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The same name as Xu Xiang’s name is to eat a ticket: the first half of the life, “Feng Shen”, the second half of life as a teacher?

February 11, 2019 16:35
Author: Han Lei Wang Hongchen
source: Wild horse finance

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[With Xu Xiang, the same name of the big cockroach to eat a ticket: the first half of the life of "Feng Shen" the latter half of the teacher? The first regulatory ticket for the Year of the Pig was given to Zhang Jianping, the "Super Niu San" with the same name as Xu Xiang. There are many legends about the "Chapter Heroes" on the capital rivers and lakes. At first, he relied on the maintenance of photocopiers to make a living, and even entered the stock market until all the way to "sealing the gods." He started with 50,000 yuan to catch up with the A-share bull market at the turn of the century, and the assets have grown by a hundredfold. Jianghu once rumored that he had a stock transaction amount of several tens of billion yuan in Shanghai and Shenzhen in one year, and a single stamp duty would have to pay two billion yuan. (Wild Horse Finance)

The first regulatory ticket for the Year of the Pig was given to Zhang Jianping, who is the same as Xu Xiang.

There are many legends about the "Chapter Heroes" on the capital rivers and lakes. At first, he relied on the maintenance of photocopiers to make a living, and even entered the stock market until all the way to "sealing the gods." He started with 50,000 yuan to catch up with the A-share bull market at the turn of the century, and the assets have grown by a hundredfold. Jianghu once rumored that he had a stock transaction amount of several tens of billion yuan in Shanghai and Shenzhen in one year, and a single stamp duty would have to pay two billion yuan.

After his early years, he formed a trading style of "fast forward and fast out". In recent years, after LeTV and ZTE's disappointment, he seems to have played a "protracted war." In the past, the husband and wife sang along with the rivers and lakes, and now his son after 90 is also debut...

  Amnesty is "changing the game", or want to "retreat to the second line"?

  The first time in the Year of the Pig

February 10, 2019, Haili Bio (603718.SH) releasedannouncementIt said that the company has recently received a decision on the administrative supervision measures of the CSRC.This regulatory ticket lists the names of three people: Zhang Jianping, Fang Wenyan, and Fang Deji. Fang Wenyan is the wife of Zhang Jianping, Fang Deji is the father of Zhang Jianping.

this isThe first ticket issued by the regulatory authorities after the Spring Festival. In the beginning of the year, he was taken to the forefront. Presumably, Zhang Jianping’s "super cow" mood will not be too beautiful. andJust over two months ago, he was also suspected of focusing on the trading of the city's North High-tech (600604.SH), just got a warning letter from the regulatory authorities. It can be seen that Zhang Jianping’s ability to operate in capital rivers and lakes is not too much for Xu Xiang.. He has been in the business department of Haitong Securities Shanghai Jianguo West Road, and has also appeared in Hengli Industry (000622.SZ) and Zhangjiagang Bank (002839.SZ) in recent years.Dragon and Tiger.

Thus,Some media have recently given this famous character of the bulls and rivers to the top class - the monster engine.

Not only that, Zhang Jianping, who has always been known for his low profile, has recently been quite high-profile: he could not find a real photo on the Internet. He recently became a mentor of the Tiantian Tulong Capital Practice Class. In addition, he also advertised Haley Bio twice in October and November 2018.Company AnnouncementAnnounced the "official mountain" of his son, Fang Zhangle, born in 1994.

According to the incomplete statistics of Mustang Finance, as of the end of the third quarter of 2018, Zhang Jianping is the top ten of the three A-share listed companies of LeTV (300104.SZ), Kangtai Bio (300601.SZ) and Haili Bio (603718.SH).shareholder.

  All the way to God

Zhang Jianping, who sits firmly on the "Zhejiang stock market's first ally", also has a legendary experience.

Zhang Jianping was born in 1967, and he is 51 years old this year. He just passed the age of knowing the fate.

