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The National Medical Insurance Bureau announced the work plan for 2019.

January 11, 2019 22:05
source: China Securities Network

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From January 10th to 11th, the National Medical Security Work Conference was held in Beijing. The meeting reviewed the work promoted by the medical security department in 2018. In 2019, the medical security department will improve the medical security system with Chinese characteristics and consolidate medical insurance.fundThe management foundation, which mentioned, continues to do a good job in organizing the centralized procurement and use of drugs by the state to promote the reform of medical service prices.

The medical security department completed six tasks in 2018, including raising the level of medical security for the rural poor, promoting tax reduction and price reduction for anticancer drugs, cracking down on fraudulent insurance, implementing pilot projects for centralized drug procurement by the state, and steadily expanding the scale of medical treatment across provinces. Promote the unified national medical insurance informationization and standardization construction.

In 2019, the National Medical Insurance Bureau focused on the following tasks: First, the maintenance of medical insurance funds as a top priority, and constantly strengthen the supervision of medical insurance funds, compact regulatory responsibilities, block system loopholes, and consolidate the high-pressure situation against fraudulent fraud.

The second is to comprehensively establish a unified medical insurance system for urban and rural residents and improve the fund-raising policy. Improve serious illnessInsuranceAnd the medical assistance system, establish a list of treatments. Adhere to the best of all efforts and do our best, and give play to the role of medical security in the accurate poverty alleviation and poverty alleviation.

The third is to establish a dynamic adjustment mechanism for medical insurance catalogues, play the role of the purchaser of medical insurance strategies, and incorporate more good medicines for life-saving and emergency care into medical insurance.

Fourth, continue to deepen the reform of medical insurance payment methods, and fully utilize the means of big data to promote the rational allocation of medical resources.

The fifth is to promote the reform of the drug recruitment and procurement system, and continue to do a good job in organizing the centralized procurement and use of drugs by the state. Strengthen the management of the circulation and use of high-value medical consumables, and promote the reform of medical service prices.

The sixth is to consolidate the basic work of medical insurance, promote the standardization and informatization construction, improve the service level of the service, do a direct settlement of medical treatment in different places, and improve the legal level of medical insurance.

(Article source: China Securities Network)

                (Editor: DF378)

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