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Excellent performance and high scores of red stocks rose against the trend Spring market entered a new stage

March 15, 2019 04:39
Author: Zhong Tian

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[Excellent and high-scoring bonus stocks rose against the trend of the spring market into a new stage] Analysts believe that after the index slump and the stock market retreat, the A-share market will enter the second stage, returning value, starting from the fundamentals is a high probability event. Those who have good fundamentals, the annual report and the pre-upgrading of the quarterly report are preferred. (Securities Times)

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Yesterday, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock indexes both opened lower, and then collective shocks fell, and individual stocks fell more and less. However, the outstanding stocks, highDividendThe stock rose against the trend yesterday.Yangnong Chemical,evergreenThe daily limit is expected to be 40 yuan (including tax) for every 10 shares.HuabaoThe price rose by over 9%. Analysts believe that after the index fellthemeAfter the stock retreat, the A-share market will enter the second stage. Returning to the value and starting from the fundamentals is a high-probability event. Those fundamentals are good, and the annual report and the first-quarter report are pre-upgraded or preferred.

Excellent performance, high scoresOutstanding

Compared with the trend of A-shares after the Spring Festival, Hong Kong stocks are obviously inferior. Recently, the Hong Kong stock market is mainly sought after by some announcements.PerformanceIndividual stocks, especially those in the Greater Bay area with better-than-expected results and some mainland sports brand stocks, reflect that the hype in the Hong Kong stock market is still driven by performance.

A few days ago, with the increase in the volatility of A-shares, the theme stocks that had been pulled up by the madness ushered in a large-scale decline due to the flight of funds. The funds also began to favor the high-performance stocks and high-scoring bonus stocks with performance support.

Most of the plates were green yesterday, and the Tongda letter stocks index rose 0.88% against the market, ranking first in all sectors. The outstanding stocks that had a large increase yesterday were mainly concentrated in the chemical, building materials, non-ferrous and white liquor sectors, among which the chemical industry's Yangnong Chemicals had a strong daily limit.Xin'an shares,Qingsong shares,Hualu Hengsheng,Luxi ChemicalIt is also the top gainer; the building materials sector has a daily limit.Huaxin Cement,Shangfeng CementUp 4% higher; the liquor sectorGujing GongjiuwithGuizhou MaotaiUp 4.38% and 3.18% respectively; colored platesYan Feng Lithium Industry,Mount Everest, TibetAlso get the favor of funds.

In terms of high-scoring bonus shares, Huabao, which announced its arrogant sentiment, rose 9.46% yesterday. The company plans to use the total share capital of 616 million shares as the base.shareholder40 yuan of cash (including tax) will be distributed for every 10 shares. The total dividend is 2.464 billion yuan, and the corresponding cash dividend rate is 209.5%. In addition, March 5thannouncementIn 2018, net profit increased by 68% year-on-year.Cloud map holdingYesterday, it rose 4.36%.

In the previous surge, the companies from the sub-levels to the low-price and small-cap companies all recorded large gains, and the previous oversold varieties also basically completed the valuation repair. Analysts believe that the next high-quality stocks with performance support will become safe havens. In particular, with the end of the two sessions and the arrival of the annual report and the quarterly report disclosure period in late March, the blue-chips with higher-than-expected performance and the growth stocks with fundamental support are expected to usher in relatively independent stocks. Digging.

  Deep shareThe largest party

From yesterday'sDragon and TigerAccording to the data, there are obvious signs of funds grabbing high-quality stocks and high-scoring bonus stocks, especially the most generous stocks.

According to the public information of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Shenzhen Stock Exchange and well-known hot money are all in pursuit of Evergreen. As a buy one, Shenzhen Stock Exchange bought 57.39 million yuan and sold 30.98 million yuan. Well-known hot money, the main member of "Chengdu Gang"Huatai SecuritiesChengdu South First Ring Road Second Securities Business Department andGuotai JunanThe securities business department of Chengdu North First Ring Road purchased 42.33 million yuan and 23.96 million yuan respectively.

On the evening of January 9, Wannian announced the 2018 annual performance pre-announcement. The company expects to achieve shareholders of listed companies throughout the year of 2018.Net profitFrom 1.064 billion yuan to 1.25 billion yuan, an increase of 130% to 170%. The basic earnings per share is expected to be approximately 1.73 yuan to 2.04 yuan. The main reason for the change in performance was that during the reporting period, the sales volume of cement and commercial products increased and the sales price increased.

Huabao shares were listed on the list for the cumulative increase of more than 20% from March 12 to 14, and the same is the deep share, buying 26.96 million yuan. Huatai Securities Nantong Rudong Renmin Road Securities Business Department, Dongguan Securities Guangzhou Linjiang Avenue Securities Business Department andIndustrial SecuritiesThe purchase amount of Harbin Friendship Road Securities Business Department also exceeded 20 million yuan.

For the profit distribution plan of 10 yuan for 40 yuan, Huabao shares said on the interactive platform on the 14th that the dividend is based on the expectation and confidence of the company's future development prospects, and share the operating results with investors.

Bohai Securities believes that although the short-term market volatility may increase, the market's upward trend has not ended. Investors should think more about the possible changes in market style after market adjustment. In the previous market upswing, some funds carried out the fundamental hypothesis of some purely conceptual small-cap stocks. With this round of adjustment, it is not excluded that the funds will make a second choice for some of the previous low-end stocks. Performance factors are tapped from blue chips and real growth targets.

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(Article source: Securities Times)

                (Editor: DF407)

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