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[Video Review] Premier Li Keqiang met with Chinese and foreign journalists and answered questions

March 15, 2019 10:30
source: Xinhua Net

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[Video Review] On the morning of March 15 (Friday), after the closing of the Second Session of the 13th National People's Congress, Premier Li Keqiang met with Chinese and foreign journalists who interviewed the Second Session of the 13th National People's Congress in the Golden Hall on the third floor of the Great Hall of the People and answered the reporter. the question raised.

  Click to watch video >>Li Keqiang met with Chinese and foreign journalists

On the morning of March 15 (Friday), after the closing of the Second Session of the 13th National People's Congress, Premier Li Keqiang met with Chinese and foreign reporters at the second session of the 13th National People's Congress in the Golden Hall on the third floor of the Great Hall of the People and answered questions raised by the reporter.

  Summary of points >>

  Li Keqiang: We will not let the economy run out of reasonable range.

  Li Keqiang: insist on resisting downward pressure by stimulating market vitality

  Li Keqiang: Facing uncertain factors, leaving policy space

  Li Keqiang: April 1st will reduce the value-added tax. On May 1st, the social security rate will be lowered.

  Li Keqiang: Ensure that all industry tax burdens are only reduced

  Li Keqiang: The government will have to live a tight life.

  Li Keqiang: The problem of being old and small should cause us to pay more attention to it.

  Li Keqiang: To adjust the national income distribution structure

  Li Keqiang: Focus on the development of community care and child care services

  Li Keqiang: China and the United States are moving forward and the trend has not changed. Consultation continues. Hope for mutual benefit and win-win

  Li Keqiang: Government reform is not to give instructions to the market

  Li Keqiang: The time to license a business is reduced to 5 or even 3 days this year.

  Li Keqiang: It is unrealistic to want to artificially separate the two economies of China and the United States.

  Li Keqiang: Ensuring employment is a multi-pronged policy and allowing key populations to continue to maintain employment rates.

  Li Keqiang: Inject 50% of medication for patients with chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes into insurance

  Li Keqiang: This year, the financing cost of small and micro enterprises should be reduced by one percentage point on the basis of last year.

  Li Keqiang: Advancing China-Europe investment negotiations, wanting to make two-way investment more open

  Li Keqiang: A series of relevant regulations and documents will be introduced to enable the successful implementation of the Foreign Investment Law.

  Li Keqiang: To launch a new negative list, the scope of non-prohibition will increase.

  Li Keqiang: It is completely safe to hold the bottom line without systemic financial risks.

  Li Keqiang: Consolidating the achievements of China-Russia economic and trade scale exceeding 100 billion U.S. dollars

  Li Keqiang: There is still much room for development in the Internet economy, the sharing economy, and the platform economy.

  Li Keqiang: Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan investment can refer to, or apply mutatis mutandis, the foreign investment law just passed.

  Li Keqiang: This year, the network speeding down the fee will drop another 20%, letting 180 billion yuan to consumers.

  Li Keqiang: The topics of the China, Japan and ROK leaders’ meeting should include promoting the establishment of the China-Japan-Korea Free Trade Zone.

  Li Keqiang: Let the relevant departments pay close attention to the study of the "May 1" small holiday

The following is a record of the press conference:

[03-15 10:32:16]

  Zhang Yejun:

Dear friends, ladies and gentlemen, good morning everyone. Today, we are very honored to invite Premier Li Keqiang to meet with you and answer your questions. Have Premier Li.

[03-15 10:33:05]

  Li Keqiang:

First of all, I would like to thank the reporters and friends for their hard work for the reports of the two sessions in China. The press conference is limited, please ask questions.

[03-15 10:36:09]

  Reuters reporter:

Hello Prime Minister. Last year, China took a series of measures to relaxcurrencyConditions, China has also increased the intensity of tax cuts and reductions. This year, China indicated that it will further relax its monetary conditions, further reduce taxes and fees, and increase investment in infrastructure. May I ask whether the problems facing the Chinese economy are more serious than previously thought. If the economic slowdown continues, will China consider adopting more powerful measures? Including canceling real estate restrictions and lowering benchmarksinterest rateWait?

[03-15 10:37:02]

  Li Keqiang:

This reporter friend likes to go straight into the door, then I am also open and honest. The Chinese economy has indeed encountered new downward pressure. Now that the world economy is slowing down, during this one-month period, several major international authorities are lowering the expectations of world economic growth. China moderately lowered its target of growth rate, using a range of regulation. Not only does it link with last year's economic growth, it also shows that we will not let the economy run out of a reasonable range. It can be said that the market is sending a stable signal.

[03-15 10:39:16]

  Li Keqiang:

Last year, under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, guided by Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the whole country worked hard and struggled. In the process of promoting supply-side structural reform, it faced the rise of international trade protectionism. The background, we can achieve a 6.6% growth rate is indeed hard to come by. The total amount reached 90 trillion yuan. On this basis, this year is expected to increase by 6%-6.5%. This is a high base and a large total growth. It can be said that it is itself.

[03-15 10:42:28]

  Li Keqiang:

Of course, in the face of new downward pressure, there must be strong measures. One way is to engage in quantitative easing, super-currency, and large-scale increase in the deficit rate. The so-called "big water flood irrigation", radish is not washed, it may be effective, but it will bring sequelae, so it is not desirable. We still have to insist on resisting downward pressure by stimulating market vitality. In the past few years, we have also encountered downward pressure. What we are taking is measures to stimulate market vitality. As the market vitality is enhanced, the driving force for development will inevitably increase.

