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156 companies ran before the fund festival, eager to 5G concept optimistic about the electronic software industry

February 11, 2019 00:04
Author: Yan Jing Ying

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[The 156 companies ran before the fund festival. The 5G concept is optimistic about the electronic software industry.] Since the beginning of the year, the atmosphere of the Spring Festival holiday has not affected the enthusiasm of fund managers to investigate the listed companies. According to the statistics of Oriental Wealth's Choice data, the Securities Daily found that in January this year, the total number of listed companies in the fund companies reached 156, and the frequency of investigations was as many as 746. (Securities Daily)

Since the beginning of the year, the atmosphere of the Spring Festival holiday has not affectedfundmanagerResearchThe enthusiasm for visiting listed companies. "Securities Daily" reporter basedOriental Fortune ChoiceStatistics show that in January of this year,fund companyThe total number of listed companies reached 156, and the frequency of investigations was as many as 746.

From the situation of these 156 listed companies, the target of fund research is still based on “small and medium-sized”: among them, there are 73 small and medium-sized board companies, accounting for 46.79%; 41 companies are surveyed, accounting for 26.28%. The total of the two accounts for more than 70%. according toBrokerResearch reportAnalysis, according to disclosedPerformanceAdvance companyNet profitMean value calculation, the growth rate of net profit of small and medium-sized board in 2018 is -17.23%, and the GEM is -46.45%, which is the lowest growth rate in recent years. Based on this, fund managers pay more attention to small and medium-sized companies, and the pace of investigation is extremely frequent.

In January of this year, the most diligent fund companies that visited listed companies wereBoss FundIn the month, the number of listed companies was 28 times, followed byHuaxia FundThe number of investigations was 27 times. In addition,Harvest Fund,Penghua Fund, Bank of Communications Schroeder,Central European FundThe number of investigations by other companies is also more than 20 times.

From the perspective of industries that fund companies are keen to research, the electronics industry and the software industry have received particular attention in January this year. Among them, 24 electronic companies received fund research, and 11 other software companies were valued by fund managers. In addition, there are quite a few fund companies that visit real estate, biomedicine and other industries.

With the news of 5G commercial opening, the high fever of the electronics industry has further risen, and the 5G concept stocks have been popular. For example, in the survey, the 5G concept stock Shennan circuit was asked about the PCB product characteristics of 5G base station and the 5G expected volume time. Shennan Circuit said that according to the market's original estimate, 5G is expected to enter the commercial phase in 2020, and a certain amount will be released in the second half of 2019. At present, combined with various signals, the market expects that the construction process of 5G may accelerate, but ultimately depends on the progress of governments.

The industry is also gaining attention in the software industry. In mid-January this year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and Software Services Division introduced the progress of work in 2018 and the work plan for 2019: it will speed up the construction and promotion of the industrial Internet platform, carry out the digital transformation of manufacturing, and create an upgraded version of the two. Subsequently, the 2019 China Software Industry Annual Conference was held in Beijing. Chen Xiongxiong, deputy director of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, pointed out that software definition has become an important direction for a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, driving the digital economy to flourish, focusing on promoting major applications, focusing on key software breakthroughs, promoting integrated development around the industrial Internet, and improving industrial ecology. Waiting for six aspects of work. With a series of policy support, the software industry has seen a significant increase in heat.

In terms of individual stocks, the most popular listed company in January this year was Jinjia, which received a survey of 26 fund companies. As a listed company with cigarettes as its main business, Jinjia's 2018 performance, future development trend and strategic layout have received the attention of the organization.

According to reports, in 2018, Jinjia shares achieved revenue of 3.373 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 14.51%; net profit of 727 million yuan, an increase of 26.49%. Jinjia shares said that as a leader in the tobacco label industry, the company has benefited from the comprehensive competitive advantages of scale advantage, innovation capability and cost control capability, maintaining a high and stable hair.interest rateLevel.

In addition, the number of fund research conducted by Chenan Technology, SuperMap Software and Mindray Medical was also more than 20 times, 25 times, 24 times and 21 times respectively. Among the 20 listed companies that have been surveyed more than 10 times, there are as many as 6 software companies, accounting for 30%.

(Article source: Securities Daily)

                (Editor: DF392)

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