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Domestic C919 is going to be listed in 2021. Multi-shares are expected to benefit

March 15, 2019 08:33
source: Securities Times Network

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According to Dongfang.com, Wu Guanghui, deputy of the National People's Congress and chief designer of the C919 large passenger aircraft, said on the 14th that the C919 has adopted the latest international airworthiness standards in the process of development, production and flight test. It is the safest machine in terms of standards. One of the types. At present, the number of C919 orders has exceeded 850. It has been tested in Heihe, Hailar, Sanya and the Great Lakes of North America. It will strive to obtain the China Civil Aviation Airworthiness Certificate in 2021 and deliver it to the first batch of users.

The agency believes that the domestic trunk airliner market has beenBoeingWith the two giants of Airbus, the strategy of localization of large aircraft is of great significance. The Boeing 737MAX8 in the recent air crash is the future of BoeingMain forceDelivery models, good sales in the international market. The air crash has sounded the alarm for the aviation industry, and the challenges and opportunities of domestic large aircraft coexist.

  AVIC AircraftIt is a large aircraft structural parts supplier, and undertakes six work packages of the C919's fuselage and outer wing box.Boyun new materialThe company provides exclusive wheels and brake systems for COMAC. other companies:Hongdu Aviation,Sichuan Jiuzhou,AVICIt is also expected to benefit.

(Article source: Securities Times Network)

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