[03-15 10:43:43]

  Li Keqiang:

Now that the Chinese market has more than 100 million households, they have ignited their vitality. This power can be said to be incalculable. We still have to succumb to the government, continue to promote tax cuts and reductions, simplify politics, foster new kinetic energy, and relax the market. Admittance, create a level playing field and other measures, loosen the market, set aside for the enterprise, and solve the problem for the people. By releasing their creativity, we will be able to keep the economy running in a reasonable range and promote high quality development.

[03-15 10:46:23]

  Li Keqiang:

Of course, there are many factors that are uncertain this year. We have to have more preparations for it. We have room for policy. For example, we have increased the deficit rate by 0.2 percentage points this year, and did not exceed the so-called 3% warning line internationally. And we can also use likeDeposit reserverate,interest rateEqual-quantity or price-based tools, this is not to loosen the money, but to make the real economy more effective. No matter what new situation happens, we will be based on the current situation, taking into account the long-term, maintaining China's economic stability, and maintaining the long-term trend of the Chinese economy. This is very important. The Chinese economy will always be an important anchor for the stability of the world economy. Thank you.

[03-15 10:46:59]

  Caixin Weekly reporter:

I want to ask questions about tax cuts and fees. The Chinese government has introduced a series of measures to reduce taxes and reduce fees. Many entrepreneurs have reported that corporate taxation is still very heavy. This year the government introduced a larger tax cut and fee reduction. I would like to ask you if you think the company can get benefits? Is the finance sustainable? Thank you.

[03-15 10:49:47]

  Li Keqiang:

In recent years, we have used the carrier of the reform of the camp to increase the annual tax reduction and tax reduction of one trillion yuan to three trillion yuan. It should be said that the scale of our tax cuts is relatively large, and this year we are determined to carry out larger tax cuts and reductions. VAT and unitSocial securityThe contribution rate has dropped, and the tax reduction and fee reduction dividend is nearly 2 trillion yuan. This can be said to be a very important and crucial measure to deal with the current downward pressure on the economy.

[03-15 10:52:26]

  Li Keqiang:

This is conducive to fairness, because all types of enterprises in accordance with the rules can generally benefit from the tax reduction, and the policy efficiency is very high, and the market is directly connected to the market. On April 1st, the value-added tax will be reduced. On May 1st, the social insurance premium rate will be lowered. I think there is no other way to be more fair and effective than the way this approach brings to the business.

[03-15 10:59:31]

  Li Keqiang:

This year's larger tax cuts and fees are actually a major reform and an important choice. Previously we have repeatedly calculated that there are many options, one is to reduce the VAT rate by one percentage point every year in the next few years, but in the current situation, the company may not feel deep. Therefore, we are determined to reduce the VAT rate of the manufacturing industry, which accounts for more than 50% of the value-added tax, by 3 percentage points. Some industries, such as the construction industry, will be reduced by one percentage point, and all other industries will ensure that they will only decrease. Due to the tax system, some industries may have less deductions in the process of promotion, and tax revenues may increase. We have also made serious preparations, that is, to increase the deduction of them, to use the patching method, and for all Small and medium-sized enterprises have implemented inclusive tax cuts to ensure that tax burdens in all industries are only reduced. For the basic pension insurance unit contribution rate, we also know that it can be reduced from the original 20% to 16%.

[03-15 11:07:43]

  Li Keqiang:

Tax cuts are to be reduced, we arrange financial expenditures this year andGDPThe growth is synchronized, ensuring that the key areas of people's livelihood and the three major battles are only increasing. Then people will ask where the money comes from, the deficit is only increased by 0.2 percentage points, what can I do if I can't fill this hole? Our approach is that the government must live a tight life, not only to reduce the general public budget expenditures, but also to increase the profits of certain financial institutions and central enterprises, enter the state treasury, and recover long-term funds. Through these initiatives, we have raised 1 trillion yuan of funds. We also require local governments to tap their potential and do their homework. For the Midwest, we will give appropriate transfer payment support. Large-scale tax cuts and fee reductions are necessary to move the government’s stock interests and cut their own meat. So I said that this is a reform in which the blade is inward and the strong man is broken.

[03-15 11:13:49]

  Li Keqiang:

Just now the reporter asked, is this financially sustainable? This is also a serious calculation of our post. We are paying a significant tax cut to the basic industries such as the manufacturing industry and the largest SMEs that drive employment. This is actually “watering fish and raising fish” and cultivating financial resources. In the process of the reform and expansion of the past few years, we first reduced the fiscal revenue, but then the tax base expanded.RevenueIt has grown. Looking now, we have to adjust the national income distribution structure, which is also a reform. From the trend point of view, the real economy should be given to the enterprise, and the proportion of the national income distribution cake should be larger, so that it can drive employment more and increase the income of the employed population. To this end, the government will have to live a tight life, it is necessary to make profits, the government’s stock interests will also be moved, and the offenders will have to move, so that they will benefit the enterprise and benefit the people, so that the finances will be more sustainable. Question mark. We do this, not to say that in the future, it is precisely to cultivate the future.

[03-15 11:14:03]

  Li Keqiang:

It can be said that the real money has been prepared, and the relevant departments and governments at all levels must implement it. It must not let the policy be white, and it is not allowed to change the pattern to charge the impact of tax reduction and fee reduction, or to let enterprises, Let the market participants really feel the real effect of large-scale tax reduction and fee reduction. Thank you.

