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The Honourable Member of England proposes a new solution to the "Brexit" deadlock: the parliament first passes the agreement and then confirms the referendum

February 11, 2019 05:14
source: World Wide Web

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From March 29th, the EU and the UK officially broke up only for more than a month, but at present, the "Brexit" agreement has not been approved by the British Parliament, and the negotiations between the UK and the EU have also fallen into a tug-of-war. A few days ago, some British lawmakers proposed a new plan to break the current stalemate.

According to Huixin, the British "Guardian" reported on the 9th that several British lawmakers proposed a new plan, that is, the British Parliament first passed the current "Brexit" agreement, after which the United Kingdom held a referendum on this agreement. If the referendum is passed, then the United Kingdom will “break up” with the EU in accordance with this agreement. If the referendum fails, the UK will remain in the EU.

Members who proposed the program said that the program is attractive to both the "de-speaking faction" and the "remaining Europeans." For those who wish to "Brei", once the referendum is passed, "Brexit" is a matter of nailing. For those who want to stay in Europe, the new plan gives them a glimmer of hope that the referendum can be used to reverse the outcome.

Huixin pointed out that on January 15, the lower house of the British Parliament voted to veto the "Brexit" agreement reached by the British government with the EU. According to the British Parliament's agenda, the "Brexit" agreement to renegotiate with the EU will be voted by the parliament in mid-February. If the UK and Europe fail to reach a new agreement, the British Parliament will vote on the next step.

(Article source: World Wide Web)

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