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Directly hit *ST Yida shareholders meeting: no one was attended by the management. The 7 directors who lost the "lost" were awarded a high vote.

March 15, 2019 04:18
Author: Mei double

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K picture 600610_1

Listed company heldshareholderAt the conference, no one was present at the management. due toExecutiveLoss of connection, control of poor control,*ST Yida(600610) shareholders convened a temporaryShareholders' meeting.

On the afternoon of March 14, *ST Yida's first extraordinary shareholders meeting in 2019 was held at the Sheraton Shanghai Hongkou Hotel. This general meeting of shareholders was convened by the Investment Center, Tibet Yiyi and Ni Kuang.

The re-election of the board of directors is the highlight of this meeting. Prior to this, Xida Securities, the manager of *ST Yida’s largest shareholder asset management plan, proposed to add 13 proposals at the extraordinary general meeting, including the removal of Zhang Pei and Deng General. The directors were relieved of the post of supervisor of Chen Fengping and re-elected the non-independent directors and non-employee supervisors of the seventh board of directors of the company.

The Securities Times·e company reporter saw at the meeting that the meeting was presided over by the second shareholder, Tibet Yiyi. The chairman was empty and there was no company management. Cinda Securities sent a person to attend the shareholders meeting but did not make a public appearance. For Cinda Securities willReorganizationOr the problem of the backdoor *ST Yida, the two shareholders said "unclear."

 Investors shouted "liar company"

Delay in holding shareholders' meeting

The general meeting of shareholders was originally scheduled to be held at 2:30 pm on the 14th. At less than 1 o'clock, more than a dozen investors gathered in the hotel conference room. An investor surnamed Zhang said that he will hold nearly one million shares of *ST Yida in 2015. "This is a liar company. The management has made the company so that it will run." Mr. Zhang said.

"Now the company is not in charge. Today is to choose a new board of directors, and there will be hope in the future." A Song surname investor told the Securities Times·e company reporter that he took the train from Anhui overnight to open a shareholder meeting. Just to see what the company is doing. There are also investors who said that *ST Yida has not held a general meeting of shareholders for a long time. "The last meeting should have been two years ago, when only two directors and three investors participated." One investor said that the company is facing the risk of delisting, and the participation of shareholders is relatively high.

About one and a half in the afternoon, several staff members entered the venue, moved into the podium and stools, and began to arrange the venue. The Securities Times·e company reporter noticed that there were many security guards at the entrance of the conference room. The four corners in the conference hall were also equipped with security guards. The staff told investors who were on the scene to register at the door to enter.

In the notice of the shareholders' meeting, in order to ensure the normal order of the shareholders' meeting, in addition to the shareholders and proxies, directors, supervisors, etc. attending the meeting, the company has the right to refuse entry of other personnel. "Clear the field, please cooperate." Some staff said. Registered shareholders are required to wear a work card bearing the words "shareholders" to enter.

Until 2:30 in the afternoon, the venue was filled with investors and staff. According to the preliminary statistics of the reporter, there are about 20 staff members wearing work permits at the scene, and nearly 40 investors attended the meeting. However, there have been no company executives on the rostrum. The meeting scheduled to start at 2:30 was delayed by nearly 20 minutes.

The general meeting of shareholders was presided over by the representative of Tibet ST, the second largest shareholder of *ST Yida. Although there was no information on the stage and the bottled water was placed on the stage. After the meeting officially started, the staff took the bottled water on the podium.

 Cinda Securities attended but did not show up

Investors care about hot issues

The representative of Tibet Yi B soon read the meeting and started voting in less than ten minutes. "We are also shareholders, and this convening of the shareholders meeting is just a matter of doing something," the representative said.

In the questioning session, most of the investors' problems were concentrated on the major shareholder Cinda Securities and the company's operation, and the Tibetan One B representative showed a little “incapable of doing” on these issues.

At the shareholders meeting, there were investors asking questions, whether the company had a new revitalization plan, and the second shareholder said: "This general meeting of shareholders is mainly on the appointment and dismissal of personnel. This issue is beyond the scope of our shareholders' answer and cannot be answered. Please understand. ”

As for Cinda Securities's plans for the company's development, the second shareholder representative said that as a convener, there is no way to understand, but I believe that if Cinda Securities has a plan, it will also disclose information according to law.