[03-15 11:15:29]

  Korea East Asia Daily reporter:

After the meeting between the DPRK and the DPRK leaders in Hanoi, the outside world believes that North Korea may be preparing to resume rocket launching. The next step in the development of the Korean Peninsula is still uncertain. How does China see this? The second question is: What kind of constructive role does China play as a neighboring state that maintains strategic communication with North Korea and high-level exchanges, in order to persuade peace and promote talks and resolve differences between the DPRK and the United States? Thank you.

[03-15 11:15:52]

  Li Keqiang:

The peninsula problem can be said to be complicated and long-standing, and it cannot be solved overnight. For some time, everyone has paid more attention to the meeting between the DPRK and the US leaders in Hanoi. After the meeting, both sides indicated that they would continue to contact. So I think that contact is better than no contact. We still have to be patient and seize the opportunities, especially the positive factors that have emerged at the moment, to promote dialogue, especially the dialogue between the DPRK and the United States, and to achieve the results that everyone hopes to achieve. China has always adhered to the denuclearization of the peninsula and hopes to maintain peace and stability on the peninsula. This position has never changed. Solving the problem of the peninsula is not only beneficial to the North and South, but also to the region and the world. Thank you.

[03-15 11:16:23]

  China News Agency, China News Network reporter:

We have noticed that the Chinese government has been working hard to improve people's livelihood in recent years, but there will be some complaints in the field of people's livelihood. A well-off society will be built in the next year. In addition to poverty alleviation, what real expectations can we have in the people's livelihood? How is the government considering the issue of people's livelihood?

[03-15 11:17:42]

  Li Keqiang:

The question you ask is very big, because people's livelihood is a big thing in itself, and there are many things to do. We must continually improve people's livelihood in the process of economic development, and grasp some key and difficult issues of people's livelihood, and do it one by one. Now big data shows that the problem of "one old and one small" is that it is difficult to provide old-age services and child care services. This really should cause us to pay more attention.

[03-15 11:27:49]

  Li Keqiang:

Now China's aging population, if over 60 years old, nearly 250 million people, 170 million people over 65 years old, hundreds of millions of children under 6 years old, their service problems involve most families, but our services in this regard Supply is insufficient. After the full implementation of the two-child policy, the childcare difficulties are more prominent. The services that the old-age care institutions can provide now have only three beds per 100 people. In some big city statistics, it may not be until the age of 90 to wait until the old bed. What I mean by this sentence is that now, even if we continue to increase the development of old-age institutions and multi-purpose kindergartens, we can't keep up with the speed of demand growth. How to do? I went to some places.ResearchIt has been found that there is already a good experience, that is, to focus on the development of community care and child care services, so that it can be accessible and fair, as long as it is safe and reliable, everyone is welcome. Therefore, I think we still need to innovate mechanisms to meet the needs of the masses, give play to the role of social forces, and increase government support. For example, providing public rental housing for those who are engaged in food assistance, day care, rehabilitation, old-age universities, etc., can also be used free of charge, and can also provide water and electricity fee reductions, which can be tax-free and tax-free, because they actually help The government works together to solve the hardships of the people. Community workers and relevant government departments must ensure fair access and put the main force on fair supervision to ensure that these services are safe and reliable. Those who violate the rules must resolutely evict the market and let the elderly, children and families rest assured. Peace of mind. Older people can live in their old age, children have a happy childhood, then there are thousands of families happy and happy families, but also young people or young people have more energy to work and start businesses. Of course, there are still many problems in people's livelihood. We will seize the key points and try our best to solve them with all our strength and effort. Thank you.

[03-15 11:32:00]

  Bloomberg News Agency reporter:

Most of the reports on Sino-US relations in the past few months have focused on trade, and whether China and the United States can reach relevant agreements or focus on technology issues. The United States warned other countries not to use Chinese telecommunications equipment because it could be used to monitor it. It seems that since the establishment of diplomatic ties 40 years ago, the suspicions and competition in the relations between the two countries are now more serious than ever. Mr. Prime Minister, I would like to ask your question. How do you view the current Sino-US relations? What is your opinion on the future direction of Sino-US relations? Can you briefly talk about some specific conflict points facing China and the United States? For example, trade issues, what kind of trade agreement can be accepted by the Chinese, what kind of unacceptable? On technical issues, will the Chinese government force Chinese companies to help them monitor other countries?

[03-15 11:32:14]

  Li Keqiang:

You have a lot of descriptions of the background and questions raised. You have made an induction yourself. What is the relationship between China and the United States now? How do you go in the future?

[03-15 11:32:27]

  Li Keqiang:

I believe that since the establishment of diplomatic ties 40 years ago, the relations between the two countries can be said to have been moving forward and have achieved fruitful results. In this process, the twists and turns are constantly changing, but the trend of moving forward has not changed. Because China and the United States share a wide range of common interests, our common interests are far greater than differences. Maintaining a stable bilateral relationship between China and the United States will benefit not only the two sides but also the world. I believe that the general trend of moving forward in twists and turns and continuing to move forward will not and should not be changed.

[03-15 11:32:40]

  Li Keqiang:

Of course, while Sino-US relations remain generally stable, some contradictions and disputes are often prominently manifested. For some time, the performance of China-US trade friction has been more prominent, but the Sino-US consultations have not stopped. During the summit of the G20 leaders last year, the two heads of state reached important consensus, and the consultations between the two sides are still going on. We hope that the consultation will be fruitful and will achieve mutual benefit and win-win. I believe that this is also the expectation of the world.

