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Shocking and washing the Shanghai stock index to stick to 3000 points 612 only the stocks looming the main force to adjust the warehouse map

March 14, 2019 01:04
Author: Wu Shan Qiaochuan Chuan

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[Concussion washes the Shanghai index to adhere to 3000 points 612 only to increase the stock looming main focus on the road map] Yesterday, the A-share market was dominated by weak shocks, and many parties were weak, but analysts generally believe that the current rising channel has not been destroyed, some stocks Continued strong growth, these consecutive stocks show the trend and intention of the bulls, is to grasp the deep evolution of the market, can focus on. Today, the "Securities Daily" market research center specializes in combing the stocks to readers.

Editor's note: Yesterday, the A-share market was dominated by weak shocks, and many parties were weak. However, analysts generally believe that the current uptrend channel has not been destroyed, and some stocks continue to rise strongly. These consecutive stocks show long positions.Main forceThe movements and intentions are the grasp of the deep evolution of the market, which can be focused on. Today, the "Securities Daily" market research center specializes in combing the stocks to readers.

Even rising stocksreal estateThree major industries

Last Friday's broad market fell 4.4%, the biggest downside in this round since the rebound, even though this Monday, TuesdayShanghai indexThere were signs of a stop-loss, rising for two consecutive days, but yesterday the bears made another effort, the Shanghai index fell 1.09%. The market continued to fluctuate at the high level, which made the market cautiously renewed. Despite this, there are still stocks in the A-share market that remain strong. According to statistics, the Securities Research Center of the Securities Daily found that the stock price of 612 stocks has risen for three consecutive days and above, becoming the main force of the bulls.

In this regard, some analysts said: near the 3,000-point integer mark, long and short confrontation is obvious, some stocks can continue to rise against the market, highlighting the market's more consistent expectations for its market outlook, such stocks are worthy of attention.

From the characteristics of 612 individual stocks, it is mainly concentrated in real estate (40.60%), national defense military (26.42%) and household appliances (25.00%). The proportion of consecutively rising stocks in the industry to the number of constituents in the industry. Both are at 25% and above. The number of consecutive rises in the early stage of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery, computer, steel, and communications accounted for a relatively low number, all below 10%. Analysts pointed out that this is in line with the trend of market hotspots in the past two days, and the main fund transfer and stock exchange path is looming.

In the real estate sector, 54 stocks have risen for three consecutive days and above, among them,Zhang Jiang Hi-Tech(33.11%),Beibei High-tech(30.12%),Nanjing Hi-Tech(21.45%),Airport stock(19.17%),Shanghai Lingang(18.06%),Royal Court International(18.02%),Tianbao Infrastructure(18.00%),Zhongdi Investment(16.72%),Real development(15.90%) andFirst opening shares(15.26%) The first consecutive increase was above 15%.

In the National Defense Military Industry Sector, 14 stocks have risen for three consecutive trading days and above.China Shipbuilding Technology(34.51%),Hangfa Technology(22.60%),Boyun new material(20.31%),AVIC Hi-Tech(19.92%) andChinese satellite(16.55%) The leading rate of increase was above 15%. In the household appliances sector, there are also 14 stocks that have risen for three consecutive trading days or more.Shield environment,Ao Jiahua,Sunrise east,Zhongke New MaterialwithSky sharesThe stocks are among the top gainers, with more than 10%.

Among the above three sectors, the real estate sector posted the highest increase yesterday, at 2.13%, ranking first in the 28 categories of Shenwan. For the real estate sector, the market opportunity,CICCRemarks: The minimalist discussion of real estate in the government work report means that the central level recognizes the current thinking and effect of urban policy control, and the subsequent local policies are expected to have greater flexibility and adjustment space, thus supporting the industry's fundamentals to bottom out. The forecast of various real estate indicators for the whole year was raised, and the market trend of the sector was still renewable. Individual stocks are optimistic about the attractive valuation and the high flexibility of the core metropolitan area.Gemdale Group,Rongsheng Development,Huafa Shares, China Merchants Real Estate andPoly Real Estate.

29 individual stocks annual reportPerformanceWith the increase of more than 200%

Judging from the performance of the above 612 individual stocks, as of yesterday, a total of 296 stocks disclosed the annual report or annual report performance report, of which 163 annual reportsNet profitRealizing year-on-year growth, the net profit of 28 individual stocks has doubled year-on-year, and Zhongke New Materials (2470.23%),Coswood(1215.37%),Mango super media(1131.57%),Jianxin shares(653.38%),Lida Optoelectronics(647.97%),Guochuang High-tech(623.14%),Weihua(509.31%),Open health(501.10%),AVIC Shanda(468.85%),Qingsong shares(322.55%),Xiantan shares(294.19%), Skyline shares (278.07%),Nantian Information(240.11%),Changbao(237.30%) andZhifei Bio(235.20%) and other 15 annual stocks reported a year-on-year increase in net profit, both exceeding 200%.

