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The car-free carrier system will be fully liberalized in 2019. One method is expected to be introduced.

January 11, 2019 16:07

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[Car-free carrier system may be fully liberalized in 2019. One standard is expected to be released] On January 11, the 21st Century Business Herald reporter learned that since the Ministry of Transport promoted the car-free carrier pilot for more than two years, it has adapted to China's national conditions. The car-free carrier management system and the mark specification system with the development trend of the industry are expected to be introduced in 2019. It marks the full liberalization of the car-free carrier system in China.

On January 11, the 21st Century Business Herald reporter learned that since the Ministry of Transport promoted the car-free carrier pilot for more than two years, the car-free carrier management system and the marking system that is adapted to China's national conditions and industry development trends are expected to be introduced in 2019. . It marks the full liberalization of the car-free carrier system in China.

Li Yanlin, deputy director of the Modern Logistics Research Center of the Research Institute of the Ministry of Transport, revealed at the Car-Free Carrier Development Trend Forum hosted by Mangang Group that the Ministry of Transport plans to discuss the “Administrative Measures for Road Platform Freight Transportation Management” in the upper part of January ( Referred to as "Management Measures", and will be issued as soon as possible at the appropriate time.

Li Yanlin introduced that the "Administrative Measures" will standardize the requirements for access conditions, safety supervision, integrity assessment, risk management and other requirements for network platform freight forwarding enterprises. In addition, the supporting "Network Platform Road Freight Transportation Operation Service Specification" will standardize the service quality of the network platform freight operation enterprises.contractFormulation, risk response, complaint handling, etc.

Li Yanlin said that the "Administrative Measures" will be based on the spirit and requirements of the "E-commerce Law" officially implemented on January 1, 2019, as well as the "Road Transportation Regulations" and the "Network Security Law", including car and car-free treatment. Online and offline supervision and management are consistent, safety production responsibility can not be shirked, fair and open legal operation, compliance with tax payment obligations in accordance with the law, active social responsibility and effective protection of consumer rights and other content.

“Because the pilot of the Ministry of Transport’s car-free carrier will end in February this year, the ministry is also discussing how to go next.” Li Yanlin revealed that the Ministry of Transport plans to cultivate at least 50 car-free carriers nationwide by 2020. Head brand enterprise.

The Ministry of Transport officially launched the pilot work of car-free carriers in October 2016, the first batch of 48 pilot enterprises, and the second batch of 283 pilot enterprises. In April 2018, it issued a notice on deepening the pilot work of car-free carriers, and proposed to strengthen the monitoring and evaluation of pilot operations to optimize the external development environment of car-free carriers.

“Carless carrier is characterized by car-free and light assets. The essence and core are carriers. The value of existence lies in improving transportation efficiency, shortening the transportation chain, superiority and pride in market response, and technology-intensive operation. The focus of operation management is safety and integrity. Li Yanlin said.

In addition, he pointed out that since the pilot of the car-free carrier, there have been some breakthroughs in the tax system. For example, the car-free carrier can open a special invoice for value-added tax for the freight transport industry for individual drivers registered as individual industrial and commercial households, but still There is a problem. "In 2019, the Ministry of Transport will also work with the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation to promote the taxation system and facilitate individual drivers."

It is understood that in 2017, Jiangsu Province has begun piloting car-free (ship) carriers to open special VAT invoices. In 2018, the tax hall extension point and the online tax hall pilot were implemented. In November 2018, the Shanghai Municipal Taxation Bureau also announced the list of pilot enterprises for the introduction of special VAT invoices for the Shanghai Internet Logistics Platform. The first two companies can sign an entrusted invoicing agreement with the members.

(Article source: 21st Century Business Herald)

                (Editor: DF142)

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