[03-15 11:35:23]

  Li Keqiang:

As the two major economies, China and the United States have been developing and cooperating for decades. It can be said that you have me and I have you. I want to artificially separate these two economies. It is unrealistic. impossible. We should still promote the development of Sino-US relations, including the development of economic and trade relations, in the principle of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit, so that the two peoples can benefit from it. With regard to contradictions and differences, we believe that the Chinese and American peoples are wise and capable of resolving and controlling, and to promote the stability of China-US relations in line with world trends and to develop in a healthy direction. Thank you.

[03-15 11:36:15]

  Xinhua News Agency reporter:

Hello Prime Minister. 2018 is the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening up, and it is proposed that reforms must start again. Now there are many new expectations for China to accelerate reforms at home and abroad. May I ask the Prime Minister what specific actions will be taken in this year's reform? What new initiatives will be taken to optimize the business environment? Thank you.

[03-15 11:37:04]

  Li Keqiang:

Over the past 40 years of reform and opening up, China has made tremendous achievements in development and benefited hundreds of millions of Chinese people. We will continue on this road, and we should go deeper and wider. In other words, we must continue to promote the building of a socialist market economy and continue to adhere to the direction of market-oriented reform. The government must persist in advancing the reform of marketization and rule of law, and let the reform results continue to emerge with practical actions and specific measures.

[03-15 11:41:34]

  Li Keqiang:

The government's reform should be better to let the market play a decisive role in allocating resources. That is to say, to make a fuss around the market, it is not to give the market instructions, let the market do anything, but to inspire the vitality of the market. When I was attending the two sessions this time, many deputies and committee members proposed to continue to optimize the business environment, give the company a good business environment and a fair business environment, and the market will exert its own strength. It should be said that in the past few years, through the reform of “distribution management”, the optimization of the business environment has achieved results. Last year, relevant international organizations raised the ranking of China's business environment by more than 30. However, there are also voices in the community, and the business environment has not improved enough, and there is still a big gap. We must listen to this call and further improve the business environment. The business environment is good, and the vitality of the market and the creativity of the society will be released more.

[03-15 11:45:39]

  Li Keqiang:

To improve the business environment, we must still pay attention to both. Putting it on is to be equal, not to engage in three or six. We reduce the approval process and the time for issuing licenses. It should be said that the principle is the same for all types of enterprises. Now, the time for starting a business license has been reduced from 22 days to 8.5 days after several years of hard work. This year, we will strive to drop to 5 days, and some places can be reduced to 3 days. Currently, some developed countries only have one day. I went to the grassroots to investigate, and many companies reported that they still need a lot of certificates after getting a business license. This is the so-called access permit. We must take measures, in addition to public safety and special industries, we should be able to operate normally after obtaining a business license. The government's supervisory department can strengthen the post-event supervision. In this process, the company's behavior is discriminated and discerned. If it is required to issue a certificate, if it does not meet the qualification requirements, the market will be expelled from the market.

[03-15 11:48:37]

  Li Keqiang:

Widening is strictly controlled. Fair access, fair supervision, this is the two wings of the bird, can not be neglected. If our supervision is not in place, those who are deceiving, infringing on intellectual property rights, counterfeiting, and malicious arrears may be willing to do so. I heard that some CPPCC members at the two sessions reflected that they encountered difficulties in filing a lawsuit and debt collection. The government's supervision was not in place. Supervision must make the rules transparent and let the regulated person know what to do and what not to do. Supervision can not engage in selective supervision and arbitrary supervision. It is necessary to form an effective institutional arrangement combining the release and management.

[03-15 11:52:11]

  Li Keqiang:

When it comes to government rules, supervision must be fair and personal privacy should be protected. This makes me think that the Bloomberg reporter just asked a series of questions, one of which I have to answer you clearly. Do you say that the Chinese government has asked its own companies to monitor the information of other countries? I don’t know whether it is to monitor the government or the individual citizens. Anyway, there is one. This is not in line with Chinese laws, nor is it a way for China to act. There will be, and there will never be in the future.

[03-15 11:52:30]

  Li Keqiang:

I went back to the Xinhua News Agency reporter’s question about the business environment. I can say that tax cuts and reductions, simple administration, and fair supervision are two important key measures for us to cope with the downward pressure on the economy and stimulate the vitality of the market. The purpose is to make the Chinese economy stable and far-reaching. Thank you.

[03-15 11:53:27]

  Dongsen News Cloud Reporter:

What I want to ask is that at the beginning of this year, General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech at the 40th anniversary of the "Taiwan Compatriots" has caused widespread concern on both sides. The outside world is very concerned about how the mainland will implement and implement this year, for example, to promote cross-strait common development and the welfare of people on both sides of the strait. Thank you.

[03-15 11:56:49]

  Li Keqiang:

At the beginning of this year, General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech at the commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the publication of the Taiwan Compatriots book expounded our major political principles and principled positions on the Taiwan issue. We will continue to adhere to the one-China principle and the "92 Consensus", oppose "Taiwan independence", promote the peaceful and stable development of cross-strait relations, and promote the peaceful reunification of the motherland.

