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The government is paying for the people’s livelihood insurance

March 14, 2019 09:41
source: Public network

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The fire and the fire are ruthless, and the windstorm is over. In order to improve the way natural disasters and accidents are rescued, the original Laiwu City Government tried to improve the people’s livelihood through government purchases, people’s benefit, and people’s livelihood.InsuranceFor the residents of Laiwu District to purchase comprehensive insurance for people's livelihood, and play the role of commercial insurance in risk transfer, sharing and loss compensation.

In February 2018, the original vegetable, the Civil Affairs Bureau issued a tender.announcementIt is proposed to purchase government assistance insurance for residents of the entire jurisdiction, and the funds required shall be fully borne by the financial department.China Life InsuranceThe property insurance Laiwu Zhongzhi Company passed the bid evaluation, and finally obtained the chief underwriting qualification by virtue of its brand, strength and service advantages.

  China Life InsuranceInsurance Laiwu Branch Office

“Natural disaster personal injury insurance is to provide personal injury assistance to all the population in the administrative area (including permanent residents, rescue and relief personnel, and temporary travel to the city, tourism, migrant workers and other floating population); natural disaster family property loss insurance Residents in the administrative area (refers to the family property loss of the person who owns the residence registration or holds the residence permit or owns the property of the city or the person who has no household registration, no temporary residence permit but who actually resides in the city).China Life InsuranceLi Yang, the person in charge of the comprehensive insurance of the Laiwu Branch of the Property Insurance, told the reporter that the coverage of the insurance covers the government's rescue insurance against natural disasters, fires and explosions during hometime, gas leaks, electric shocks, etc., and the government needs emergency disposal of fires, explosions, and poisonous gases. Rescuing, crowded and trampled, major traffic accidents, etc., caused by casualties and loss of family property.

It is understood that the insurance premiums are based on the standard of 2 yuan per person per year and 2 yuan per household per year. Taking 2016 as an example, the number of permanent residents in Laiwu is 1,375,800, and the number of households is 473,900. The total annual premium is 3.99 million yuan, and the required funds are fully borne by the municipal finance.

Yan Ximin from the Xigang Community of Yanzhuang District, Laiwu District, told reporters that he went out with his family on August 24 last year, and the electrical circuit in his home caused a fire. The fire burned the electrical appliances and furniture, and the windows of the aluminum alloys were completely burned, and the property was seriously damaged.

  Yan Ximin told the story of the fire in the home. It was the timely rescue of the insurance company that allowed his family to resume normal life.

Yan Ximin worked in the coal mine base station. The original income was not high. He also supported two children in the family who went to college. The usual days were very difficult. The village leader informed him that the government assistance insurance provided by China Life Insurance had covered all residents, and he immediately reported the case to the local insurance company.

The People's Insurance Company's Laiwu Branch Branch conducted on-site investigations for the first time. Due to too many damaged items, it also opened a green channel for claims. The next day, the damaged items were checked and verified, and the company was in time with the superior company. Communicate and pay at the fastest speed. When the claimant sent the 60,000 yuan payment to Yan Ximin, Yan Ximin could not believe that he could send the indemnity to him in such a short time. He excitedly held the staff's hand and repeated "thank you" in his mouth. "Thank you".

At present, Yan Ximin has refurbished the house and the family has resumed their usual life. He sincerely thanked: "This is really a thank you to the government. I bought a comprehensive insurance for the people's livelihood before, and I got the money to renovate the house and let our family have a good year." He said that he would take the initiative to buy some insurance in the future. Proactively promote the benefits of insurance to relatives and friends.

Li Yang said that the comprehensive insurance for residents' families and people's livelihood will introduce commercial insurance into the public relief field, and in the form of government procurement services, establish a market-based disaster accident, public security case compensation compensation mechanism, and play the insurance loss compensation and auxiliary social management functions. To form a new "three-in-one" rescue mechanism for government assistance, insurance protection, and social participation, and to enhance the people's ability to defend against risks. At present, 7 of the 16 cities in Shandong have opened the insurance, and PICC P&C Shandong Branch has opened such businesses for 5 cities in Weifang, Rizhao, Binzhou, Dongying and Caixi, with a total of 6,630,300. 195,090,000 urban and rural residents provided risk protection of 1.2 billion yuan, and the amount of compensation reached 42 million yuan.

It is reported that up to now, China Life Insurance's Laiwu Zhongzhi Company has received 544 complaints from civil affairs departments and residents, and 183 cases have been filed in accordance with the conditions of underwriting, and 171 cases have been closed, with a total of 1.495 million indemnities, including 13 cases of casualties. The indemnity was 918,000 yuan; the property loss case was 158 and the indemnity was 577,000 yuan, which effectively improved the lives of the affected residents, improved the government's rescue ability, and achieved good social and economic benefits.

(Article source: Volkswagen)

                (Editor: DF398)

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