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Huitong Energy's shareholder agreement to transfer 29.9999% shares Greentown Group will indirectly control

January 11, 2019 22:04
source: China Securities Network

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K map 600605_1

On the evening of January 11th,Huitong Energy(600605) releasedannouncementIts holdingshareholderHongchang and Tibet Dejin signed the "Share Transfer Agreement". Tibet Dejin was granted a total of 44.302 million shares of Huitong Energy's non-restricted shares directly held by Hongchang at a price of 20.36 yuan per share, with a total price of 900 million yuan. It accounts for 29.9999% of Huitong Energy's total share capital. The change in equity is the transfer of the agreement.

After this change in equity, Tibet Dejin held 44.302 million shares of the listed company, accounting for 29.9999% of the total shares of the listed company. It is the controlling shareholder of the listed company and Tang Yuxiang is the actual controller of the listed company. It is understood that Tibet Dejin was established in May 2017, its business scope is enterprise management services (excluding investment consulting and investment management), businessInformation service(excluding investment consulting), conference services.

The announcement disclosed that the shareholder of Tibet Dejin is Greentown Group. It is understood that Ludu Group was established in 2002 and its management headquarters is located in Shanghai.real estateThe development business has the first-class qualification for national real estate development. At present, it has laid out 16 cities and developed more than 40 real estate projects with a total development area of ​​over 10 million square meters and serving more than 200,000 owners.

The announcement shows that Tibet Dejin intends to obtain control of the listed company through this agreement acquisition, aiming at further improving the operating status of the listed company, continuously optimizing and adjusting the resource allocation and business structure of the listed company, and comprehensively improving the sustainable operation of the listed company. The ability to promote the long-term, healthy and sustainable development of listed companies, and bring good returns to all shareholders.

According to the announcement, Huitong EnergyOperating incomeMainly from wind power,Non-ferrous metal(Copper) trade and real estate leasing; the controlling shareholder of Tibet Dejin and the affiliated company controlled by the actual controller have the housing leasing and property service business, and there are similar business operations with the listed company, but the proportion of their respective business income is higher. Small, and the two are different in the purpose of the development, the area to be carried out, and the customer group to be oriented.

About this timeEquity transferSubsequent arrangements, the announcement disclosed that Tibet Dejin did not increase its shareholding in the next 12 months, change or adjust the main business of the listed company, sell the assets of the merged listed company and its subsidiaries, purchase or replace the assets. In addition, after this change in equity, Tibet Dejin and its controlling shareholders and actual controllers will maintain personnel independence, asset integrity and financial independence with listed companies; listed companies have independent operating capabilities in procurement, production, sales, Intellectual property and other aspects remain independent.


(Article source: China Securities Network)

                (Editor: DF378)

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