For the current situation of the company's current management failure, the second shareholder representative responded that "this is the main reason why we convened a general meeting today." At present, there is still one and a half months from the disclosure of the annual report. If it cannot be disclosed on time, *ST Yida will face a suspension of listing and even delisting risks. Regarding the annual report, the representative of the second shareholder said that this involves the company's next operational problems. The relevant issues will be decided by the new board of directors after the conclusion of the shareholders meeting.

In addition, some investors have asked whether Cinda Securities will restructure or backdoor after it enters *ST Yida. The second largest shareholder of *ST Yida is unclear.

Some investors offered to see the representatives of Cinda Securities, but did not get the response from the two shareholders and field staff. "We are all shareholders. We know no more than you. I believe that the future board of directors will disclose these matters according to law." The representatives of the two shareholders said that the issue of how Cinda Securities arranged future operations has exceeded the contents of the shareholders' meeting.

A witness witness at the scene told the Securities Times·e company reporter that Cinda Securities attended the shareholders meeting. “I don’t know if I’m showing up, as long as people come, I can see the documents they authorize.” When asked by a reporter By attending a general meeting without management attendance, the lawyer said “never, this is the first one”. The lawyer revealed that the site had come to an independent director who had resigned. Because the company’s directors were below the quorum, they had to continue to perform their duties even if they resigned.

"I hope to form a new board of directors early and be able to exercise the rights of the board as soon as possible. The shell is the top priority." After the meeting, investors will discuss the company's problems. "We have confidence in Cinda Securities, Cinda itself is engaged in asset management and operations." After the meeting, there are investors insisting on exchanges with Cinda Securities. "We don't want to make extra money." The representatives of the two shareholders persuaded.

The Securities Times·e company reporter noticed that the resolutions reviewed by the shareholders' meeting including the removal of seven directors were all passed by the high votes on the spot, with a valid vote of 99.99%.

20 days and 19 daily limit

Still difficult to hide the city risk

The convening of the *ST Yida shareholders meeting can be described as twists and turns.

*ST Yida on the evening of February 15announcement, the investment center, Tibet Yiyi and Ni Kuang as shareholders who hold more than 10% of the company's total share capital, have jointly sent the post to the office address and e-mail address announced by *ST Yida on January 31, 2019. The express mail and e-mail method will be sent to the company's board of directors in writing, and the board of directors of the company will be invited to convene an extraordinary general meeting to re-elect the supervisors. Upon inquiry, the e-mail was returned due to the full e-mail, and the postal express mail was returned on February 3 due to the absence of such person.

The announcement also stated that the final field delivery date of Speedpost will start on February 3, and until February 13, the waiting period expires on the 10th. The board of directors of *ST Yida did not give feedback.

After that, the convener of the investment center and other convenors will jointly work on February 14th.Company AnnouncementThe office address and e-mail address sent by postal express mail and e-mail to the company's supervisory board to invite the company's board of supervisors to convene an extraordinary general meeting. The above e-mail and postal delivery were sent back again. The final field delivery date of the express delivery will start from February 20th, until February 25th, and the waiting period will expire on the 5th. The company's supervisory board did not give feedback. The convener believes that the convener has fulfilled the procedures for the board of directors and the board of supervisors to convene a general meeting of shareholders.

It is worth mentioning that since February 1st, *ST Yida's daily limit has reached 19 in 20 trading days. However, the risk of hovering over the top of *ST Yida has not been lifted. The company's 2017 annual report was not disclosed on time, and the accountant could not express his opinion on the company's annual report. Therefore, the company's stock was implemented with a delisting risk warning.

On the evening of February 26, Cinda Securities issued a risk warning about *ST Yida. The reporter noted that Cinda Securities has issued a risk warning announcement several times. * ST Yi Da Independent Director has issued more than 10 risk warnings recently, saying that the company currently has a mandatory delisting due to major illegal violations, the delisting risk warning has been implemented due to the failure of the annual report to be disclosed on time, the company's shares have been suspended or even terminated. The risk will not be eliminated due to changes in the largest shareholder.

In addition, according to *ST Yida's evening announcement on February 26, Cinda Securities, as the manager of the listed company's largest shareholder, did not plan to restructure the listed company's major assets in the next 12 months, nor in the next 12 A plan to change the main business of a listed company within a month.

(Article source: Securities Times)

                (Editor: DF407)

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