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Risk release of the Shanghai Composite Index under 3,000 points, nearly 6 billion yuan of funds for 4 consecutive days to buy 82 stocks

March 15, 2019 02:38
Author: Wu Shan Qiaochuan Chuan

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[Risk release of the Shanghai stock index under 3000 points, nearly 6 billion yuan of funds for 4 consecutive days to buy 82 stocks] Industry insiders generally believe that the early index growth rate is too fast there is adjustment demand, the risk release is more conducive to the stable development of the market, currently The basis for pushing some stocks to continue to rise is still there.

Editor's Note: Due to the large-scale fallback of popular varieties in the previous period, yesterday, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock indexes were in a state of weakness, in the process of shock,Shanghai indexLost 3000 points. The industry generally believes that the early index growth rate is too fast to adjust the demand, after the release of risk is more conducive to the steady development of the market, the current push for some of the stocks continue to rise on the basis. According to the statistics of the Securities Research Market Research Center, a total of 82 stocks in the four trading days since this week showed large continuous capital.Net inflowDuring the period, the total net inflow of funds was 5.975 billion yuan. Today, this newspaper analyzes and sorts out the stocks that the above 82 large single funds continue to favor, in order to readers.

More than 3.8 billion yuan of funds focus on 15 stocks

Since the beginning of this week, the market has continued to fluctuate at the high level, with a slight increase of 0.7% during the week and a magnitude of 4.7%. However, during this period, there are still 82 stocks of large single funds in a net inflow of 4 consecutive trading days, showingMain forceThe funds are strongly optimistic about the performance of these stocks.

Among the above 82 stocks, 15 stocks have accumulated net inflows of more than 100 million yuan in nearly 4 trading days, of whichFollett(6.43 billion yuan),Shanghai Port Group(5.42 billion yuan),Fudan Fuhua(360 million yuan),Minmetals rare earth(324 million yuan),Wipeg(256 million yuan),Shifeng Culture(243 million yuan) andHuamao Logistics(2.28 billion yuan) and other 7 stocks during the period, the cumulative net inflow of large single funds exceeded 200 million yuan, and the remaining 8 stocks with a total net inflow of over 100 million yuan were:Nachuan shares,Pilot intelligence,Ruikang Pharmaceutical,Chengzhi shares,Shunxin Agriculture,Guodian Nanzi,Weifu Hi-TechwithStarting sharesThe net inflow of large single funds in the above 15 stocks reached 3.81 billion yuan.

Under the continuous funding of funds, the market performance of the above 82 stocks was generally outstanding during the week. During the period of 72 stocks, the stock price performance outperformed the same period, accounting for nearly 90%. Chengzhi shares, Fudan Fuhua,Hemei Group, Guodian Nanzi, Weipaige, Follett,Nebula shares, Minmetals rare earth,*ST TianmawithFragranceThe cumulative increase during the period of individual stocks was above 20%. In addition, includingDream lily, China Trade Logistics,Tianyu shares,Zhongguang Tianze,Puli Pharmaceuticals,Gold laserStart-up shares,Aerospace long peak,Jimin Pharmaceutical,Jinlong AutomobileThe cumulative increase during the 23 stocks was also over 10%.

It is worth noting that the above 82 funds are continuously distributed in individual stocks. The industry characteristics are very obvious. The number of relevant stocks in the two major industries of pharmaceutical biology and machinery is more than 10, which are 15 stocks and 12 stocks respectively. Within the pharmaceutical bio-sector, Fudan Fuhua, Ruikang Medicine, Jimin Pharmaceutical,Kang Hong Pharmaceutical,Asia Pacific PharmaceuticalAnd the stocks such as Puli Pharmaceuticals have accumulated a large net inflow of funds in the week, all of which are above 50 million yuan.

In the context of repeated shocks in the market and the hot spots, the opportunities in the pharmaceutical and bio-sector market are also favored by many institutions.Dongxing SecuritiesIt said that the pharmaceutical sector is still at the stage of valuation restoration, and the market's negative expectations for the policy have been basically released, and the industry valuation is still at 29.32 times. In the recent wide-ranging adjustment of the broader market, in the period of adjustment of the industry with a large increase in the previous period, the pharmaceutical sector with defensive attributes and stagflation in the previous period may have a possible increase. Currently, we are welcoming the 2018 annual report and the 2019 first quarter report disclosure period.PerformanceThe notice has already been reflected. Combined with the performance of the 2018 annual report and the 2019 quarterly report, the opportunity for plate layout is coming. Ping An Securities also said that the pharmaceutical industry has both offensive and defensive capabilities and a high cost performance. In the recent market, the overall market volatility has intensified. The overall growth rate of the pharmaceutical industry in the early stage is not large. The valuation is still at a low level. Under the background of policy easing and the expected performance in the first quarter of 2019, it is a combination of both offensive and defensive.

