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Ubiquitous power Internet of Things construction curtain opened, institutions are optimistic about 4 annual report pre-Holiday

March 15, 2019 02:38
Author: Wang Ke

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Recently, State Grid Co., Ltd. convened a teleconference on the construction of power Internet of Things in Beijing. The chairman and party secretary of the company, Wei Wei, pointed out at the meeting that at present, the most urgent and important task of the company is to accelerate the construction of the ubiquitous power Internet of Things. The ubiquitous power Internet of Things is about all aspects of the power system, fully applying modern information technology such as mobile internet and artificial intelligence, and advanced communication technology to realize the interconnection of all things and human-computer interaction in all aspects of the power system. It has comprehensive state perception, efficient information processing and application. A smart service system with convenient and flexible features. Through the extensive application of big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, mobile internet, artificial intelligence, blockchain, edge computing and other information technology and intelligent technology, pool all aspects of resources for planning, production, operation, management, comprehensive services, new Provide sufficient and effective information and data support in all aspects of the development of new business models and the construction of corporate ecological environment.

At the same time, it was also proposed that the ubiquitous power Internet of Things will be built by 2021, basically achieving business synergy and data access, and initially achieving unified IoT management.Smart energyThe integrated service platform has basic functions to support grid business and emerging business development; by 2024, the ubiquitous power Internet of Things will be built to fully realize business collaboration, data integration and unified IoT management. The company-level smart energy integrated service platform has powerful functions and comprehensive functions. Form a strategic arrangement for co-constructing and sharing the shared energy Internet ecosystem.

Analysts pointed out that in the context of the ubiquitous construction of the power Internet of Things, three types of enterprises are expected to take the lead: first of all, the national network of the ubiquitous power Internet of Things integrated solution is the ICT industry unit; It is a power secondary equipment enterprise and related software enterprise that has been deeply ploughed for many years in the field of electric power informationization; it is again a company of sensor monitoring and related applications.

According to statistics, the Securities Research Center of the Securities Daily found that the power IoT sector also achieved good market performance while the relevant theme stations were on the market. Since the beginning of this week, the overall cumulative increase of the sector has reached 10.37%. It is among the best in the sector. There were 24 concept stocks in the sector that rose during the period, accounting for more than 80%.Guodian Nanzi(46.33%),Oriental Electronics(41.94%),Xiaocheng Technology(24.24%),Xinlian Electronics(20.16%) and other four stocks during the period, the cumulative increase was the highest, both reached more than 20%,Lu Xiao Technology(18.22%),Youxun(17.67%),Liyuan Information(15.44%),Jinzhi Technology(15.16%),High beam software(13.20%),Guodian Nanrui(11.67%) followed by stocks, and the cumulative increase during the period was also more than 10%.

  Cash flowIn terms of this, there are 5 stocks in the sector since the beginning of this week.Net inflowThe situation is: Guodian Nanzi (130.958 million yuan), Dongfang Electronics (236.301 million yuan),Mega Smart(178.689 million yuan),Sande Technology(125.575 million yuan),Haixing Power(745.45 million yuan), the above five stocks have attracted a total of 192 million yuan this week.

FromPerformanceOn the face of it, there are currently 24 power IoT listed companies that have disclosed the 2018 annual report performance forecast, and 15 companies have pre-history performances, accounting for more than 60%. among them,Henghua Technology(70.00%),Minjiang River Hydropower(56.00%), Sande Technology (50.00%),榕基软件(50.00%),Siyuan Electric(50.00%) and other companies during the reporting periodNet profitIt is expected to grow by 50% and above. In terms of the forecast net profit ceiling, among the companies with the above-mentioned performance pre-history, there are 10 companies with a 2018 annual net profit ceiling of over 100 million yuan, Liyuan Information (40 million yuan), Siyuan Electric (37.379 million yuan), Henghua The three companies such as science and technology (32,680,800 yuan) are expected to achieve a profit of more than 300 million yuan in 2018, and the high growth rate is more significant.

Good market performance and performance expectations also attracted the attention of the organization to some of the power IoT concept stocks. Among the above 2018 annual report results, 4 concept stocks were “buy” or “overweight” by the organization within 30 days. "Like optimistic ratings, namely, Minjiang Hydropower (5), Henghua Technology (3), Xinlian Electronics (1),Keyuan shares(1 home).

For the Lijiang River Hydropower, which was recommended by five institutions, New Times Securities said that the energy Internet era, the energy revolution and the digital revolution will be integrated, and the company is expected to benefit from the huge resource system of the State Grid and the increasing demand for informationization such as placing electricity and transactions. From a medium- and long-term perspective, considering the company's position and competitive advantage in the industry, as well as the company's development prospects driven by IT demand such as electricity reform and power ubiquitous material, the company has given a “strongly recommended” rating for the first time.

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(Article source: Securities Daily)

                (Editor: DF407)

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