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Guangzhou greatly relaxed the household registration policy: Undergraduate or above can be settled without being over 40 years old

January 11, 2019 19:01
source: First finance

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[Guangzhou greatly relaxes the household registration policy: the undergraduate and above can be settled at the age of 40] On the afternoon of January 11, the Guangzhou Municipal Development and Reform Commission, together with the Guangzhou Municipal People's Bureau, the Municipal Government, and the Municipal Public Security Bureau jointly issued a new round of Guangzhou. Moved into the household policy system. (First Finance)

The role of talents in urban economic development and transformation and upgrading has become increasingly prominent. After strong second-tier cities such as Wuhan, Xi'an and Chengdu have released their new household registration policies, Guangzhou, the first-tier city, has also greatly relaxed the conditions for talents to settle down.

On the afternoon of January 11, the Guangzhou Municipal Development and Reform Commission, together with the Guangzhou Municipal People's Social Security Bureau, the Municipal Government, and the Municipal Public Security Bureau jointly issued a new round of Guangzhou's policy of moving into the household.

At the press conference, the relevant person in charge introduced that the new round of household registration policy has several characteristics. First, the family planning policy will no longer be used as a pre-condition for moving into the city of Guangzhou. Second, the conditions for introducing talents into the household have been greatly adjusted. Among them, the age limit for introducing talents to the household is relaxed, and the bachelor's, master's, and doctor's degrees are adjusted from 35, 40, and 45 years old to 40, 45, and 50 years old, respectively.

In terms of talents, the graduates of ordinary colleges and universities are separated from the households, simplifying the process of entering the households of ordinary colleges and universities. The fresh graduates of colleges and universities go directly to the public security department to handle the households; In the reform and new policies, qualified talents can be declared through the public employment and talent service agencies, or through the employer and the competent authorities, and can also choose to directly declare the household.

Peng Yu, a researcher at the Guangzhou Academy of Social Sciences, analyzed the first financial analysis. As a front-line city and a frontier of China's reform and opening up, Guangzhou has a great appeal to foreign talents in the past. In recent years, with the rise of inland core cities and strong second-tier cities, Guangzhou's leading momentum has not been as great as before, and its attraction to talents has also been significantly weakened. In the case of strong second-tier cities launching talent competitions, Guangzhou will not be able to relax the conditions of settlement and attract talents to settle down, then the competitiveness of the city will also be affected.

Peng Yu said that now the inland Wuhan, Xi'an, Chengdu and other places have developed rapidly, and the infrastructure and living standards of these cities have gradually caught up with the first-tier cities.House priceIt is much lower than the first-tier cities, and many talents choose to stay in these places. Guangzhou was originally worried about the problem of excessive population inflows. Now it is necessary to worry about the lack of attractiveness.

Peng Yu said that this round of talent competition fully shows that the competitiveness of a city is closely related to the inflow of people, especially the influx of talents. In the face of competition in strong second-tier cities, Guangzhou must also adjust its settlement conditions in time to continue to maintain its advantage in the new round of urban competition.

Before Guangzhou, another first-tier city, Shenzhen, had already liberalized its settlement conditions.

In August 2016, Shenzhen issued “Several Opinions of the Shenzhen Municipal People's Government on Further Strengthening and Improving Population Service Management”, “Several Provisions on the Relocation of Shenzhen Household Registration” (hereinafter referred to as “Household Registration Regulations”) and “Shenzhen Residence Registration and The Regulations on the Registration of Residence Permits will continue to deepen the reform of the household registration system and improve the proportion and structure of the registered population.

Shenzhen's new talent introduction policy will widen the conditions for purely educated talents to junior colleges, and the conditions for entry of technical talents will be relaxed to secondary technical and intermediate titles. The conditions for entry of skilled talents will be relaxed to the urgent need for senior workers, as long as the conditions are met. Can apply for households, no limit on the number of indicators, more and better. In terms of the policy of relocating households, the conditions for household registration have also been moderately relaxed. The introduction of this policy has also been called the most loose settlement policy in history.

Peng Yu said that at present, the country is vigorously promoting the settlement of 100 million non-resident populations in cities. The conditions for resettlement have been liberalized, and it is possible to focus on solving the problems of local residents who have already worked in the local area and become local civics. The embodiment of the policy. On the other hand, by liberalizing the settlement policy, accelerating the urbanization of the migrant population, and letting these foreign populations stay in the local area, it will increase the demand for education and occupation, and have a greater room for local economic development.

The launch of the new round of immigration policy will help promote the coordinated development of population, economy, society, resources and environment in Guangzhou, promote the development of population, improve urban functions and industrial transformation and upgrade, and promote each other to achieve the population size of Guangzhou. Moderate, structural optimization, and quality improvement.

For example, in the new settlement policy, through the formulation of the “Introduction of Technical Skills Talents Occupation Catalogue”, we will vigorously introduce technical skills and talents that are urgently needed for Guangzhou's industrial development. At the same time, the specific conditions are clarified, and the channels for opening up households for innovative and entrepreneurial talents and industries urgently needed talents are opened up.

Peng Yu said that the new settlement policy is also in line with the needs of Guangzhou's industrial transformation and upgrading. In the current economic development and industrial transformation and upgrading process in Guangzhou, it is still necessary to vigorously develop high-end manufacturing. For example, in recent years in the suburbs of Guangzhou, a series of major projects have been settled. These large projects require a large number of highly skilled personnel.

(Article source: First Finance)

                (Editor: DF075)

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