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A-share pig year welcomes the opening of the door. The GEM is up 3.5% and recovers 1300 points.

February 11, 2019 15:00
source: Eastern Fortune Network

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[Closed broadcast] A shares today ushered in the first show of the Year of the Pig, the three major stock indexes rose like a rainbow, of which the Shanghai Composite Index closed up 1.36%, closing at 2653.90 points; Shenzhen Component Index rose 3.06%, closing at 7919.05 points; GEM index rose 3.53%, regaining the 1300-point integer mark and closing at 1316.10.

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A-shares ushered in the first show of the Year of the Pig today, and the three major stock indexes rose like a rainbow.Shanghai indexClosed up by 1.36% to close at 2653.90 points; Shenzhen Component Index rose 3.06% to close at 7919.05 points;GEMIt rose 3.53%, regaining the 1300-point integer mark and closing at 1316.10. The total turnover of the two cities was 319.9 billion yuan, and the industry sector rose across the board.

Today's news:

1,Since 2019, the amount of funds in the north has reached 66.2 billion yuan.

2,The central parity of the yuan was lowered by 414 points today. The second trading day was lowered.

3,Behind the Capital Bureau of "Wandering Earth": China Film, Beijing Culture, Zhongbao, Wanda Absence

4,Multi-institutional forecast: January CPI year-on-year growth rate fell to 1.7% to 1.8%

5,Inner disk iron ore futures hit a new high in 23 months

6,98 companies have a pre-loss of over 1 billion A-shares, huge amount of impaired tricks

7,Promote consumption into 24 implementation stages 2019 consumption contribution to GDP is expected to exceed 80%

8,Local debts opened ahead of schedule: the size of the first month's bond issuance exceeded 400 billion.

9,The Spring Festival property market does not fight, and comprehensive efforts to promote the stable development of the property market

10.Listed brokerages fell sharply last year. Hundreds of funds have bought at the bottom.

Analysts pointed out that the current value of blue-chip stocks is favored by the market, and the increase in risk appetite is conducive to pushing up the index. At the same time, with the accelerated inflow of foreign capital and the popularization of the section of the science and technology board, the market has a high probability of having a “red envelope” after the Spring Festival.

Huatai Securities pointed out that under the favorable effect, the "spring turmoil" in 2019 was earlier than in previous years. The China Merchants Securities Strategy Team said that with the warming of policies and liquidity, the market rebound is expected to continue. The CITIC Securities Strategy Team also believes that the rebound in February is expected to continue due to improved risk appetite and liquidity.

Haitong Securities Chief MacroAnalystJiang Chao said that the current A-share valuation is at a historically low level and is also at a relatively low level in the world. With the gradual landing of larger tax reductions and fee reductions and the active release of financial risks, A-shares are expected to usher in the spring.

Dongxing Securities said that due to the wrong period of the Spring Festival, consumption and investment data moved forward. This means that consumer stocks still have a good selling time after the holiday with the year-on-year high growth of monthly data. The investment data is accompanied by policy blessings, and in February it is expected to become an excellent window for the whole year.

Great Wall Securities further pointed out that the previous marketPerformanceIt is expected to be more pessimistic. It is a good thing to focus on the “detonation” after the medium and long term. Looking back, the market’s fundamental concerns are lack of relevant data verification; the central bank’s willingness to protect funds is strong, and wide credit and support for real economic policies are expected. Continuation; relevant rules of the science and technology board have been released intensively, and will surely set off a wave of investment boom; at the overseas level, the Fed further releases the dovish signal for domesticcurrencyThe policy frees up more space.

Minsheng Securities stressed that since the rebound at the beginning of the year, the overall weighted stocks performed better than the growth stocks. The market is rotating faster. Under the background of rising foreign capital inflow expectations and rising market risk appetite, heavyweights and growth stocks are expected to perform well in February. As the company is expected to set a higher investment threshold, and the company is expected to have a higher valuation, the company's valuation of A-share technology stocks is expected to have a positive impact. Growth stocks are lagging behind at the beginning of the year and have greater flexibility. It is recommended to focus on computer and electronics industry growth stocks. The automobile and home appliance industries have fallen by more than 30% in the past year, 2018Q4fundThe position shows that the allocation of funds in the two industries is not too high. Under the expectation of foreign capital inflows and stimulus policies, the heavyweights in the automobile and home appliance industries still have room to rise.

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Data Sources:Oriental Fortune ChoiceData, Galaxy Securities, deadline: 2019-02-11

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