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Li Keqiang presided over the State Council executive meeting and decided to grant VAT discounts on rare diseases.

February 11, 2019 20:06
source: China Securities Network

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According to the Chinese government website on February 11, Li Keqiang, the premier of the State Council, presided over the State Council executive meeting on February 11th to listen to the work report of the proposed proposals of the two national conferences in 2018, and promote the improvement of the government's administrative level. To lay a solid foundation for winning the fight against poverty; deploy measures to strengthen early diagnosis and treatment of cancer and medication security, and decide to grant VAT preferential treatment for rare diseases;bankMulti-channel replenishment of capital to enhance the financial services economy and risk prevention capabilities.

The meeting pointed out that handling the recommendations of the NPC deputies and the CPPCC members' proposals is an important part of the government's performance of duties and acceptance of the people's supervision. Last year, the State Council led the way to handle 6,319 proposals and 3,863 proposals, accounting for 88.5% and 87% of the total respectively, and promoted more than 1,400 related policy measures, which promoted reform and development and improvement of people's livelihood. This year, the two national conferences will be held soon. We must continue to attach great importance to the proposal proposal, innovative methods, improve the quality of handling, carefully study and absorb opinions and suggestions, promote scientific and democratic decision-making, and do better for the people.

The meeting listened to the progress report on poverty alleviation and pointed out that all regions and departments have carried out poverty alleviation in accordance with the deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council. Last year, 13.86 million people were lifted out of poverty. This year, we must intensify efforts to promote the deep-deep poverty-stricken areas. The new central government's poverty alleviation funds are mainly used in these areas. The “13th Five-Year Plan” implements preferential arrangements for poverty-stricken areas to supplement short-board projects, strengthen poverty alleviation cooperation and set poverty alleviation, and adhere to current standards. Improve the quality of poverty alleviation and solve the problems of the “two guarantees” of the poor. During the period of hard work, the capping county and the poverty-stricken population continued to enjoy the poverty alleviation policy, and provided assistance to returning to poverty and newly emerged poor people in time to ensure that poverty reduction was more than 10 million this year.

The meeting pointed out that strengthening the prevention and treatment of major diseases such as cancer and rare diseases is related to the well-being of hundreds of millions of people. First, we must speed up the improvement of cancer diagnosis and treatment system. Adhere to prevention, promote cancer screening and early diagnosis and treatment, and strive to reduce mortality. Strengthen scientific and technological research and support the clinical research and application of new technologies for cancer diagnosis and treatment. Develop "Internet + medical care" to improve the ability of primary and secondary medical institutions to diagnose and treat. Second, we must speed up the registration and approval of new anti-cancer drugs at home and abroad to meet the urgent needs of patients. Organize experts to select new drugs that are urgently needed in the country, improve import policies, and promote the simultaneous listing of new overseas drugs in China. Unblocked temporary import channels for clinically needed anticancer drugs. We will implement measures such as price reduction for cancer drugs and medical assistance for cancer patients, and revised management measures to speed up the frequency of medical insurance drug list adjustments, and include more life-saving anticancer drugs and other drugs into medical insurance to ease the use of drugs. Third, we must protect more than 20 million patients with rare diseases. From March 1st, for the first batch of 21 rare disease drugs and 4 APIs, the value of VAT will be reduced by 3% for the import link with reference to anticancer drugs, and the domestic link may choose to calculate the VAT according to the 3% simple method.

The meeting decided to support commercial banks to replenish capital through multiple channels and further dredgecurrencyThe policy transmission mechanism, while insisting on not engaging in “big flood irrigation”, promotes financial support for private and small and micro enterprises. First, for commercial banks, improve the efficiency of approval of perpetual bonds, reduce preferred stocks,Convertible bondEqual access thresholds allow eligible banks to issue multiple capital supplements simultaneously. Second, the introductionfundLong-term investors such as an annuity participate in bank capital increase and share expansion to support commercial banksFinancial managementchildCompany investmentBank capital supplement bonds encourage foreign financial institutions to participate in bond market transactions. The meeting emphasized that commercial banks with capital supplements should improve their internal mechanisms and increase their support for private and small and micro enterprises.

(Article source: China Securities Network)

                (Editor: DF506)

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