[03-15 11:57:20]

  Li Keqiang:

The compatriots on both sides of the strait are in the same root. We are willing to introduce more preferential policies so that Taiwan compatriots can enjoy the same treatment as mainland compatriots, regardless of whether they are investing in employment, employment, or living and living. We have already promulgated the "31 measures" to promote cross-strait economic and cultural exchanges and cooperation. The problem now is to put this "31 measures" in place in a down-to-earth manner, and in the process, there should be new initiatives. Because compatriots on both sides of the strait share development opportunities, the closer they get closer, the better the development of cross-strait relations will be. We all hope to share the dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Thank you.

[03-15 11:57:34]

  People's Daily reporter:

Hello Prime Minister. Since last year, some enterprises have experienced layoffs, and some domestic and foreign-funded enterprises have begun to move overseas. At the same time, some companies have reported that it is difficult for them to recruit some suitable skilled workers. So I would like to ask the Prime Minister, what policy measures will you take to promote the resolution of these problems? Thank you.

[03-15 12:01:37]

  Li Keqiang:

It seems that you really feel that employment is a problem. In the process of China's modernization, employment will always be a huge pressure. We increase the number of urban employed laborers by more than 15 million a year, which will not be reduced in the next few years, and we will also provide opportunities for millions of new migrant workers to work. This year we decided to ensure that the number of new urban jobs is over 11 million. In fact, we hope to achieve the actual scale of last year, that is, more than 13 million people. Therefore, we have prioritized the employment priority policy with fiscal policy and monetary policy for the first time. Whether it is tax reduction or lowering the actual interest rate, fiscal and monetary policies are largely carried out around employment. With employment, there will be income, and there will be the creation of social wealth.

[03-15 12:05:00]

  Li Keqiang:

We say that keeping the economy running in a reasonable range, first of all, to ensure employment, not allowing the economy to slip out of a reasonable period, is to prevent the emergence of unemployment. We must take more measures and continue to protect their employment for some key groups, such as college graduates, re-transfer soldiers, and transferred employees. This year's college graduates reached 8.34 million, more than last year, a record high. We also want to ensure that there are no zero-employment families, and that there are policy support for those companies that have more labor. We also need to promote innovation and entrepreneurship, and use the public entrepreneurship and innovation platform to provide more jobs. Good employment is an important manifestation of the economy itself.

[03-15 12:13:44]

  Li Keqiang:

The government work report mainly focuses on ensuring new employment in urban areas. Here I would like to emphasize the employment of migrant workers. There are now more than 280 million migrant workers in China, and they are growing in millions each year. They are in many industrial industriesMain forceThe army, the majority of farmers' income comes from the income of migrant workers. Behind the migrant workers can be said that there are countless families expecting. Speaking of this, I think of two years ago to go to the construction hub of a medium-sized city in northeast China to inspect, there is an impression that has been lingering. In the cold weather, migrant workers are under construction. One of the migrant workers is almost the same size as my age. I talked to him. He hoped that one would work overtime and make more money. I said why? He said that one of his children was admitted to a key university. He wants to earn money to make the child feel at ease and learn well. I saw his expectations of the next generation and the future from his eyes.

[03-15 12:13:55]

  Li Keqiang:

Our Chinese nation has been endless for thousands of years. This has changed so much in the past 40 years, and education has indeed played a huge supporting role. Therefore, we must treat migrant workers well, not only to provide them with opportunities to work, but also to protect their due income. From time to time, the problem of wage arrears of migrant workers is happening. We must establish laws and regulations, resolutely crack down on those acts of malicious arrears, ensure that migrant workers have opportunities to work, and that their legitimate rights and interests are guaranteed. It is hoped that behind them are countless families. Thank you.

[03-15 12:16:06]

  Spanish Effie reporter:

Do you think that the trade friction between China and the United States will have an adverse impact on the development of China-EU relations? How do you see this year's China-EU relationship?

[03-15 12:16:25]

  Li Keqiang:

Sino-US trade friction is a bilateral matter between China and the United States. We will not use third parties, nor will we harm third parties. China and the EU, one is the world's largest developing country, and the other is the world's largest alliance of developed countries. It can be said that China and the EU are both important poles of multipolarization in the world. The development of China-EU relations is not only beneficial to Central Europe but also to the world.

[03-15 12:16:46]

  Li Keqiang:

Of course, China and the EU are each other's largest trading partners. We have cooperation and friction. We have both past and present. However, we have accumulated experience in dissolving differences and frictions for a long time. I think these experiences should continue to be used. It is very important that China and Europe should enhance mutual trust. Now that we are advancing China-Europe investment negotiations, we are actually trying to make two-way investment more open, so that both sides will benefit, of course, to benefit fairly. I feel that both sides should treat each other with an open mind and properly resolve their differences in cooperation so that China-EU relations can move forward steadily. Next month, I will go to the EU headquarters and EU leaders to hold a new round of China-EU leaders' meeting. I hope that through this meeting, both sides will view China-EU relations from a strategic and long-term perspective, and use the attitude of mutual respect, mutual understanding and cooperation to promote the healthy and stable development of China-EU relations. Thank you.

[03-15 12:25:34]

  CCTV General Station CCTV reporter:

Hello Prime Minister. Before you mentioned, there are still many things to be done in the field of people's livelihood, so I want to raise a question about medical treatment. We have noticed that the problem of people who are ugly and expensive in medical treatment and not enjoying quality medical resources is still outstanding. of. Especially those patients who have been seriously ill have a heavy burden on their families. May I ask the Prime Minister, what effective measures does the government have to solve these problems? Thank you.