When he graduated from Tianjin Business School, he was assigned to the Jiefang Road department store in Hangzhou, where he was engaged in sales and wholesale of home appliances. In 1992, Zhang Jianping returned to his hometown of Lin'an, Zhejiang, to make a living by repairing a copy machine.If it was not an accidental opportunity for him to get in touch with the stock market, perhaps he would rely on repairing the machine to become an "electrical king."

In 1996, in the hearts of many old investors, it was definitely a year to remember. According to media reports at the time, from April 1 to December 12, the Shanghai Composite Index rose 124%, the Shenzhen Component Index rose by 346%, and the number of stocks that rose more than five times exceeded 100.

That is, at that time, Zhang Jianping took 50,000 yuan and entered the stock market. By 1997, the funds in his account had grown to 200,000 yuan. Later, with the "small bull market" in 1999, Zhang Jianping's funds reached 5 million yuan as in the lottery. Around 2000, his funds were getting bigger and bigger, and he had a hundredfold increase compared to 50,000 yuan.

  Perhaps the money came too fast, and Zhang Jianping, who was a little "expanded", rushed into the newly launched Hong Kong Growth Enterprise Market. Unfortunately, he lost half of the contract in half a year. He has been more cautious in trading since he was "eat a slap, long one wisdom", and his operation method is mainly "fast forward and fast out".

Due to the huge amount of funds and frequent transactions, the sales department of the company has repeatedly appeared on the Dragon and Tiger List. In addition to the above-mentioned Haitong Securities Shanghai Jianguo West Road Sales Department, the most famous one he has ever had is the sales department of Soochow Securities Hushu South Road. It is said that here he created a "myth" that earned more than 100 million yuan in two stocks of Beichen Industrial (601588.SH) and China Merchants Steamship (601872.SH).

Since then, the capital circle has been circulating such a "legend": Zhang Jianping's personal assets in 2007 amounted to nearly 2 billion yuan, and the stock exchanges in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets reached 70 billion yuan.Single stamp duty will pay two billion a year. However, the myths are good or the legends are not confirmed by Zhang Jianping himself.

  LeTV ZTE, both "folding"

Often walking by the river, how can we not wet shoes. In more than 20 years of stock trading career, Zhang Jianping has also encountered several large waterloos.

In addition to "breaking" the Hong Kong Growth Enterprise Market, Zhang Jianping spent huge sums of money to buy CITIC Securities (600030.SH) in 2007. At that time, the market estimated that its losses were as high as 100 million yuan. Compared with the stock loss, Zhang Jianping’s other miss was Year 2009. At that time, a penalty notice disclosed by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange showed thatIn order to crack down on alleged short-term manipulation, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange adopted a regulatory measure restricting one-month transactions for the “Fang Wenyan” account of the business office of Wenhui Road, Hangzhou, Soochow Securities..

Fang Wenyan is the wife of Zhang Jianping.Rivers and lakes rumors, usually Zhang Jianping in the former trade, Fang Wenyan behind the support, the so-called "men and women, stocks are not tired". That is, since 2009, A shares have been turned from bears to bears, and Zhang Jianping and Fang Wenyan have gradually disappeared into the eyes of everyone.

Until 2015, LeTV.com released a quarterly report. Zhang Jianping ranked the fifth largest shareholder and the second largest tradable shareholder of LeTV with a shareholding of 12.7494 million shares and 1.52%. Subsequently, LeTV's share price began to rise, Zhang Jianping continued to reduce its holdings, and gradually withdrew from the top tenCirculating shareholder.

Profiting to leave, Xi Dapu Ben.But this time, Zhang Jianping did not make a hammer sale. He used to pull up the market in the secondary market. In 2016, he played a big direction.Additional issuanceIt invested 1.12 billion yuan and subscribed for a total of 2,488.34 million shares of LeTV with a price of 45.01 yuan/share.

