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The Spring Festival, which lacks the explosive APP, the user’s attention is dispersed.

February 11, 2019 20:03
source: First finance

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In the Spring Festival of 2019, the attention of Internet users is no longer limited to traditional giant applications such as BAT, but is divided by a variety of APPs. Online entertainment has shown a trend from monopoly to diversification.

During the holidays, reporters saw from friends and relatives around them. On the product level, the highly sought-after APP products include the glory of the king and the chicken game; WeChat,WeiboAnd other social media platforms; short video applications such as vibrato, fast hand, and volcano video;IQIYI, traditional video applications such as Tencent video; today's headlines,Interesting headlinesAnd other information applications; as well as Alipay, Taobao Tmall,Fight a lotWait.

In addition to the mainstream, B-station, Douban, beauty cameras, Himalayan and 蜻蜓FM audio applications, public comment, Meituan, Moby and other niche applications are also mentioned.

It can be seen that, on the one hand, compared with last year, the Internet entrepreneurship circle did not appear popular popular APP; on the other hand, the user's attention was divided by many types of applications, except for WeChat, the independent APP that monopolized the user's attention was almost No longer exists, which is one of the important reasons why online traffic costs are becoming more expensive today.

  The giant is still mainstream

Inevitably, the practice of attracting a wave of APPs to the surge of the Spring Festival during the Spring Festival is no exception in this year. This year, the red bag activity is more diverse than before, including WeChat grabbing red packets and Alipay.BaiduThe Spring Festival shakes and grabs red envelopes, headlines "family barrels", microblogging red packets, etc., but the total amount and scope of influence, is still the BAT lead.

On the night of New Year's Eve on February 4, Baidu, as the exclusive sponsor of the Spring Festival Evening Interactive Red Packet, issued 10 million 20.19 yuan, 1 million 88 yuan red envelopes, 10,000 small AI speakers, and 10,000 2019 yuan red envelopes in four time periods. A number of lucky red envelopes totaling 900 million yuan. Baidu official data shows that on New Year's Eve, the global audience participated in Baidu APP interactions reached 20.8 billion times, Baidu DAU peak exceeded 300 million.

According to official data of Ant Financial, from the 25th day of January 25th to the New Year's Eve, more than 450 million people participated in the Alipay Wufu activities, the number of people increased by 40% compared with last year, and the user sinking has achieved significant growth.

WeChat this year is more focused on product-level innovations such as corporate custom cover. On the specific data, during the New Year's Eve to the fifth day, the number of WeChat messages sent increased by 64.2% compared with the same period of last year, and 823 million people sent and received WeChat red packets, an increase of 7.12%. On New Year's Eve, users have the most frequent activities on WeChat, and the amount of information on single-day messages and circle of friends has reached its peak.

Secondly, in this year’s New Year’s Eve Red Army, 90 users have becomeMain forceThe army, the number of red packets received and sent, both occupy the first place, followed by two or three after 80 and 70. In addition, Beijing, Chongqing, and Chengdu are the top three cities with the highest number of red envelopes, followed by Shenzhen and Guangzhou.

In addition to the "national application" WeChat, on February 1st, Tencent Microvision went online to test the personal video red envelope. After the user updated the micro-vision, WeChat and QQ to the latest version, the video red envelope can be created through micro-vision. Microvision said that it will release 500 million yuan in cash red packets to users.

  Distracted attention

In the past years, when asked the user "what is the main game for the Spring Festival," most of them would casually speak applications such as WeChat, Alipay, and King Glory. In the Spring Festival of 2019, the second and third line applications significantly separated user traffic, and the first is the "headline" application.

This year is the second year of today's headline "Full Years of Fortune China". Users can share 1 billion activity red envelopes through card collection and red envelope rain. The similar gameplay brings similar new effects. According to official data, in 2019, the Fortune China Year event finally won the participation of hundreds of millions of users, more than 59.23 million people divided the 300 million gold card red packets, and more than 18.93 million people divided the 200 million diamond cards. Red envelopes, about 41 million people share 500 million red packets of rain. During the event, the number of user interactions changed more than 59 million times.

In addition, the bytebeats of the vibrato also developed and launched the Spring Festival theme, the New Year's greetings, the blessings and other Chinese New Year theme stickers. The user only needs to make gestures such as New Year's greetings, blessings, and Lai Chunlian. The video will automatically appear in the video, such as firecrackers, spring couplets, blessings and other Chinese New Year elements. . According to official data, the number of users of the Vibrato Spring Festival sticker has exceeded 20 million.

According to the official data of the social media platform Weibo, during the New Year's Eve and the Spring Festival Gala on February 4, the number of active users of Weibo reached 234 million, rising for three consecutive years. During the Spring Festival Evening broadcast, more than 100 million pieces of Spring Festival Evening were discussed on Weibo, and the number of netizens interacting exceeded 300 million. #春晚# The topic has a new reading volume of 8 billion, and the short video broadcast of the Spring Festival Evening on New Year's Eve is 1.69 billion.

In addition to the new effect caused by grabbing the red envelope, the user's attention is also dispersed by the application of interesting headlines, public comment, iQiyi, Tencent video, watercress and so on. An Internet user in a fourth- and fifth-tier city told the First Financial Reporter that many relatives, including family members, mainly used short video applications such as shaking and fasting, and occasionally playing the national K songs. No longer limited to Ali products such as Taobao Tmall, buyAgricultural productsWhen you use your daily necessities, you will often choose to fight more. Another person who has been observing Internet application products for a long time told the First Financial Reporter that there is no big innovative product in the application market this year, and it is generally an already existing or popular application.

Tianqi AmibafundInvestment partner Wei Wuhui analyzed the first financial reporter and said that the mobile Internet demographic dividend is definitely one of the important reasons for the shortage of explosive applications. Secondly, the mainstream racetracks such as games, e-commerce and advertising have extremely large giants. Existence, new application growth is very difficult. Moreover, many offline businesses no longer rely on independent apps, and BAT has small programs based on its own ecology.

Published by QuestMobileChina MobileThe Internet 2018 Annual Report shows that mobile traffic is more dispersed, and small programs, terminal portals, and sinking forces are constantly emerging and are being rebuilt.China MobileThe new traffic pattern of the Internet; but at the same time, the giant moat is unbreakable, and its cross-border model is producing a dimensional strike.

(Article source: First Finance)

                (Editor: DF506)

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