Tianwei Hengrui. Shanghai Yunxin plans to increase the capital by 250 million yuan. After the transaction is completed, the former will Holds 30% of the latter.

Shanghai’s Shanghai Yunfeng isSanxiang impression,Wandong Medical,Yuantong Express,Baiyun MountainAnd other shareholders of A-share companies on the list "show". It can be seen that Ali's "A-share partners" have spread all over the public bicycle system, medical information, finance andSmart energyInformatization and other fields.

  Film and television entertainment, new retail is most favored

Looking at the A-share "checkerboard" of BATJM, it is not difficult to find that film and television entertainment and new retailing have become intensive "drops".

  Film and television entertainment:Huayi BrothersWait

The list of shareholders of Huayi Brothers can be described as "a big gathering."

As of the third quarter of 2018, Tencent, Ali and Ma Yun were ranked second, fourth and fifth largest shareholders of Huayi Brothers with 7.88%, 4.44% and 3.57% shareholdings respectively.

Time dialed back to August 2015, Huayi Brothers added 146 million shares of the company to four companies including Ali Ventures and Tencent Computer.

It seems that it is particularly optimistic about the film and television entertainment industry. In 2015, Ali Ventures entered the market by means of a fixed increase.Light mediaIt is still the second largest shareholder of the company. In addition, on December 25, 2018,Focus MediaAnnouncement, Ali Network and related parties totaled 7.99% of the company's shares.

Tencent, which has deep roots in the game industry, bought 55,415,500 shares through its Linzhi Tencent Technology Co., Ltd. in 2017.Palm Technologystock.

The retail industry, which is closely related to Internet hot words such as “scene” and “traffic”, is also a “place of competition” for BATJM.

  Yonghui Supermarket

Yonghui Supermarket announced in October 2018 that it plans to jointly establish a joint venture with Tencent and Baijia China for a total of RMB 1.249 billion to promote the development of Yonghui's business in Guangdong. The move is seen as Tencent's increased offline layout and continued efforts to create new retail.

As early as February 2018, Yonghui Supermarket had announced that the actual controller had transferred the 5% of the company's shares to Tencent.

AndJingdongHis Majesty's Jingdong Bangneng Investment Management Co., Ltd. entered earlier. In August 2016, Jingdongbang was able to acquire 479 million shares of Yonghui Supermarket at a price of 4.425 yuan/share. At present, Jingdong Bangneng and Linzhi Tencent are the fourth and fifth largest shareholders of Yonghui Supermarket respectively.


In February 2018, BBK announced that the company signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Tencent and Jingdong Century on smart retail, and the three parties will jointly develop "smart retail" and "unbounded retail." At the same time, Linzhi Tencent acquired a 6% stake in BBK with 887 million yuan, and Jingdong State was able to transfer 5% of the company's shares to 739 million yuan.

  Haitang House

The announcement shows that the unanimous action of the controlling shareholder of Haishu Home, Rongji International (Hong Kong), transferred 5.31% of the company's shares to Tencent Puhe, with a total transfer price of about 2.5 billion yuan.

At the same time, the wholly-owned subsidiary of Haishu Home and Tencent and Yuxin Investment jointly initiated the establishment of 10 billion industrial investment.fund, for clothing related industry chain, excellent clothing brand, clothing manufacturing and other companiesMergerinvestment.


August 2015,AlibabaThe Group and Suning Yunshang reached a comprehensive strategic cooperation. Alibaba subsidiary Taobao (China) Software Co., Ltd. plans to subscribe for the non-public offering of Suning Yunshang for RMB 28.3 billion, accounting for approximately 19.99% of the total share capital of the latter.


In September 2017, Xinhuadu disclosed that the controlling shareholder of the company signed a “share transfer agreement” with Alibaba and Hangzhou Jinyun New Equity Investment Fund Partnership. Upon completion, Ali and its concerted actions became the second largest shareholder of Xinhuadu.

In addition, Xinhuadu signed the Cooperation Framework Agreement with related party Alibaba Zetai Information Technology and established Fujian New Box Network Technology as a platform for cooperation between the two parties. Both parties invested RMB 100 million to hold 50% of the equity of the joint venture company.

  Calculate the big "we buy" A shares profit and loss account

Although in the eyes of the Internet, "buy" these A shares is a strategic investment, and even did not intend to make money on the stock, but Xiaobian is very careful to calculate for the big brothers that these stocks have earned on the books. Or how much money is lost.

The Huayi Brothers of Ali and Tencent’s “Shuangxionghui” made the book losses of the two big men more than 60%.

In 2015, Ali Ventures and Tencent Computer participated in the establishment of Huayi Brothers. At that time, the issue price was 24.73 yuan/share. Now Huayi Brothers' share price is only 4.61 yuan, and the assets are “shrinking”.

Similarly, at that time, Tencent and JD.com received 51.342 million shares and 43.195 million shares of the company from the backgammon shareholders at a price of 17.11 yuan per share. According to the most step by stepNew sharesThe price calculation, now Tencent and Jingdong's investment also lost more than half.

The increase in participation in 2016 has become the “hardest hit” for Internet giants to invest in A-shares. Tencent’s share in the yearGangtai HoldingsAlixiang’s Sanxiang Impression, Wandong Medical, Suning, etc., have all fallen more than 30% from the cost price.

According to industry insiders, the “buy” A-shares of the Internet giants should be strategically placed. Therefore, it is biased to consider the success of the investment from the floating profit on the books. “The real investment target is not so much a company stock, but rather a part of the business,” the industry insider added. “Video games, retail, and technology companies are all investment fields that Internet giants are more interested in.”

"In a way, the traffic portal is what the Internet giants are really robbing, and the Internet companies are thinking about Internet thinking."

Of course, there are also some investment targets that allow the big men to “make money”.

As the offline leader of the company, Yonghui Supermarket has opened up the traffic flow for Tencent and Jingdong, and also allowed the two investors to account for nearly 90% of their profits. Compared with the company's current stock price of 8.02 yuan, the price of the two participating in the fixed increase of 4.43 yuan / share is undoubtedly "cabbage price."

In addition, Ali’s investment in Yuantong Express has also been “reriched”.

In 2016, Alibaba and Shanghai Yunfeng entered Yuantong with 7.72 yuan/share. Now the company's share price has risen to 10.16 yuan. On January 8, Yuantong announced that Shanghai Yunfeng had reduced its shareholding in the company by 12.673 million shares during the plan period. In this way, Shanghai Yunfeng has tens of millions of real gold and silver bags.

(Article source: Shanghai Securities News)

                (Editor: DF309)

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