Later things, I think everyone will know. With the break of Jia Yueting's capital chain, LeTV's share price has fallen. Jacobs ran to the United States, but Zhang Daxia was busy with the reduction. As of the 3rd quarter of 2018, Zhang Jianping is still the 6th largest shareholder of LeTV. Looking at LeTV, which is already close to the floor price, I don’t know what Zhang’s heart is thinking.

If there is still a trace of LeTV's defeat, the ZTE incident in 2018 will make Zhang Jianping even more injured.

Source: Dongcai choice

ZTE's (000063.SZ) 2017 annual report shows that Zhang Jianping's father-in-law (Fang Deji) and Yuemu (Li Fengying) are the top ten shareholders of the company, respectively, holding a total of 68,024,900 shares.I thought that LeTV is not reliable. ZTE should always be reliable. If you know how long it has not been settled, ZTE will be subject to US official sanctions.Suspension,Resumption of tradingAfter the ZTE share price, it ate eight outs.

In the 2018 interim report of ZTE, both Fang Deji and Li Fengying disappeared among the top ten shareholders of the company. It is conservatively estimated that Zhang Jianping’s family’s losses on ZTE will be calculated in billions.

  "Change the game" or "I want to retire"?

Although Zhang Daxia is "rich and rich", he has seen everything in the past few decades. However, the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars at a time, it is not the style of the stock god.

After "abandoning" ZTE,Zhang Jianping stared at Haley Bio, even very high-profile, and he did not hesitate to greet him twice. He should have never thought that he would eat the first regulatory ticket for the Year of the Pig..

Haley Bio is a specialized veterinary biological product manufacturer integrating R&D, production, sales and service. The main product is pig vaccine. As early as when Haili Biotech released the 2018 mid-year report, Zhang Jianping was already the fifth largest shareholder of Haili Bio, and its shareholding ratio reached 2.18%.

On October 16, 2018, Haley Bio announced that itReceived the "Simplified Equity Change Report" of the company's shareholders Zhang Jianping, Fang Wenyan, and Fang Deji, and other relevant materials.. The announcement shows that on October 15th, Zhang Jianping’s father-in-law Fang Deji increased his shareholding in the secondary market. Up to now, the three companies holding the company’s shares in total accounted for 5.0007% of the company’s total share capital, which constitutes a placard.

Haley's biological chart at the time

Although it was not the second time, the influence of Zhang Daxia in the secondary market was not blown. After the announcement of the placard, the share price of Haili Biotech rose for a while and came out with a deep deep V.

  Xiao San originally thought that Zhang Daxia had a fast-forward and quick-forward out like this. Zhang Jianping unexpectedly hit a "protracted war" and pulled his 24-year-old son out of the mountain..

On November 17, 2018, Zhang Jianping and the "Friends and Friends Group" re-listed, and a person named Fang Zhangle and Zhang Jianping formed a concerted action. The announcement shows that Fang Zhangle was born in 1994 and is the son of Zhang Jianping.

This placard was also the first time Fang Zhangle appeared in the capital market. Sky eye data shows thatFang Zhangle currently holds two non-listed companies, all located in Zhejiang.. One of them is called Hangzhou Shangji Hotel Management Co., Ltd., Fang Wenyan is the legal representative, and the other is Nanpai Pan Entertainment Co., Ltd., which is suspected to be the company established by Nanpai Sanshu, the author of Tomb Notes.

Of course, being a son's only side is a matter of time. However, before this, Zhang Jianping visited Hangzhou Lingshan Temple and became a mentor called “Eternal Dragon and Dragon Capital Capital Training Camp”.

According to an external document circulating on the Internet, Mustang Finance found thatDragon's "Dragon" refers to the leading stock.

The above picture shows the network teaching materials.

This can't help but let many investors have doubts about it. I don't know if Zhang Daxia just wants to distract himself, or is preparing for the retreat.

However, whether it is a torrent of retreat or aspirations, I think that "Da Niu San" Zhang Jianping will use his actions in the secondary market to say the answer.

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(Article source: Wild Horse Finance)

                (Editor: DF010)

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