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“Due diligence and exemption” to further implement “category assessment” to guide banks to differentiate competition

March 14, 2019 06:59
Author: Zhang Tingting Jones

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["Due diligence" to further implement "category assessment" to guide differentiated competition of banks] The reporter was informed yesterday that in order to promote the continuous improvement of small and micro enterprise financial services by bank insurance institutions and further alleviate the financing difficulties of small and micro enterprises, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission recently issued The "Notice on Further Enhancing the Quality and Efficiency of Financial Services for Small and Micro Enterprises in 2019" (hereinafter referred to as "Notice"), optimized the goal of "two increases and two controls", clearly defined the classification of banks, and guided institutional differentiation. (Shanghai Securities News)

The reporter was informed yesterday that it was promotedbankInsuranceThe institution continued to improve the financial services of small and micro enterprises and further alleviate the problem of financing difficulties for financing small and micro enterprises. The China Insurance Regulatory Commission recently issued the Notice on Further Improving the Quality and Efficiency of Financial Services for Small and Micro Enterprises in 2019 (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice"). The goal of “two increases and two controls” has been optimized, and it is clear that the bank classification will be assessed and the institutions will be guided to differentiate competition.

The Notice revolves around the actual increase of banksCreditThe guiding principle of the proportion of small and micro enterprise financing and the overall decline of financing costs for small and micro enterprises, the following objectives are proposed: credit provisioning, emphasizing loans to Pratt & Whitney small and micro enterprises (single household credit totaling 10 million yuan and below) , the same below), the year to achieve "loan growth rate is not lower than the growth rate of various loans, the number of loans is not lower than the same period last year," the "two increase" goal. Among them, five large banks are required to play the role of “head geese” in the industry, and strive to achieve an overall increase of 30% in the balance of loans for micro-enterprise enterprises.

In terms of cost management, banks are required to maintain a balance between “quantity” and “price”, consolidate the efforts to reduce profits in 2018, and continue to benefit the Pratt & Whitney small and micro enterprise loans in 2019.interest rateKeep at a reasonable level. Strictly control the use of the People's Bank of China to refinance loans or policy-based bank loans, as well as the provision of government-funded guarantee companiesinterest ratePricing.

In terms of risk management and control, under the premise that the credit risk of small and micro enterprises is generally controllable, the tolerance rate of non-performing loans of inclusive small and micro enterprises will be relaxed to no more than 3 percentage points of the loan non-performing rate.

In order to further enhance the motivation and ability of the banking insurance institutions to serve small and micro enterprises, the "Notice" also clarified the following policy requirements: urge the banks to deepen the construction of professional mechanisms. Comprehensive consideration of capital costs, operating costs, service models and guarantee methods to improve differentiated loan interest rate pricing. Through the internal funds transfer pricing concessions, reduce the weight of the evaluation indicators of profit indicators, arrange special expenses, and enhance the enthusiasm of small and micro enterprises at the grassroots level. Further implement the credit due diligence system and fault tolerance correction mechanism. The implementation of the credit due diligence and non-performing system will be implemented. For those branches where the non-performing loan ratio of small and micro enterprises does not exceed the tolerance standard, the relevant business owners may be excused from the responsibility without any violation of laws and regulations.

Optimize credit service technologies and methods. Under the premise of strengthening compliance management and risk control, the Bank will further strengthen the integration with the Internet and big data, and explore the full-process online loan model. Strengthen the development and promotion of renewal loan products, and reasonably increase the proportion of loan renewing business in small and micro enterprise loans. According to the characteristics of small and micro enterprise financing, further optimize the loan payment method andCash flowThe monitoring and analysis means, the invoice is not the only requirement for determining the use of the loan.

Further research and improve the regulatory policy. It is clear that commercial banks applying for the issuance of special financial bonds for small and micro enterprises are not predicated on the completion of the supervision and evaluation indicators for the credit supply of small and micro enterprises, and encourage commercial banks to expand the sources of credit funds to support small and micro enterprises. Study and revise the relevant regulations on capital management of commercial banks, and moderately reduce the capital occupation of inclusive small and micro enterprise loans.

In addition, the "Notice" also made specific arrangements for promoting the improvement of the credit information system and deepening the cooperation between "silver" and "banking".

(Article source: Shanghai Securities News)

                (Editor: DF407)

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