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The number of Internet insurance complaints has surged. The problem of bundled sales and automatic renewal remains.

March 14, 2019 09:11
source: Financial investment newspaper

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In recent years, purchase through the Internet channelInsuranceProducts have become the choice of more and more consumers. However, while enjoying the convenience of technology, the sales notification is insufficient and bundled.Insurance ProductsProblems such as automatic renewal without consent have also occurred frequently.

According to the data disclosed by the Banking Regulatory Commission, the number of complaints about Internet insurance consumption in 2018 was 10,531, an increase of 121.01% over the same period last year. This is also the case that Internet insurance complaints have seen a significant increase since 2017.

  Internet insurance complaints increased by 121.01% year-on-year

Statistics show that in 2018, the China Banking Regulatory Commission and its agencies received 88,454 insurance consumer complaints involving insurance companies, down 5% year-on-year. However, it is worth noting that during the same period, Internet insurance consumer complaints have increased significantly, with 10,531 related complaints, an increase of 121.01% year-on-year.

Among them, 8484 property insurance companies were involved, up 128.25% year-on-year; 2,047 personal insurance companies were involved, an increase of 95.32%. Specifically,Zhongan OnlineThe number of complaints about Internet insurance consumption topped 2,144, an increase of 70.16% year-on-year; the number of peace of mind insurance was only 1,634, an increase of 670.75%. In addition, Cathay Pacific Insurance,Tian'anThe number of complaints such as property insurance and Yi'an property insurance ranked first, and the volume of complaints increased by 435.82%, 1023.33% and 326%, respectively, which were much higher than the industry average.

Judging from the problems reflected in Internet insurance consumption complaints, it mainly includes insufficient or ambiguous sales notification, unreasonable claims, insufficient reasons for refusal, bundled sales of insurance products, and automatic renewal without consent.

This is not the first surge in Internet insurance complaints. In fact, while Internet insurance has developed rapidly, in recent years, related consumer complaints have gradually increased. Taking 2017 as an example, there were 4,303 Internet insurance complaints, an increase of 63.05% over the same period in 2016. Among them, complaints involving non-insurance companies' self-operated Internet sales platforms accounted for 88.8%, specifically involving 127 various types of online sales platforms.CtripFour large-scale Internet platforms such as Net, Alipay, WeChat and Taobao have become “hardest hit areas”.

In the first half of 2018, in terms of property insurance, Internet insurance complaints were also more prominent. The types of complaint insurance mainly focus on return shipping insurance, mobile phone broken screen insurance, flight delay insurance, account security insurance and so on.

  In some enterprises, the degree of control is not perfect.

In the eyes of the industry, the number of complaints from Internet insurance companies is generally high, which is related to the fact that the Internet policy is less expensive and the policy is large.

However, compared with the rapid expansion of the market, the standardization of Internet insurance has not been followed up in time. Judging from the situation notified by the regulatory authorities, as early as 2017, the sales notification was inadequate or ambiguous, the claims conditions were unreasonable, and the reasons for the refusal of compensation were insufficient. This became a problem reflected in the Internet insurance complaints. However, the above problems were in 2018. Year still exists. At the same time, bundled sales, automatic renewal without consent, etc. also occur from time to time.

The fierce market competition is considered to be one of the reasons for this. "In the rapid development of financial technology, some enterprises have strong impulses to pursue profits. At the same time, their own risk control ability is weak, internal control is not perfect, and the regulatory system is not perfect. The financial consumers' rights and interests are not effectively protected. "Related person pointed out.

In fact, from a realistic perspective, although insurance policies have grown rapidly, Internet insurance premiums have declined. In 2016-2018, Internet insurance premiums were 234.7 billion yuan, 183.529 billion yuan, and 109.79 billion yuan. At the same time that the cake has shrunk, from the insurance company's official website to the Internet platform, there are more and more market participants who hope to “divide”.

  Consumer tips cautiously identify relevant risks

For Internet insurance consumers, how should they better protect their rights and interests? In recent years, the Banking Insurance Regulatory Commission has repeatedly issued risk warnings on Internet insurance to help insurance consumers identify them.

Specifically, the risks that Internet insurance may have include hidden and misleading products, hidden tying of online platforms, and hidden scams of high-interest products. Among them, taking "eye-catching" products as an example, some insurance institutions are unilaterally pursuing attention and sales volume, and launching so-called "eye-catching" products. The content of the promotion is not standardized, and the content of the format on the webpage is inconsistent or incomplete. The issue of exemption clauses is not clearly stated and is suspected of misleading consumers.

In this regard, insurance consumers should pay attention when purchasing Internet insurance. First of all, insurance consumers should actively click on the insurance clause link on the website, carefully read the insurance terms and insurance instructions, and decide whether to purchase the relevant insurance products in combination with the terms and conditions. Do not be misled by the promotion of some “eye-catching” products. .

Secondly, it is recommended that insurance consumers evaluate their own insurance needs, carefully understand the important contents of insurance liability, exclusion liability and insurance benefits of the insurance products to be purchased, so as to choose to purchase insurance products that meet their own insurance protection plans and actual needs.

Finally, insurance consumers must recognize that the main function of insurance is to provide risk protection. Although some insurance products have the investment function, the essence is still insurance products, and the function is mainly guaranteed. Insurance consumers should not be convinced of the “high interest rate” propaganda of insurance products to avoid illegal fundraising scams.

(Editor: Cheng Yunan)

(Article source: Financial Investment News)

                (Editor: DF381)

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