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The three major stock indexes collectively redeemed AiPang Medical and other stocks hit a record high

January 11, 2019 19:59
source: Eastern Fortune Network

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[Three major stock indexes collectively redeemed Aipang Medical and other stocks hit a record high in the stock market] On January 11, the two cities opened higher and then oscillated weaker, rebounded in the afternoon, the Shanghai Composite Index closed at 2554.83, up 0.74%. In terms of sectors, the concept of sub-new shares continued to rise. According to the data of Oriental Fortune, the stock price of 9 stocks hit a record high today, excluding new shares and sub-new shares. The remaining 3 stocks are Xinjiang Jiaojian, Beihai Communication and Aipeng Medical.

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On January 11th, after the two cities opened higher, the shocks weakened and rebounded in the afternoon.Shanghai indexIt closed at 2,553.83, up 0.74%. Sector, timeNew sharesThe concept continues to rise.Oriental Fortune ChoiceThe data shows that today, 9 stocks hit a record high, excluding new shares, sub-new shares, the remaining three stocks for Xinjiang Jiaojian, Beitong and Aipeng Medical.

(Source: Eastern WealthChoice)

Ai Peng Medical received a daily report of 47.28 yuan, up 10.00%, turnover of 556 million yuan, turnover rate of 60.23%. The company entered the leading enterprise in the field of pain management earlier, and is also the only manufacturer that is currently involved in the development of the industry standard for “portable electric injection pump”. The sales coverage of tertiary hospital products exceeds 70%, painless delivery and postoperative analgesia. Increased demand brings development opportunities to the company.

The company realized in 2017Operating income247 million yuan, returning to the motherNet profit At the end of 2015-2017, the compound growth rate of revenue and the net profit growth rate of returning to mothers were 26.82% and 41.57%, respectively.

  Eastern Fortune Choice DataIt shows that there is no stock price in the stock market hit a record low today.

                (Editor: DF378)

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