[03-15 12:25:45]

  Li Keqiang:

Seeing a doctor is indeed an important issue of people's livelihood, especially the serious illness is the pain point of people's livelihood. The problem of expensive medical treatment is really a problem in our country. Over the past few years, through our efforts, we have not only established a system to provide basic medical security to the whole people, but on this basis, the government and residents share the burden of purchasing major illness insurance and establishing a mechanism for major illness insurance, which can alleviate the major illness patients. In particular, an important measure of the burden of the people in difficulty should also be a pioneering undertaking in the world.

[03-15 12:26:03]

  Li Keqiang:

Last year, we heard a lot of calls about anti-cancer drugs. We reduced the price of 17 kinds of anticancer drugs by more than 50% through tax cuts and other methods, and included them in medical insurance, which greatly reduced the burden on cancer patients, especially those in need. . What we can do in this regard should be done. This year we have to do two things in this area, and we must do our best. First, the outpatients of patients with chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes are included in medical insurance, and 50% of them are reimbursed, which will benefit 400 million high blood pressure and diabetes patients in China. I went to the grassroots to investigate. Some people told me that they had such chronic diseases. They couldn't take medicine every day. The burden was very heavy. Some people used a lot of pensions to buy medicines. We must work hard to solve this problem.

[03-15 12:26:13]

  Li Keqiang

The second is to increase the deductible line of major illness insurance and improve the reimbursement standards for major illness insurance. Nearly 1.4 billion people have entered the big illness insurance now, so that more people and tens of millions of people can directly benefit, because our big illness insurance has a multiple effect. We must see that although our medical insurance covers all the people, the level is not high, especially the per capita annual income of farmers is less than 15,000 yuan. It is very difficult to meet the big illness on their own. Therefore, the government and the society must work together to alleviate the pain of this people's livelihood. Without health, there is no happiness. Thank you.

[03-15 12:26:59]

  Asian News Channel reporter:

Hello Prime Minister. Since last year, the Chinese government has repeatedly stated that China will be more and more open. However, some commentators believe that the Chinese side "has not benefited from the truth" and lacks practical action. Today, the Foreign Investment Law has been passed by the National People's Congress. Some public opinions have expressed concern or doubt. They believe that the special acceleration of this law is mostly a response to US pressure, and the ambiguity of some legal provisions has also given the Chinese government flexibility. Space reduces the expectations of investors for actual effectiveness. May I ask Premier Li, what is your response? What specific and implementable policies will the Chinese government introduce? Thank you.

[03-15 12:39:03]

  Li Keqiang:

Opening to the outside world is China's basic national policy, which benefits the Chinese people and benefits the world. Why are we not happy? The open measures are said to go out, of course, to be honored. Like last year, some of our major underlying industries opened up the share ratio of foreign investment, and many major projects have landed. We used foreign capital last year and still remain the most in the developing world. China will continue to listen to opinions from all quarters and continue to maintain the temperature of opening up to the outside world.

[03-15 12:39:27]

  Li Keqiang:

The Second Session of the 13th National People's Congress, which was just closed, passed the Foreign Investment Law. This law is to use legal means to better protect foreign investment and attract foreign investment. This law can also be said to regulate government behavior, the government must be administered according to law, and the government should introduce a series of regulations and documents in accordance with the spirit of this law to protect foreign rights and interests, such as how the information complaint mechanism is open, transparent and effective. This is a very important thing for us to do next. We will introduce a series of relevant regulations and documents to enable the successful implementation of the Foreign Investment Law.

[03-15 12:39:54]

  Li Keqiang:

We need to implement a pre-entry national treatment and negative list system, and we must introduce a new negative list. This new negative list will be subtracted, and will be gradually reduced in the future, which means that the scope of non-prohibition will be larger and larger. It is also necessary to strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights. It will amend the Intellectual Property Law and introduce a punitive damages mechanism for infringements. It will be found that they must be dealt with together, and there is nowhere to be done in violation of intellectual property rights. Of course, we also hope that foreign governments will treat the voluntary cooperation between Chinese companies and foreign companies fairly. In short, we will continue to push and continue to push forward this year's opening up. I have said many times that China's opening up measures are often not launched in a package, and every year or even every quarter is coming out, but in retrospect, accumulation will bring about tremendous changes that cannot be imagined. Thank you.

[03-15 12:40:06]

  Guangming Daily All-Media Reporter:

Hello Prime Minister. Since last year, the central bank has lowered the standard several times, reducing the cost of financial institutions, but the company still reflects the difficulty of financing financing, and the policy benefits are invisible. What measures will the government take to promote the financial services economy? Thank you.

[03-15 12:44:11]

  Li Keqiang:

Serving the real economy, this is the vocation of finance, but we do face the problem of the real economy, especially the private economy and the financing of small and micro enterprises. Last year, we adopted a series of measures to curb the rising tide of financing difficulties. We have lowered the standard four times, and the purpose is to promote these by reducing the cost of the financial institutions themselves.Cash flowTo the private economy and small and micro enterprises. This year, we must seize the problem of financing and financing, which is a "card neck" that restricts economic development and market vitality. We will take multiple measures and make multiple measures to reduce the financing cost of small and micro enterprises by another 1 percentage point on the basis of last year.

