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On the first day, I will hate when I go to work! The highest public offering is 1888 CITIC Securities 666! The opening of the 8818 financial circle is

February 11, 2019 19:30
source: China Fund News

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[I will hate when I go to work on the first day! The highest public offering is 1888 CITIC Securities 666! The 8818 financial circle opened the door is] Fund Jun inquired a bit, many fund companies are not willing to disclose, it is estimated that it is too embarrassing to say ~ generally do not want to set off the bad trend of comparison, have asked the fund to be anonymous. . .

Hello everyone, the first month of the first month

Start work

It’s not a dream to wake up on the first day after the holiday.

But the A-shares are opening!

  Shanghai indexUp 1.36% GEM rose 3.53%, the city has nearly 90 shares daily limit

In addition, there is more work to be done!

Kaigongli is a special treatment for post-holiday syndrome

Cleaning all kinds of discomfort

Whether it is a circle of friends or Weibo

fundJundu was started to work and the screen was screened.

The fund has a buddy working in the bank. In the early morning, he was red-packed in the group, opened the red envelope 800, and then went to the Mermaid to get a total of 2,500 red packets.

For this rare opportunity to fight hatred, the fund will naturally not let go of August 18fund companyOpen the red envelope to compete! The fund has been inquiring around all day to see the red envelopes sent by wealthy fund companies to employees.

  Popularize first

It is a custom of the southeast coastal areas such as Guangdong, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

"Lee is" is also called "profit", taking the meaning of good luck and good luck.

"Muscle is good" is the spoken language in Cantonese, that is, the meaning of "requesting red envelopes".

Generally, after the Spring Festival, on the day of the re-launch of the enterprise, the employee will pay the boss to the boss, and the boss will send red envelopes to the employees and their subordinates, symbolizing the start of work, a group of harmony, and business is booming.

For the majority of office workers, the year-end awards for the year-end, after the year, the benefits are the annual fun.

Today is the seventh day of the first month, and the first day after the start of the year, the start of work is to defeat the long-term inertia, and the heroic and arrogant is ready to send to work.

Public offering

The fund has inquired a bit, many fund companies are not willing to disclose, it is estimated that it is too embarrassing to say ~ generally do not want to set off the bad atmosphere of the comparison, have asked the fund to be anonymous. . .

At present, the highest public fund has issued a 1888 red envelope, which is really a flaw. It is a bank fund in Shenzhen.

The fund’s door-opening was the second highest in Shenzhen, and the DC fund sent 1688 each. It must be said that the SAR economy is good.

Shenzhen PH Fund said that there will be 1,000 normal, with the salary.

After talking about Shenzhen, let's take a look at Guangzhou.

The Guangzhou Shuangxiong family sent 800 and another 880.

  Golden Eagle FundMade 800.

In the Shanghai area, several small and medium-sized fund companies told the fund that the door-opening this year is the same as in previous years, or two hundred dollars. However, there is also a large public fundraising person who bluntly said that he did not open a door this year, but last year he opened a door for 888 yuan.

A medium-sized public fundraising market in Shanghai said that each department in its department issued a red envelope of 1,800 yuan, and the amount of red envelopes in other departments was not known.

A bank in Shanghai is a fund company: there is a red envelope, it is a red envelope, and the amount ranges from 100 to 500.

a small ShanghaiBrokerDepartment fund company: 800 yuan, has been like this for many years, is a routine

A Sino-foreign joint venture fund company in Shanghai: 350 yuan to open the red envelope

A fund company with a state-owned enterprise background in Shanghai: the leader came to the New Year, but the red envelope is not issued.

A small fund company in the background of a private enterprise in Shanghai (the beginning of the D letter): 1000 pieces, as if in previous years.

The worst thing is Beijing. According to news from Beijing colleagues, Beijing did not want to sign a fund company to disclose 800. A small public market source in Beijing told the fund that the company’s leaders had red packets in the WeChat group. Grab a dozen pieces. Most companies do not have the benefits of doing so, without this tradition and culture.

Private placement

Guangdong Ruitian Investment: Opening a door is a must, we are almost the same every year, 600, six or six Dashun.

Chairman of Guangdong Western Region Investment: issued a door opening, 1,000 yuan / person per person

Runbang Investment: Yes, the company has a profit, 888 yuan

A small private equity investment manager in South China: issued a 400 yuan red envelope, southern customs

A private placement in the South: sales staff drying friends circle, just counting down should be 1800 yuan

Shanghai, a billion-dollar private equity marketing director (starting with the J letter): sent 800 yuan per person, as in previous years.

Kang Zhuang Asset Chairman: Haha, issued a big red envelope before the holiday. Working directly after the holiday

A “civilian” private equity market in Shanghai: Yes, we also mean it.

Shanghai Yanqi Investment: Open the red envelope, everyone has it, and the boss also brought us a mask, super cute

Beijing Hanhe Capital: Of course, I opened a red envelope, mainly WeChat red envelope

Beijing Jude Investment: We are a good starter, or rely on the year-end award!冲鸭~~~

Director of Beijing GF Assets Market: Companies in the North seem to have such a small way, we have never had

A public fundraiser in Beijing has a private placement: the wood has opened the door, but the festival has issued a fee.

A private fundraising in Beijing: We didn’t necessarily send it on the first day, maybe the next day, but if it’s not sent this week, basically it’s gone.

Li Jianchun, general manager of Jiali Assets: We open the door to employees every year. If there is no leave, there will be no more. There are two benefits: one is given by the company, about four digits, and the first day comes to work; one is for individuals, about three digits. The boss must give it to everyone, and the employees will give each other, and the marriage will not be married. In fact, even if you are married, you can go to discuss, it is a color head, everyone is happy.

Jiuyou Capital: 2000, last year was a red envelope for the New Year, this year is a red envelope.

Foreign private placement

A Hong Kong-funded foreign-funded private placement in Shanghai (beginning with the beginning of the H letter): a hundred or two red envelopes are opened, meaning

Hong Kong Dongying Asset Management Market: We started working last Friday, and we received a red envelope.

General Manager of YD Futures Company: opened a morning meeting, did not open the door

Finally, in terms of brokerage, CITIC Securities 666 yuan / person

A person from a trust company revealed that after the holiday, he received a 100-yuan red envelope on the first day of work~

Finally, the fund reported to all colleagues that the readers of the Year of the Pig stocks, funds continue to rise!

(Article source: China Fund News)

                (Editor: DF075)

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