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Compound: Food military led the two cities and slammed 71 daily stocks (list)

January 11, 2019 17:23
source: Eastern Fortune Network

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[Re-distribution: food military led the rise of the two cities slammed 71 daily limit stocks (list)] A total of 71 stocks in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges on Friday. Food and beverage, defense and military industry led the two cities. In terms of individual stocks, stocks such as Great Wall Military Industry and Xinjiang Jiaojian Construction went up daily; gold ham, emerging equipment and other stocks rose more than 6%.

On January 11th, the three major stock indexes of A shares today closed collectively.GEMThe weekly line stopped at 5 consecutive yin, and the new leading stock Xinjiang joined the construction of 6 boards, activated the whole plate of speculation, afternoon timeNew sharesContinued to rise, 16 stocks of Great Wall Military Industry, Hunan Salt Industry, Wuhu shares and other stocks daily limit, nearly 70 stocks in the two cities daily limit, the market shrinkage signs are obvious, the sector rotation accelerated.

As of the close,Shanghai indexIt rose 0.74% to close at 2553 points; Shenzhen Component Index rose 0.61% to close at 7474 points; the ChiNext rose 0.20% to close at 1261 points. On the face of the disk, sub-new shares, hydrogen fuel cells, satellite navigation, military, pork, car networking and other sectors led the rise; Internet lottery, port shipping, gold, shipping, white goods and other sectors fell.

A total of 71 stocks in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges rose on Friday. Food and beverage, defense and military industry led the two cities. In terms of individual stocks, stocks such as Great Wall Military Industry and Xinjiang Jiaojian Construction went up daily; gold ham, emerging equipment and other stocks rose more than 6%.

January 11 new stock daily limit statistics

Securities codeSecurities nameIndustryDaily limit
300757RobertoProfessional setting4
603121N HuapeiAutomobile industry1

Other stocks

Securities codeSecurities nameIndustryDaily limitMessage surface
002941Xinjiang JiaojianConstruction6Secondary shares
000595Baota IndustryMachinery Industry5
603220Bay communicationCommunications industry35G
300111sunflowerTransmission and distribution2UHV
300080Yi Cheng XinnengMaterial industry2
300018ZhongyuanTransmission and distribution2UHV
601619Jiaze XinnengPower Industry2
002118Zixin PharmaceuticalPharmaceutical manufacturing2
300304Yunyi ElectricAutomobile industry2
300319Maijie TechnologyElectronic component2
600157Yongtai EnergyCoal mining2
600710SumedaProfessional setting2
600220Jiangsu SunshineTextile and Apparel2
300753Aipeng MedicalMedical industry2
002733Xiongyi sharesElectronic component2
002871Weilong sharesMachinery Industry2
603628Qingyuan sharesElectronic component2
002927Taiyong Long MarchTransmission and distribution1UHV
000536Huaying TechnologyElectronic component1
603629Litong Electronicsmetal products1
600192Great Wall ElectricianTransmission and distribution1UHV
000018Great Wall of ChinaDecoration decoration1
000010Beautiful ecologyGarden engineering1
002148North Latitude TechnologyCommunications industry15G
600331Hongda sharesNon-ferrous metal1
300756Zhongshan JinmaTourist hotel1
000995*ST HuangtaiWine industry1ST concept
002274Huachang ChemicalFertilizer industry1
300635Daan sharesConstruction1
300209Tianze Informationsoftware service1Domestic software
002590Wanan TechnologyDelivery equipment1
603227Xuefeng TechnologyChemical Industry1
002498Han CableTransmission and distribution1UHV
600929Hunan Salt Industryfood and drink1Secondary shares
603713MilkDelivery logistics1Secondary shares
300096Yi Lianzhongsoftware service1
600105Yongding sharesCommunications industry15G
002766Suo LingCommunications industry15G
002249Ocean motorMachinery Industry1
300694Wuhu sharesAutomobile industry1
300746Hanjia DesignConstruction1Secondary shares
300116Kenrui WonengMachinery Industry1
603126Sinoma Energy SavingEnvironmental Engineering1
300748Jinli permanent magnetMaterial industry1Secondary shares
600696ST rockreal estate1ST concept
601388Yiqiu resourcesNon-ferrous metal1
600701*ST GongxinIntegrated industry1
002447Chen Xin Technologysoftware service1
000957Zhongtong BusAutomobile industry1
300749Top solid setWood furniture1Secondary shares
002192Rongjie sharesElectronic component1
300537Guangxin materialChemical Industry1
300045Huali Chuangtongsoftware service1
002790RitterPlastic Products1
600595Zhongfu IndustryNon-ferrous metal1
002217HelitaiElectronic component15G
002639Snowman sharesMachinery Industry1
600804Dr. PengTelecommunications operation1
300259Xintian TechnologyInstrumentation1
600478KeliyuanMaterial industry1
300353Dongtu TechnologyCommunications industry15G
002477Young eagle farmingFarming and animal husbandry1
002669Kangda New MaterialMaterial industry1Military industry
000909Digital Source TechnologyIntegrated industry1
002284Asia Pacific sharesAutomobile industry1
300674Yuxin Technologysoftware service1
601606Great Wall MilitaryProfessional setting1Secondary shares
601068Chinalco InternationalConstruction1Secondary shares

(Data Sources:Oriental Fortune Choicedata)

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