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10 days to sell nearly 10 billion yuan! 3000 points of tug-of-war. Who is the first to be a deserter?

March 14, 2019 20:21

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[10 days selling nearly 10 billion yuan! 3000 points of tug-of-war. Who is the first to be a deserter? 】 Recently, the Shanghai Composite Index oscillated around the 3000-point integer mark. Although it is still far from the 3,500 and 4,000-point targets in the brokerage, some funds have been retreated first. In the dragon and tiger list, which can best reflect the short-selling market, the institutional seats have recently been intensively evacuated, especially for the concept stocks with high stock prices. The large-scale selling of institutional seats can be seen everywhere. (Shanghai Securities News)

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Recently,The Shanghai Composite IndexSurrounding around the 3000-point integer mark, although the distanceBrokerThe 3,500 points and 4000 points in the mouth are still far apart, but some funds have been retreated first.

In the best way to reflect the short-term market fight situationDragon and TigerIn the recent intensive evacuation of institutional seats, especially the concept of high stock pricesthemeStocks, institutional stalls, hundreds of millions of large-scale selling can be seen everywhere.

  10 days to sell nearly 10 billion yuan

  Oriental Fortune ChoiceThe data shows that in this year's Dragon and Tiger list, the number of institutional seats totaled 614 times, with a total turnover of 31.914 billion yuan, of which the purchase amount was 11.805 billion yuan, and the selling amount was 20.109 billion yuan. The selling scale was the size of the purchase. Nearly twice, and "net sell" is mainly concentrated this month.

Since March, the Shanghai Composite Index has been battling around the 3,000-point mark, and the turnover of the two cities has repeatedly broken through trillions. In the process, the willingness to sell institutional seats in the Dragon and Tiger charts has become more intense. The cumulative sales volume in the last 10 trading days has reached 9.336 billion yuan. And regardless of whether the market is rising or falling, the institutional seats are showing a big sell-off.

On March 6th and 7th, the Shanghai Composite Index stood at 3100 points for two consecutive days. The domestic software sector became an important force to promote the index attack at that time. The stock prices of China Software and Inspur Information rose sharply. After the game, the leaderboards showed that the institutional seats were high in the above-mentioned technology stocks.

In the Dragon and Tiger list disclosed by the Exchange from 6th to 7th, Inspur Information was jointly sold by 341 million yuan for four institutional seats. China Software was sold for 221 million yuan by two institutions. Shunwang Technology was sold by 178 million seats. Yuan, Fei Lixin was sold for 180 million yuan by three institutional seats, and Guomai Technology was sold by an institutional seat for 104 million yuan. (including single-day and continuous trading day list, the same below)

On March 13th and 14th, the Shanghai Composite Index suffered a two-day retracement and lost another 3,000 points. In the early stage, the strong performance of the stocks in the aquaculture industry fell across the board. The large sales of institutional seats became a major driver of the stock price slump. Almost all the popular stocks were hit by institutional seats.

In the Dragon and Tiger list disclosed by the Exchange from 13th to 14th, New Hope was jointly sold by 180 institutional seats for 180 million yuan, Shengnong Development was sold for 146 million yuan by 4 institutional seats, and Huaying Agriculture was sold by 3 institutions for 7284. 10,000 yuan, Zhengbang Technology was sold by an institutional seat for 64.38 million yuan, Minhe shares were sold by 3 institutional seats for 64.12 million yuan, Lihua shares were sold by two institutions for 55.68 million yuan, and Yisheng shares were sold by one institutional seat. Ten thousand yuan.

  The fund game situation continues to intensify

As the index turned from a continuous rise to a high shock, the performance of individual stocks also changed from general to structural differentiation. The game situation of hot money and institutions in the dragon and tiger list is becoming more and more fierce.

Due to the concept of edge computing, NetScience's share price once entered the fifth board at the beginning of the month. On March 8th, NetScience blocked the daily limit for most of the day, and suddenly it was opened by the big one, indicating that funds were being evacuated on rallies.

On the day of the Dragon and Tiger List, Guotai Junan Shanghai Jiangsu Road Sales Department ranked first in the purchase, with a purchase amount of 395 million yuan; two institutional seats appeared on the list, selling a total of 273 million yuan.

The next day, NetScience turned around and closed down, and further retraced nearly 10% in the next three trading days.

It is worth noting that in some of the subject stocks, there will be a heavy game between institutions and institutions. This phenomenon is reflected in the recent ubiquitous ubiquitous power Internet of Things sector.

Guodian NARI is involved in the ubiquitous power Internet of Things concept. On March 11 and 12, the stock price gained two consecutive boards. Although Guodian NARI's share price has gone out of the “one-word daily limit” on both trading days, the dragon and tiger list shows that behind The funds are actually undercurrent.

On the 12th, the exchange disclosed the list of Guodian NARI's nearly three-day list, which was a big hit between institutions and institutions. Four institutional seats appeared on the list of purchases, with a total purchase of 288 million yuan; two institutional seats appeared on the list, selling a total of 231 million yuan.

On March 13th, Guodian Nari Chong Gao retreated and received a long film; on the 14th, Guodian NARI turned down and fell more than 9%, hitting a daily limit.

  On the whole, the pattern of “institutional seats selling heavily and high-spending hot-selling stocks” has continued to be highlighted in many subject stocks. In the context of the continued high turnover of the two cities, this pattern can barely be maintained. Once the market relapses into the stock game situation, the contingency of the rising market may have to be questioned.

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(Article source: Shanghai Securities News)

                (Editor: DF142)

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