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In the week before the Spring Festival, institutional research stock exposure. Two long-term funds lurked 7 blue-chip stocks ahead of schedule.

February 11, 2019 00:04
Author: either rain

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[After the Spring Festival, institutional research stocks exposed two long-term funds to lurk 7 outstanding stocks in advance] The industry generally believes that the current policy is warmer, coupled with the cumulative effect of the previous positive policies, the A-share market may rebound earlier than the company's performance, After the holiday, the spring offensive market is expected to continue, which deserves attention. (Securities Daily)

The last trading week before the Spring Festival, the CSRC canceled the 130% unified liquidation line and encouraged guidanceBrokerThe funds entering the market and other favorable stimulus, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock indexes showed a trend of shock rebound.Shanghai indexAfter five consecutive weeks of yang, the amount can be effectively released, and the activity of individual stocks increases significantly. The industry generally believes that the current policy is warmer, coupled with the cumulative effect of the previous positive policies, the A-share market may be earlier than the enterprisePerformanceHowever, there is a recovery, and the spring offensive market is expected to continue after the holiday. It is worthy of attention.

In this context, recentlyInstitutional researchThe enthusiasm of listed companies has not diminished, and more listed companies have been intensively crowded by more than 50 institutions.Research, causing widespread concern in the market. According to statistics from the Market Research Center of Securities Daily, from January 29 to February 1, a total of 29 listed companies received reception.fund companyResearch by various types of institutions including securities companies, overseas institutions, private companies, and insurance companies.

According to the number of institutions participating in the survey, among the 29 listed companies, Jinjia, Chen’an, and SuperMap software were investigated by more than 50 organizations, reaching 78, 71, and 51 companies respectively. , Hikvision (43), Aofei Entertainment (36), Tongce Medical (16), Mindray Medical (15), Dahua (14), Shenzhen Airport (12), Hudian Eight companies including 10 shares (10 companies) and Huayi Brothers (10 companies) also received 10 or more institutions during the survey, including Daon shares (5) and Han's laser (4). 18 companies including Goldwind (4), Zhangjiagang (4) and Zhuoyi Technology (3) also received institutional attention during this period.

It is worth mentioning that among the above-mentioned company stocks surveyed, 7 outstanding leading stocks have been approved by two long-term funds.

First, public offeringfundArrange in advance. According to statistics, among the 29 stocks, as of the end of the fourth quarter of 2018, 23 stocks were held by the fund. In the fourth quarter of last year, the fund newly held two stocks, such as Mindray Medical and Hanwei Technology, with a new entry of 331.45 million. Stocks, 256,500 shares; Hikvision (11,269.20 million shares), Tongce Medical (742.84 million shares), Tianhong shares (6,190,100 shares), Goldwind (595.42 million shares), Shenzhen Airport (3.4484 million shares), 9 stocks including China Resources Sanjiu (311.86 million shares), Daoming Optics (153.60 million shares), Chenan Technology (1.25.42 million shares) and Jinjia shares (99.28 million shares) received public fund re-opening operations in the fourth quarter of last year. The potential advantage of 11 potential stocks is more significant.

Secondly,Social securityThe fund is held for a long time. Further statistics found that among the above 23 fund holdings, as of the end of the third quarter of last year, a total of 7 stocks were held by social security funds for five consecutive quarters, namely Goldwind Technology (11019.47 million shares) and China Resources Sanjiu (3999.98 million shares). ), Tianhong shares (1799.98 million shares), Dahua shares (165.34 million shares), Sophia (155.329 million shares), Daun shares (347.65 million shares) and Tongce Medical (259.99 million shares).

In addition to obtaining long-term funding approval, the above-mentioned research and development of listed companies is also very bright, and has become an important driving force for pre-holiday organizations to pay attention in advance. Up to now, 27 companies have disclosed the 2018 annual report performance forecast, and there are 21 performance pre-history companies, accounting for nearly 80%. Among them, Zhuoyi Technology, Hudian Shares, Daoming Optics and other three companies throughout the year 2018Net profitIt is expected to double by 241.62%, 204.64%, 140%, Guangwei Composite Materials (65%), Chenan Technology (59.32%), Tongce Medical (55%), Mindray Medical (50.82%), Goldwind Companies such as Technology (50%), Tianhong (50%) and Daon (50%) expect the 2018 annual report to grow by 50% and above.

For Goldwind Technology, Cinda Securities said that although the wind curtailment was improved, the company's wind farm operation continued to grow, but the wind turbine price decline and the change in delivery pace led to pressure on the wind turbine manufacturing business.profit prediction, the company is expected to be 2018-2020Operating incomeThey were 30.887 billion yuan, 38.197 billion yuan and 44.787 billion yuan respectively. The net profit was 3.434 billion yuan, 3.912 billion yuan and 4.797 billion yuan respectively, corresponding to earnings per share of 0.97 yuan, 1.10 yuan and 1.34 yuan. Due to the continuous recovery of the wind power industry, the price of wind turbine bidding has narrowed, and the company's wind farm operation business has continued to improve, maintaining a “buy” rating for the company.

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(Article source: Securities Daily)

                (Editor: DF392)

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