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Institutional market: What is the probability of continuous upswing in the broader market? Market a certain deterministic opportunity exposure

January 11, 2019 15:17
source: Eastern Fortune Network

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The 5G effect is still continuing, and the low-end compensatory varieties perform well, but the signal of the leading Eastern Communications decline has to attract attention. The space for the Shanghai-pointed attack is not large, and caution should be exercised for the overpopulated varieties.

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Xiangcai Securities: How big is the probability of continuous upswing in the broader market?

Today, the two cities' stock indexes opened slightly higher and then oscillated higher. After seeing the highest point of the whole day at 9:54, they continued to fall. At 10:50, they began to slowly rise to the noon closing. In the afternoon, the stock indexes rose mainly due to shocks;New sharesThe fuel cell, superconducting concept, driverless, rare earth permanent magnet, satellite navigation, telecom operation, water reform, pork and other sectors performed strongly; overall: the market today showed a slight increase in the market.

On last Friday (January 4th)BrokerAfter the blowout, this week the market as a whole is a typical shock consolidation process. The activity of individual stocks is still maintained. In the recent mainstream 5G stocks, there are still some low-end varieties in the daily limit. Does this mean that the index will also Continue to attack?

Xiang Bo Securities Fan Bo's point of view is very clear: the overall upward trend of the major indices is weakening, even if there is a chance of inertia, butShanghai indexThe 2620 point pressure is hard to pass. Since this Tuesday, we have continued to emphasize in the blog post: "We need to pay special attention to the trend of the 5G leading stocks of Eastern Communications. Although the strength of the stock has activated the active 5G stocks, it has not completely reversed the trend of the broader market. When Eastern Communications peaks, the staged bullish energy will fail."

Judging from today's market, Eastern Communications has fallen for two consecutive days. It has fallen nearly 8% in the afternoon after the afternoon. Most of the 5G daily limit products are from low level, and the supplementary growth is strong. The main kinetic energy of the Shanghai stock index today is from banks and brokerage firms. The probability of these two sectors rising continuously is not high.

Summarize a sentence:The 5G effect is still continuing, and the low-end compensatory varieties perform well, but the signal of the leading Eastern Communications decline has to attract attention. The space for the Shanghai-pointed attack is not large, and caution should be exercised for the overpopulated varieties.

  Yuanda: RMB appreciation helps A-shares stabilize

  Today's disk

Today, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock indexes opened slightly higher. After the opening shocks, they were quickly pulled up and strengthened by the brokerage sector. However, there was no follow-up funds to follow up, and they continued to fall, maintaining a turbulent operation near the flat line, and pulling in the afternoon. Lit, shockingly higher. From the disk, the early hydrogen fuel cell and 5G were the biggest hot spots in the morning, supporting the activity on the disk. In the afternoon, local stocks in Xinjiang oscillated higher, and the auto sector subsequently moved up, driving the two cities to rise. Overall, today’s weights andthemeAll performances, the recent hot spots began to callback, it is expected that the market outlook may be short-term or face consolidation risks.

  RMB appreciationA shares stabilized

Recently, the central parity of the RMB exchange rate has been rising. As a result, the aviation sector has been among the top gainers, and it has also played a certain role in repairing the market confidence. At the same time, it has played a more active role in stabilizing the A-share market. In addition, the Minister of Industry and Information Technology, Miao Wei, focused on the development of 5G technology for CCTV News. This year, China will also carry out 5G commercial promotion to accelerate the industrialization process and network construction of the terminal. From the perspective of the disk, 5G as a newfundThe components, which took the lead in the direction of the Internet of Vehicles, became the hot spot in the market today, and were sought after by funds.

Today, the market fell back in early trading, and it showed a steady upward trend in the afternoon. From the daily level,The Shanghai Composite IndexThe center of gravity moves up and the column runs above the 5-day moving average. It shows that the current upward trend of the market is still relatively strong. From today's quantitative performance, the market sentiment has shrunk slightly compared with the previous two days. Combined with the technical indicator MACD, the index is still in the red column area, and the multi-party strength is still strong. The KDJ also shows the gold fork, but it is slightly turning head. In combination with the trend of the late market, the market volatility is rising, but the pressure on the top is obvious, short-term Still need to be cautious.

  Market a certain deterministic opportunity exposure

Today's market shocks to the sun, but the overall overall high overall situation, it can be seen that there is still resistance in the A-share upswing. In the morning, the market was driven by financial institutions such as banks, brokerages, and insurance. The two cities rallied, but the market sentiment was more scattered, and the market rallied again.From a morphological point of view, the current round of the trend has slowed down from the previous round. It is expected that the strength will be weaker, and the impact will be higher or lower than the previous round. Therefore, in terms of hotspot participation, sustainable attention to the 5G sector, investment certainty is still in place, but cautiously chasing high, beware of high returns to individual stocks.

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