[03-15 12:47:42]

  Li Keqiang:

Our openness to the outside world is an independent choice, and we must introduce the principle of competitive neutrality, that is, treat all foreign-funded enterprises equally. Similarly, all kinds of ownership enterprises in China should be treated equally. Now on the issue of loans, it is indeed necessary to remove some obstacles, guide financial institutions to improve their internal management mechanisms, and run private enterprises and small and micro enterprises to reduce their financing costs and reduce unreasonable expenses. Small and small, the economy is alive, and there are many jobs.

[03-15 12:47:56]

  Li Keqiang:

Of course, we also always pay attention to preventing financial risks. For those "zombie" enterprises that do not have the conditions for survival, they will not be given new loans, so-called financial actions against violations of laws and regulations, the suppression of the suppression, the blow of the blow. We can completely maintain the bottom line of not experiencing systemic financial risks. Strengthening financial services and preventing financial risks are mutually reinforcing. Thank you.

[03-15 12:51:11]

  Russian News Agency Tass Agency reporter:

Hello Premier Li, this year marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Russia and is a milestone in the history of the development of bilateral relations. Last year, the bilateral trade volume between China and Russia exceeded 100 billion U.S. dollars for the first time. What new breakthroughs do you think China-Russia relations and economic and trade cooperation will have this year? Thank you.

[03-15 12:51:24]

  Li Keqiang:

China and Russia are each other's largest neighbors. Maintaining a good and stable relationship between China and Russia is not only beneficial to both sides, but also beneficial to the region and the world. This year marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Russia. Over the past 70 years, Sino-Russian relations have gone through an extraordinary road. It can now be said to be of a high level. Our political mutual trust is constantly increasing, and humanities exchanges are deepening. Especially, as you mentioned earlier, last year, in the case of the decline of world trade, the trade volume between China and Russia exceeded 100 billion US dollars. This can be said to be a new one. symbols of. This in itself shows that there is great potential for cooperation between us. Next, we can expand the field. We can either grasp big or small, grasp big projects, trade in bulk commodities, and promote small-micro enterprises, including cross-border e-commerce cooperation. It is possible to cooperate with the aerospace industry, or to promote local exchanges with local people. It is to use the 18 martial arts that can be used to consolidate the achievements of China-Russia economic and trade scales exceeding 100 billion U.S. dollars. The goal is moving forward. Thank you.

[03-15 12:57:39]

  澎湃News reporter:

Hello Prime Minister. You have been emphasizing the need to vigorously develop "Internet +" and develop a shared economy, but a series of negative events occurred last year. What do you think about this? What new steps does the government take to regulate the development of the shared economy? Thank you.

[03-15 12:57:51]

  Li Keqiang:

"Internet +", sharing economy, can also be said to be a platform economy. As a new thing, like any new thing, it always has advantages and disadvantages in its development. But in general, it has driven employment, facilitated the masses, and promoted the development of related industries. Like e-commerce, express delivery, mobile payment, etc., everyone has feelings, everyone doing things, gathering people to gather power, everyone sharing.

[03-15 12:58:05]

  Li Keqiang:

For this new format and new model, it cannot be simple and arbitrary, or it can be ignored or managed. Therefore, we have been adopting the principle of inclusiveness in the past few years. Tolerance is a new thing. We know far less than the unknown, let it develop, and correct the problems that arise in development. The so-called prudential supervision is to draw a safe bottom line, and it is also not allowed to use the "Internet +" and the sharing of economic signs to engage in swindling. It is necessary to provide entrepreneurs with a space to grow and give the company an environment to develop new kinetic energy. In this process, we need fair access and fair supervision. In the process of promoting market forces, new things depend on the market itself. In order to survive the inferior market, the government must also conduct fair and impartial supervision. Pleasure and trouble are always accompanied by growth. What we have to do is to guide them to grow up healthily.

[03-15 13:01:50]

  Li Keqiang:

In fact, there is still much room for development in the Internet economy, the sharing economy, and the platform economy. E-commerce, express delivery to industrial products to the countryside, agricultural products into the city, can further play a role in invigorating circulation. In the industrial sector, the promotion of the industrial Internet can drive those idle resources and promote technological innovation. In the social field, the use of land is even greater, such as "Internet + medical health", "+ old-age support for children", "+ education", can link many aspects, especially in remote areas, rural people, families, children Through the Internet, you can enjoy quality schools, hospitals, excellent teachers and doctors' resources to help them solve practical problems. There are many examples in this regard. I have seen many examples of "Internet + medical diagnosis" and "+ education", which itself is also releasing the vitality of the market and the creativity of society. Thank you.

[03-15 13:05:22]

  Hong Kong Phoenix Satellite TV reporter:

My question is about foreign investment law, but the angle is not the same. Because we are particularly concerned that the foreign investment law does not involve Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan investment, I think this will make Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan people do not understand much. In addition, I have listened carefully to your statement about opening up to the outside world. There is no mention of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Does this mean that the central government will have some adjustments to the investment policy of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan? Thank you.

[03-15 13:06:01]

  Li Keqiang:

Hong Kong and Macao are special administrative regions of the People's Republic of China. Both sides of the strait belong to the same China. We have always attached great importance to the investment of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. The investment from Hong Kong, Macao and the Mainland accounts for 70% of our overseas investment. Can we pay attention to it? We will further play the role of Hong Kong and Macao as a separate customs territory and free port. I also said to the Taiwan reporters just now that we will create preferential conditions for Taiwan compatriots to invest in the mainland.

