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Alipay 2.26 billion Lujiazui buy a real estate headquarters to relocate Shanghai rumors? Ant Gold Service: Confirmed to be used as Alipay office!

January 11, 2019 22:01
source: Securities Times Network

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The voice of Alipay's headquarters moving to Shanghai has not stopped. At the end of last year, some media quoted Ant Financials as saying that Ant Financial will move to Shanghai in 2019, but this rumor has not been officially confirmed.

On the evening of the 11th, Lujiazui (600663)announcementSaid that the company and Alipay signed the pre-sale of the office building of No. 2 Pudong Financial Plazacontract"It seems that Alipay's pace into Shanghai is a step faster. When the reporter asked about the use of the above office building, Ant Financial only responded by saying "Confirmation will be used as an office space for Alipay".

2.26 billion yuan to sell

Lujiazui announced that the company signed the "Pre-sale Contract" of the office building of No. 2 Pudong Financial Plaza with Alipay on January 10, 2019, according to the "Cooperation Agreement" signed with Ant Financial and Alipay. Transfer the office building to Alipay.

  It is reported that the tentative total price of this transfer is 2.262 billion yuan. After Alipay has completed the payment, Lujiazui will deliver the above office building. Lujiazui said that after the transaction is completed, it is expected to be attributable to the parent company.Net profitAbout 580 million yuan, will be operated by the company in 2019PerformanceHave a positive impact.

In fact, as early as six and a half years ago, the future ownership of the above office buildings has been determined. On May 29, 2012, Ant Financial and Alipay signed the “Cooperation Agreement” and other relevant legal documents with Lujiazui, and booked the office building of No. 2 Pudong Financial Plaza, and the parties agreed that the office building should have pre-sale conditions. Sign a formal office building pre-sale contract.

The office building of No. 2 Pudong Financial Plaza is located at No. 447, Nanquan North Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, with an area of ​​about 48,000 square meters. According to the above agreements and contracts, some of the transaction funds have been paid in installments; at present, the office building has pre-sale conditions.

The reporter noted that six months ago, Lujiazui had transferred the office building of Pudong Financial Plaza No. 1 to Taikang Life Insurance. On June 27, 2018, Lujiazui signed a Memorandum with Donggan Industrial controlled by Taikang Life Insurance. The two parties intend to pre-settlement and deliver the house.

  Pudong Financial Plaza No. 1 Office Building is located at No. 429, Nanquan North Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai. The estimated area is about 84,000 square meters, and the settlement price is 1.386 billion yuan. Lujiazui said that after the completion of the transaction, it is expected to be attributed to the parent company. The net profit is about 900 million yuan.

Interestingly, the property purchased by Taikang Life Insurance is 75% larger than the area of ​​the property purchased by Alipay, but the transaction price is only 61.3% of the latter. The reason may be related to the payment method and time of signing the house. There are relationships. According to the announcement of Lujiazui, Taikang Life Insurance purchased the property for one-time payment, while Alipay Company paid the payment in installments; Taikang Life Insurance originally signed the contract in December 2011, half a year earlier than Alipay.

  Alipay advances into Shanghai?

The announcement behind Lujiazui’s paper reveals that Alipay’s pace of advancing into Shanghai is one step faster.

In fact, there were media reports at the end of last year. Ants Jinfu seniors said that Ant Financial is expected to move its headquarters to Shanghai in 2019 to implement the dual-headquarters and dual-center operation modes of Hangzhou and Shanghai.

The media reported that the Alipay has always been a dual-headquarters operating model. Hangzhou and Shanghai each bear similar proportions of business and purchase pre-sale office buildings to meet the growing business needs of the Shanghai headquarters.

When the reporter learned about the purchase of the office building of No. 2 Pudong Financial Plaza from Ant Financial, Ant Financial only said that the office building "will be used as an office space for Alipay."

Ant's official website shows that its Hangzhou headquarters is located in the ant Z space, No. 556, Xixi Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou. Ants Jinfu also has many office spaces in other cities in China, such as Beishangshen, among which Shanghai's office address is located in Pudong. Shanghai Center Building, No. 501, Yincheng Middle Road, Lujiazui, New District.

According to the reporter's understanding, the office address of the Shanghai Tower is currently used for Alipay, and the office space in the Lujiazui area can be described as gold. Of course, Shanghai has always been China's financial center, and Pudong Financial Plaza, the new office address of Alipay, is also a battleground for major industry giants.

Alipay's advance into Shanghai is believed to fill Shanghai's gap in Internet layout. Shanghai has clearly defined Internet finance to further enhance Shanghai's international financial center's influence, radiation, innovation and resource allocation capabilities. The reporter learned that at present, in addition to Alipay, heavyweight third-party payment companies such as Silver Link, Quick Money and Tonglian have also taken root in Shanghai Pudong.

(Article source: Securities Times Network)

                (Editor: DF142)

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