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The US government has to "close the door"? Two-party talks on border security issues

February 11, 2019 13:28
source: Overseas network

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Later in the local time on the 9th, the negotiations between the Republican Party and the Democratic Party on a series of border security issues such as the "US-Mexico Border Wall" funding issue broke down. At present, the two sides have stopped communicating. The US media pointed out that if there is no agreement between the two parties, the nine federal agencies and some related departments will be closed again on Friday (16th).

According to CNN and Fox News, the current debate between the two sides is on the number of specific grants needed to maintain border security, including the cost of managing immigration and the cost of repairing walls.

There are currently 40,520 immigration detention facilities funded by Congress in the United States. In the negotiations, the US government and the Republican Party hope to increase this number to 52,000, while the Democratic Party hopes to reduce it to 35,520. At the same time, the Democrats hope to keep the cost of the border wall between $130 million and $200 million, which is far less than the $570 million demanded by Trump.

The Republican and Democratic negotiators said on the 10th that the talks will continue after the talks, but it is more difficult to reach an agreement before Friday. At present, the two sides plan to draft a proposal on the 11th and submit it to the House of Representatives and the Senate for voting by the 16th.

According to earlier reports, Trump signed the temporary spending bill on January 25 to allow the government to reopen, but he only agreed to maintain the US federal government until February 15.

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(Article source: Overseas network)

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