In addition, there are 138 stocks that disclose the annual report performance forecast, of which 73 are pre-history companies, accounting for more than 50%. Judging from the year-on-year increase in net profit expected from the annual report, 24 individual stocks are expected to report annual net profit growth of over 100%.International medicine,San Aifu,CITIC Guoan,Zhongguancun,North China Pharmaceutical,Baoxin Energy,St. Jitang,Luxin Ventures, AVIC Hi-Tech,Minmetals rare earth,Eastern cable,Huading shares,Huayi GroupwithJidong CementThe 14 annual reports of the individual stocks are expected to rank among the top in the year-on-year growth in net profit, both above 200%.

Under the support of excellent annual report results, the above-mentioned annual report net profit is expected to achieve 29 stocks with a year-on-year increase of over 200%. The market performance is very prominent during the year. These 29 stocks all rose more than 10% during the year, including 23 stocks. Outperformed the same period (the Shanghai Composite Index rose 21.37%), Xiantan (115.64%), CITIC Guoan (100.89%), Lida Optoelectronics (87.79%), Nantian Information (83.54%), Luxin Venture Capital (67.60%) The cumulative gains of China Aviation High Tech (63.39%), Shengjitang (52.17%) and Minmetals Rare Earth (50.30%) were all above 50%.

Among the above 29 outstanding stocks, Mango Super Media and Zhifei Biological are the two most stocks.BrokerOptimistic, in the past 30 days, the number of optimistic rating companies, such as buying or increasing holdings, is 10 or more, with 12 and 10 respectively. Mango Super Media, formerly known as Happy Shopping Co., Ltd., was established on December 28, 2005 by Hunan TV Station and Hunan Radio and Film Group. It is the first batch of e-commerce demonstration enterprises recognized by the Ministry of Commerce, and fully operates e-commerce websites and mobile shopping projects. . Through the three-screen interaction of TV, computer and mobile terminal, the company forms an integrated communication platform, publishes product information and life information, maximizes the concentration of consumers and stimulates purchase demand. It is the product of media and retail cross-border integration. For the stock,Huatai SecuritiesRepresentation: The company benefits from the industry's high prosperity and is expected to attract and retain more users with its self-made ability and independent mango ecology. Members have high growth, self-made advantage + mango ecology has been verified. Maintain an overweight rating.

Nine stocks are optimistic about the organization

In the current overall wide-ranging market environment, the performance of consecutive stocks will also be differentiated, and the overall rating of brokers provides investors with a reference for further screening of stocks with potential for continued growth.

According to statistics, among the 612 consecutive stocks, 159 stocks have been given a “buy” or “overweight” rating in the past 30 days. Among them, 55 stocks have optimistic rating figures given by institutions within 30 days. In 3 or more. Look further,New Town Holdings(20),Billion latitude lithium energy(13),璞泰来(13),Ping An Bank(13),Merchants Shekou(12), mango super media (12),Silver wheel shares(11),MegmeetNine stocks, including (11) and Zhifei Bio (10), were concentrated by the institutions. In the past 30 days, the number of optimistic ratings given by the institutions was 10 or more. In addition,Wanda Movie,Tongwei shares,Ping An,Tianshun Wind Energy,Peng Ding Holdings,Yutong Technology,Fosun Pharma,Kang Hong Pharmaceutical, Qingsong shares andHengli HydraulicThe number of rated stocks in other stocks is also relatively high, both in 7 or above.

Xincheng Holdings, which is optimistic about the organization, has an eye-catching market performance during the year, with a cumulative increase of 62.26%. For the stock, BOC International Securities said: The company has long practiced the development model of “real estate + commerce”, and has continued to grow quality standards. There are 42 Yue Plaza, with a rental and business management income of 2.12 billion. In 2019, 22 new Huayue Plaza will be opened. At the same time, the company has established a sound incentive mechanism, optimized financial structure, and smooth financing channels. Considering the company's measurable value and industry concentration, the company's earnings per share for 2019-2021 are expected to be 6.59 yuan, 8.73 yuan, 12.39 yuan, respectively, maintaining a "buy" rating.

It is worth mentioning that,Social securityfundAs a long-term fund that insists on value investment, its subsequent upside potential for holding a position may be greater. Among the above 55 stocks, 8 of them have disclosed their annual reports.Dongcheng PharmaceuticalTop ten outstanding sharesshareholderThe social security fund appeared in the figure. According to the annual report data, the National Social Security Fund 102 holds 70 million shares of the stock, which is unchanged from the previous period and is ranked as the ninth largest tradable shareholder of the stock. Ping An Securities said: In 2019, the pharmaceutical industry entered the era of collection and mining. Due to its high barriers and policy immunity, nuclides are more certain in the future. The loosening of the allocation certificate policy is expected to release the huge market that has been suppressed in the nuclear medicine industry. The investment in Yunke injection is sufficient, and the company's nuclear pharmacy network layout progress is leading. In the future, independent research and development superimposed overseas varieties will introduce rich product lines. Maintain a "strongly recommended" rating.

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(Article source: Securities Daily)

                (Editor: DF407)

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