[03-15 13:06:18]

  Li Keqiang:

I want to make it clear here that Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan investment can refer to, or apply to, the foreign investment law just passed, and some institutional arrangements and practical practices that we have been effective for a long time will continue to be used, not only will not affect, but will also benefit Attracting investment from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. In the process of formulating relevant laws or relevant policy documents, the State Council will listen carefully to the opinions of compatriots from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and effectively protect their legitimate rights and interests. We also welcome more Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan investment. Thank you.

[03-15 13:06:39]

  Zhang Yejun:

Time flies very quickly, and the time for the press conference is almost the same. I see if the Prime Minister is asked to answer the last two questions.

[03-15 13:14:04]

  China Daily reporter:

Hello Prime Minister. We have noticed that since last year, the growth rate of domestic consumption has continued to decline. It can be said that domestic demand is sluggish, but at the same time we also see that hundreds of millions of Chinese have gone abroad to spend overseas. May I ask the Prime Minister, what measures will the government introduce to further boost domestic consumption? Thank you.

[03-15 13:14:16]

  Li Keqiang:

Indeed, for some time, China’s consumption has shown a slowdown in growth. Consumption and people's livelihood can be said to be two sides of a coin, we need a reasonable investment scale and consumption growth. Of course, consumption needs to have income support, but at the same time, we must also see that there are still many blocking points and obstacles in our consumption, which should be solved. This is conducive to consumption and is also conducive to improving people's livelihood.

[03-15 13:14:25]

  Li Keqiang:

For example, in recent years, road transport and travel have been increasing. The government work report proposes that the provincial toll highway toll stations should be basically cancelled within two years. Everyone agrees. This will help solve the congestion problem and also help the development of related industries. We must ensure that this goal is completed, and we ask the relevant departments to strive to achieve it in advance.

[03-15 13:14:37]

  Li Keqiang:

For example, the speed of the network has been reduced, and we have been advancing continuously in recent years, which is beneficial to consumers and to the development of the industry. This year, we will reduce the fee by 20% on the basis of the past. I let the relevant parties estimate that they are expected to give 180 billion to consumers. They are also required to be able to carry the number to the network, so that they can be forced to clean up those unclear packages, so that our enterprises can improve their services and promote the upgrading of the industry itself.

[03-15 13:14:46]

  Li Keqiang:

For another example, we will reduce the general industrial and commercial electricity price by 10% this year. This will not only benefit industrial enterprises, but also commercial enterprises. At present, there are tens of millions of e-commerce companies and more than 600 million consumer users. E-commerce is open 24 hours a day. I have seen it. They say that the cost of computer power consumption is not small. Lowering the price of electricity can give benefits to consumers. Promoting industrial development is a multi-pronged thing. In fact, there are still many institutional blocking points in consumption that should be eliminated, or reduced, which can stimulate the potential of consumption, the vitality of the market, and the creativity of society. We must have a living in the eyes of the relevant parties, to understand people and to do things. Thank you.

[03-15 13:16:00]

  Nihon Keizai Shimbun reporter:

Hello, Premier Li Keqiang. We know that China is the chairman of the China-Japan-ROK Leaders' Meeting this year. What issues do you think will be discussed in this meeting? At present, in the context of the rise of trade protectionism worldwide, I feel that the China-Japan-Korea Free Trade Area (FTA) will also be the theme of this year's conference. When do you think the China-Japan-Korea FTA can be signed? In addition, for the Chinese side, the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (RCEP) and the China-Japan-Korea FTA are the preferred options? Thank you.

[03-15 13:18:45]

  Li Keqiang:

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the China-Japan-ROK Leaders' Meeting. The Chinese side is the presiding country. We will discuss the issues of the meeting with Japan and South Korea. It should be said that the reporter’s friend just asked very sharply. I believe that the issue should include promoting the construction of the China-Japan-Korea Free Trade Area, especially in the context of the current rise of world trade protectionism, promoting the construction of the China-Japan-Korea Free Trade Area and reaching a comprehensive, high-level, mutually beneficial agreement. It is good for all three parties. Although both Japan and South Korea now have a relatively large trade surplus with China, we are still willing to compete on an equal footing, giving consumers more choices. I believe that in this process, the advantages will be complemented and the parties will benefit. As for the China-Japan-Korea Free Trade Zone and RCEP, which one is reached first, I think it depends on the efforts made by all of us. No matter which agreement can be reached first, China is happy to see it.

[03-15 13:18:57]

  Li Keqiang:

Because it is the last question, I would like to talk about it again. China not only attaches importance to relations with Northeast Asian countries. For example, I just answered questions from South Korean journalists and said that as a responsible big country, China will continue to play a role in promoting the denuclearization of the peninsula. Constructive role. We also value cooperation with Southeast Asia and all surrounding countries. We hope to have a stable environment and be sincere. And we are also willing to link the “Belt and Road” initiative with the development strategies of the countries concerned. China will unswervingly follow the path of peaceful development and unswervingly act as a defender and contributor to regional and world peace and development. Thank you all.

[03-15 13:19:14]

  Southern Metropolis Daily reporter:

Prime Minister, will there be a small holiday on May 1 this year?

[03-15 13:19:28]

  Li Keqiang:

We will let the relevant departments pay close attention to the research and fully listen to everyone's opinions.

[03-15 13:19:43]

  Zhang Yejun:

Thank you, Premier Li Keqiang, thank you for coming, and the reception is over.

(Article source: Xinhuanet)

                (Editor: DF142)

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