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From protecting "money" to protecting "health": health insurance policy fly into more people's homes

February 11, 2019 02:35
source: Economic reference

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"The past many years have beenFinancial managementClass and annuity insurance sales dominate, consumers feel that they can return money, so the company has been vigorously promoted in order to cater to the market. In recent years, the publicInsuranceConsciousness has improved, and more and more people want to understand and purchase commercial health insurance. As a salesperson of a large-scale insurance company, Xiao Chen, who has been in the business for three years during the Spring Festival, interviewed the reporter of the Economic Information Daily, describing the changes she experienced. "According to my observation, the structure and tendency of people buying insurance now is indeed It is different from the original. ”

In line with Xiao Chen’s feelings, it is the entry of more than 100 insurance companies and thousands of related products... The health insurance market is in the midst of a slogan.

As a frontline participant in the insurance market, Xiao Chen bluntly said that both consumers and insurance companies are paying more attention to health insurance. “Our company is a traditional life insurance company and is more representative in the industry. The company level now promotes medium and long-term health insurance products, and the intensity is increasing. In terms of sales, it is still based on offline agent channels.Main force. She said that like heavy illness insurance and health insurance, the sales enthusiasm is also very high. In the past two years, it is not uncommon for colleagues around the world to rely on health insurance to harvest millions of annual salary.

For the future prospects of the health insurance market, Xiao Chen is very optimistic. "People will get sick, so products like health insurance and critical illness insurance are for people's lives. Now everyone's insurance awareness is in place, and they have the corresponding economic ability, so health insurance sales are definitely a huge blue ocean. Xiao Chen said.

According to public information, the total amount of health insurance business has increased nearly four times in the past five years, and millions of medical insurance has become the first of many young people.Insurance ProductsIn the past three years, the number of insurance policies per million in the entire industry has exceeded 10 million. The National Health Big Data White Paper also shows that the current commercial health insurance coverage rate is only 10%. It is predicted that by 2020, the original premium income of health insurance will reach 1.3 trillion yuan.

In the interview, Ms. Huang, who consulted Xiao Chen for health insurance, told the reporter of the Economic Information Daily that she had been paying attention to health insurance for some time. This year, the Spring Festival decided to buy a copy for the elderly. "It is really necessary. As an only child, I feel that the pressure is still quite big, I am afraid that the elderly are sick. After all, it is quite expensive to be hospitalized, and some projects have not been included in medical insurance at their own expense. Although many health insurance is consumer. However, the premiums of several hundred yuan per month are still acceptable compared with the medical expenses of major illnesses, and they will feel a lot more practical after they have been insured. After all, 'not afraid of 10,000 is afraid of anything'." Ms. Huang said.

Talking about Internet insurance, Xiao Chen said that the Internet insurance company's health insurance business is different from the traditional life insurance company's layout products, mainly focusing on short- and medium-term products. "This is mainly to consider the fit of products and sales channels."

Based on this factor of fit, Internet insurance companies that have been “floating in the wind” have also intensified their innovation and optimization of health insurance in recent years. At present, the tax-exempt health insurance deductible tax has been promoted nationwide. In October 2018, the Banking Insurance Regulatory Commission issued the "Internet Insurance Business Supervision Measures" (draft for comments) to promote the online sales of traditional insurance companies' health insurance business. The expansion has provided more operational space for the sale of health insurance products.

However, what Xiao Chen has been worried about is that young people’s insurance awareness is still not high. "As far as the current situation is concerned, whether it is a traditional life insurance company or Internet insurance, many health insurances are for children to buy for their parents out of filial piety." Xiao Chen believes that young people should buy insurance for themselves because young people suffer from serious illnesses. The losses will be even greater, including treatment expenditures, loss of work income, and so on. Young people who are the backbone of the family are more likely to buy health insurance.

“I believe that more and more young people will purchase health insurance, which is also in line with the encouragement of national policies.” Xiao Chen added.

Health insurance is visible in the blue ocean, and consumers are more rational. Xiao Chen said that today's consumers' attitude towards health insurance is no longer "follow the wind", "picture cheap" and "buy a fresh", but carefully carry out a number of comparisons to achieve more careful selection of products.

For the current Chinese health insurance products, industry insiders said that there are still pain points for “panning life insurance” and homogenization. The sales channels are extended to traditional life insurance and property insurance channels, showing professionalism, scalability and flexibility. . At the same time, high operating costs, low level of intelligence, talent team building and data application systems have yet to be improved.

In this regard, Zhu Junsheng, deputy director of the Insurance Research Institute of the Financial Research Institute of the Development Research Center of the State Council, suggested that insurance companies can combine health insurance with health services and play a competitive advantage in services, thus forming one of the breakthrough paths. In addition, insurance companies can also integrate insurance funds with health industry capital investments to combine asset and liability. For example, build a large health industry chain, service chain and ecosystem, while broadening the health insurance service space and investment space.

(Article source: Economic Reference)

                (Editor: DF387)

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