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160 companies operate in industrial marijuana. The company said that the stock price adjustment does not affect industry expectations.

March 15, 2019 06:32
Author: Zhang Min

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[160 companies' business scope involved in industrial marijuana enterprises said that stock price adjustment does not affect industry expectations] According to data obtained by the Securities Daily reporter from Tianyue, as of March 13, there are 160 enterprises in the domestic business scope that include "industrial marijuana". Home, including 137 in Yunnan Province, 19 in Heilongjiang Province, 3 in Shanxi Province, and 1 in Liaoning Province. The establishment time was mostly concentrated in 2018, with a total of 49. In 2019, just after March, there were 22 industrial cannabis companies. Incorporated. (Securities Daily)

Industrial cannabis has drawn attention in the capital market. From the perspective of corporate registration, the number of companies involved in industrial cannabis has increased significantly since 2018.

According to the data obtained by the Securities Daily reporter from Tianyancha, as of March 13, there were 160 enterprises including “industrial cannabis” in the domestic business scope, including 137 in Yunnan Province, 19 in Heilongjiang Province, and 3 in Shanxi Province. In Liaoning Province, the establishment time was mostly concentrated in 2018, with a total of 49. In 2019, just after March, 22 industrial cannabis related companies were registered.

The data shows that in the industrial cannabis concept stock sector, there are currently 12 listed companies involved in the industry, according to the Shenyin Wanguo industry classification, including Dezhan Health, Kang Enbei, Zixin Pharmaceutical, Longjin Pharmaceutical four biomedical enterprises.

“The application of cannabis is quite extensive. About 1,500 product areas can be grafted with cannabis. The extract is expected to produce bovine medicine in the biopharmaceutical field. With the correct distinction between industrial cannabis and recreational cannabis (addictive drug) concepts, The cannabis industry will flourish." A related person in charge of a listed company involved in the industrial cannabis sector told the Securities Daily.

It is worth mentioning that the once-rising industrial cannabis sector was adjusted on March 14. In response, the person in charge of the listed company told reporters that the short-term phased adjustment will not affect the broad prospects of the entire industrial cannabis industry. In the past, cannabis was considered to have been restricted by drugs, so the development and utilization of industrial cannabis was basically blank. From another perspective, this is the source of industrial cannabis explosive power.

Listed company running involved in industrial marijuana

In 2019, the number of listed companies entering the industrial cannabis sector has gradually increased.

In January 2019, the wholly-owned subsidiary of Shunyu Co., Ltd. received the “Industrial Cannabis Planting License of Yunnan Province”. In February, Shanghai Lvxin, a subsidiary of Shanghai Shunqi, reached a cooperation with Hanma Investment, a leading domestic industrial cannabis company, to develop industrial cannabis flowers. The base-derived heat-generating non-burning solid and other electronic bio-health products. Zixin PharmaceuticalannouncementThe company's wholly-owned subsidiary, Fytagoras B.V, and the Jilin Academy of Agricultural Sciences signed the "Industrial Cannabis Cooperative Research Agreement."

In February 2019, Yunnan Company, a subsidiary of Kang Enbei Group, was approved to plant 24,000 mu of industrial cannabis planted area. In March 2019, Dezhan Health signed an equity acquisition and a comprehensive strategic cooperation framework agreement with Hanzhong Enterprise Management Group Co., Ltd. and Hanma Investment Group Co., Ltd. to lay out the industrial cannabis industry chain; Longjin Pharmaceutical announced plans to invest 15 million yuan in the industry. Cannabis planting and processing company Yunnan Muya. Chengzhi shares announced that it intends to acquire 37.14% equity of Yunnan Hanmeng held by Yunnan Hansu. At the same time, it also intends to increase capital of Yunnan Hanmeng, and the amount of capital increase does not exceed 100 million yuan.

It is worth mentioning that industrial cannabis can be applied in many fields, and the biomedical sector has become the focus of many companies in the layout of industrial cannabis.

For example, Chengzhi shares introduced that the target company Yunnan Hanmeng is mainly engaged in the processing and extraction of industrial hemp. Through this acquisition, the company will further expand the business scope of the life sciences and medical health sector. The company will actively explore and promote the synergy effect, and help industrial marijuana in the medical and health field.

Dezhan Health said that the company signed a framework agreement with Hanzhong Group and Hema Investment to become a strategic partnership, which is conducive to the company's industrial chain of industrial hemp, opening up the bio-pharmaceutical field and enriching the company's product pipeline.

Stock price adjustment after skyrocketing

In the industrial cannabis industry, the stock price performance has attracted the attention of the market.

On March 14, the stock prices of industrial cannabis concept stocks such as Shunyu and Kangenbei were adjusted. But behind the stock price adjustment, the company's share price continued to rise.

The stock price of Shunyu has risen as a whole since January 17. Compared with the closing price of 4.16 yuan/share on January 16, the company's overall increase was about 200% in the two months as of March 14. Connbe's share price has risen since February 21, and the company's cumulative maximum increase is about 78% from the closing price of 6.14 yuan/share on February 20.

Since the announcement of Zixin Pharmaceutical on January 10, the stock price has started to rise. Compared with the closing price of 4.52 yuan/share on January 9, Zixin Pharmaceutical's highest cumulative increase is about 100%. Longjin Pharmaceutical's share price continued to harvest 7 daily limit from March 1st to 11th. On March 13, Longjin Pharmaceutical's share price rose again.

In addition, since the release of industrial marijuana news, Chengzhi shares and Dezhan Health have also experienced different degrees of increase in the company's share price.

The Shenzhen Stock Exchange also paid attention to the layout of industrial cannabis plates for listed companies.

Published by Guojin SecuritiesResearch reportIt shows that companies engaged in the purification, processing and sales of cannabis diphenol have high profitability, but they also face large expenses. Through the financial analysis of four international cannabis companies CanopyGrowthCorp, Aurora Cannabis, Tilray and Aphria, it can be seen that this industry has extremely high hair.interest rate, the world's leading industrial cannabis industry company's 2017 hairinterest rateBasically, they are around 80%, and the average gross profit margin in 2018 is over 90%. Lower or negativeNet profitThe rate stems from high R&D expenses and sales expenses.

“This is because from the initial stage of construction, a large amount of financial support is needed for the cultivation of industrial cannabis, the cultivation of seedlings, planting techniques, etc.; the expansion of production capacity in the following years also depends on capital investment. In addition, independent research and development technology With the purchase of patents, a lot of expenses are required, and the company's subsequent overseas sales market development will also expand sales expenses. However, with the completion of technology and business, profits will also rise." Guojin Securities Research Report introduced.

For the market's worried investment, cost recovery and other issues, another industrial cannabis company told reporters that potential industries need pre-requisition investment, not immediately see profits.

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(Article source: Securities Daily)

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