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Reengineering process to optimize the business environment

March 15, 2019 08:28
source: People's daily

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“Optimizing the business environment is an important measure to stimulate the vitality of the market.” Sun Yanling, chairman of Mudanjiang Bohai Culture Development Co., Ltd. of Heilongjiang Province, said that she isResearchIt has been found that in recent years, tax cuts and fee reductions have become more and more powerful, and many companies enjoy the policy dividend. It is recommended to further optimize the business environment, promote the "Internet + government services", cancel the decentralization of administrative examination and approval matters, reduce the work links, promote the examination and approval of the "one network through", and create a quality and efficient business environment. Promote special clean-up and rectification, clean up and standardize intermediary services, and form a competitive and orderly market environment. Set up an industrial development platform, and formulate relevant industry support preferential policies in a targeted manner, focusing on solving the problems of enterprise financing and financing, so that private enterprises and small and micro enterprises can further enhance their development confidence.

(Article source: People's Daily)

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