Nearly 60% of the annual report results are expected to grow

In the context of current market volatility, those blue chip stocks will be more defensive. Statistics show that among the above 82 stocks, as of yesterday, a total of 39 stocks have disclosed the 2018 annual report or performance report, including 21 annual reports.Net profitRealizing year-on-year growthFamous family(88.36%), Puli Pharmaceuticals (84.65%), Tianyu Shares (66.48%),Biyinlefen(60.98%),Sande Technology(42.16%),Zhenghai Bio(39.15%), pilot intelligence (38.13%),Baose shares(38.03%),Open medical care(32.72%),Pudong Jinqiao(32.50%) andKelai Electromechanical(32.31%) and other companies' annual net profit in 2018 achieved a year-on-year increase of more than 30%.

Judging from the absolute amount of net profit in the annual report, among the 21 stocks mentioned above, Pudong Jinqiao (9.77 billion yuan) and pilot intelligence (742 million yuan),Xinwangda(70 million yuan), Kang Hong Pharmaceutical (695 million yuan),Dashen Lin(533 million yuan),Nanyang shares(510 million yuan),Shangpin home delivery(4.84 billion yuan) and Mingjiahui (327 million yuan) and other performances are relatively good, all above 300 million yuan.

In addition to the above stocks, there are 14 other stocks that disclose the annual report performance forecast, among which 10 stocks are expected to achieve different degrees of annual net profit growth, aerospace Changfeng (678.49%), Minmetals rare earth (253.97%), Shunxin Agriculture ( 90.00%),Zhejiang Dingli(77.00%),Boxin shares(71.99%) andContemporary Mingcheng(56.09%) and other stocks are expected to report a year-on-year increase in net profit, which is over 50%.

In view of the combination, the blue-chip stocks are still an important direction of the fund layout. Among the 53 stocks that have disclosed the annual report, annual report performance report or annual report performance forecast, 31 stocks with annual report performance or expected to achieve growth, accounting for nearly 60%. .

From a valuation perspective, among the above 82 stocks,Anyang Iron and Steel(3.98 times),Angang Steel(4.85 times), Weifu Hi-Tech (8.10 times),Sunshine City(9.92 times), Ruikang Medicine (11.31 times),Shandong Publishing(12.10 times), Shanghai Port Group (14.10 times),Wantong Real Estate(14.77 times),Zhejiang Power(15.08 times),Zhengtai Electric(15.58 times),Suli(15.74 times),Laiwu Psychic(16.98 times), Jinlong Automobile (18.45 times),City media(18.88 times) andJixiang shares(19.68 times) and other stocks, the latest dynamic price-earnings ratio is below 20 times, valuation is relatively low.

9 stocks wereBrokerLook together

The continuous purchase of funds is an important driving force for the stock price to rise, and the brokerage optimistic will further reflect the value of such stock investment. Statistics show that among the above 82 stocks, 30 stocks have been given a “buy” or “overweight” rating in the past 30 days, including Kelai Electromechanical (12) and Shangpin Home (10). Yin Lefen (9), Pioneer Intelligence (8), Kanghong Pharmaceutical (7), Sunshine City (6), Dashenlin (6), Open Medical (5) and Zhenghai Bio (5) Home) 9 stocks were optimistic about the institutions. In the past 30 days, the number of optimistic rating companies such as “buy” or “overweight” was 5 or more. In addition, Shunxin Agriculture, Fragrance, Zhengtai Electric, Contemporary Mingcheng,PolaiaIn the past 30 days, 7 stocks including Zhejiang Dingli and Puli Pharmaceuticals are also optimistic about the number of rated companies in 3 or more.

Kelai Electromechanical is more typical. The company is a smart manufacturing system solution provider, deeply immersed in flexible automation equipment and industry.robotSystem application, dedicated to the research and development of intelligent manufacturing equipment, robot system integration core technology, product production and sales, products are widely used in automotive, electronics, light industry, machinery and other industries. For the stock, Essence Securities said that the company as a scarce target in the field of automotive electronic equipment, technology knowhow and customer advantages are significant, enjoy the dual benefits of the downstream economy and competitive landscape, stable growth, broad space, long-term optimistic about the company's development, given 6 The monthly target price is 38.48 yuan.

The above-mentioned institutions are optimistic about the number of top-ranked stocks. The fragrance has not only achieved a net inflow of large single funds for four consecutive trading days, but its share price has also risen for four consecutive trading days, with a cumulative increase of 20.93%. For the stock,Southwest SecuritiesIt said that under the background of the basic disk stability + strong new product increase + equity incentive guarantee performance, the fragrance floated to restart the second growth. 1. Brewed milk tea is expected to maintain a 10% recovery growth; The juice tea explosion logic is about to be verified, which drives the outbreak of the ready-to-drink business: the juice sales have been broken by 300 million yuan in the past 7 months, and it is expected to further increase in the sales season after March. The ready-to-drink segment will be the future income increase. The main source, it is expected to recreate a "fragrance" in 3 years; Equity incentives set high-quality performance growth targets, and performance growth is guaranteed. Considering that the volume of explosive products has a significant effect on the valuation, it can actively pay attention to the performance of the market.

(Article source: Securities Daily)

                (Editor: DF407)

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