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People's Network enters the picture copyright out of the big move Visual China collapsed The concept of intellectual property continues to spread?

April 15, 2019 01:36

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[People's Network enters the picture copyright out of the big move. Visual China collapses. Does the concept of intellectual property continue to flourish? 】 On April 14th, People's Daily Online said that People's Picture Network, a subsidiary of People's Network, is willing to explore with the brother media. The Huajin Securities Media Team stated that “copyright risk exposes business model loopholes and the media will benefit from the national Internet trend”. (21st Century Business Herald)

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Vision China has caused market turmoil due to black hole copyright incidents, and copyright issues have become the focus of the market in the near future. Nowadays, People's Network has proposed an initiative to plan a photo cooperation alliance with the brother media. Will the official media sector welcome new investment opportunities tomorrow?AnalystIt is believed that the official media will benefit.

  People's Network takes the lead

On April 14th, People's Daily Online said that in order to promote media integration and develop in depth, better integrate media image resources and protect the legitimate rights and interests of creators, People's Network advocates that mainstream media take the initiative in purifying the copyright market.

Which is mentioned,The mainstream media in the country should form a linkage mechanism in the aspects of image editing, use and copyright transactions as soon as possible to achieve communion and mutual cooperation, and establish a cooperative alliance to become an important force in the picture market. People's Picture Network, a subsidiary of People's Network, is willing to explore with the brothers' media.

  As soon as the news came out, some investors in the market said that the share price of the People's Daily Online (April 15) had a good performance.

It is understood that the current share price of People's Daily is 26.25 yuan, the price-earnings ratio is 206 times, and the market value is 29 billion. After a period of 2-3 months, I experienced a crazy rise.

  Official media or benefit

For visual Chinese events,The Huajin Securities Media Team stated that “copyright risk exposes business model loopholes, and the media will benefit from the national Internet trend”.

Huajin Securities said that the National Copyright Administration announced that it would include image copyright protection in the "Jianwang 2019" special action: each photo company should improve the copyright management mechanism, regulate copyright operations, legally and reasonably safeguard rights, and must not abuse power. "The copyright bureau officially stated that the national level is facing the control of the copyright market. We believe that under the national Internet trend, the official media is strictly controlled by Internet positions such as copyright protection and public opinion monitoring, and the marketization power is gradually weakened."

They said thatRecognizing the value of copyright China's copyright market after the advent of the copyright era, but it is currently not negligible that it is strictly suppressed due to lack of review and strict litigation.. "We believe that the national Internet and marketization are the relationship, and this year the national Internet will be the tide of the industry."

  Intellectual property sector has risen on Friday

After the visual Chinese event was fermented, the company's share price fell on the 12th.

Subsequently, institutional investors such asBank of China Fund, Bank of Communications Schroder, Caitong, Boss, etc. have gradually lowered their valuation, down to a maximum of 20.41 yuan, which means that on the 12th closing price of 25.20 yuan, the next limit of 2 down limit.

  In fact, the relevant concept stocks around intellectual property have been outstanding on April 12 (Friday). On the same day, the intellectual property index rose by 3.17, becoming the fourth-highest industry.

Among them, China Media Holdings (000607.SZ), Guangyi Technology (300356.SZ) and China Kechuan (601858.SH) have a daily limit.

It is understood that Hua Media Holdings is a listed company of Hangzhou News Group. Hua Media Holdings currently owns assets such as Hangzhou Daily Media and Duqiao Holdings.

Guangyi Technology acquired An Ruixinjie, a company in the field of Senyu culture and online marketing, which acquired digital copyright content and distribution field; acquired 51% equity of Longyuan Digital Media and entered the copyright distribution business

Beyondsoft business covers content review, MarchConvertible bondRaised funds of 570 million for data governance and financial suite data to solve non-technical technology upgrade construction projects and park operations, IT operation and maintenance, public opinion, data annotation and review of big data and other projects.

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(Article source: 21st Century Business Herald)

                (Editor: DF506)

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