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189 stagflation stocks in the market or “playing a Taiwanese opera” More than 20 institutions concentrated on recommending 11 stocks

April 15, 2019 02:30
Author: Xu Yiming

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[189 stagflation stocks in the market or "playing a Taiwanese opera" More than 20 institutions concentrated on recommending 11 stocks] According to statistics, as of now, among the listed companies in the 2018 annual report disclosed, a total of 189 companies' annual net profit is achieved year-on-year. Growth, the latest dynamic price-earnings ratio is lower than the industry average and the stock price has lost the same period this year. For the above-mentioned 189 stocks in the market outlook, whether there is a compensatory opportunity, the recent institutions have also published research reports for market prediction, SAIC, Indigo Environment, Zijin Mining, China Pacific Insurance, Songcheng Performing Arts, Zhongzhi Shares, Haishu Home 11 stocks such as Fuyao Glass, AVIC Electromechanical, China CRRC, and Shuanghui Development have all received optimistic ratings such as “buy” or “overweight” by more than 20 institutions. (Securities Daily)

Since the beginning of this year, A-shares have gradually got rid of the downward trend, showing a trend of stabilizing and rebounding. The performance of individual stock markets is brilliant. In this context, market participants said that they havePerformanceAs well as the stagflation stocks supported by the valuation, it is more effective in resisting the short-term callback risk of the market, and the market may “play a stage to sing” and have room for rebound.

According to statistics from the Market Research Center of Securities Daily, as of now, there are 189 annual reports of listed companies in the 2018 annual report disclosed.Net profitAchieve year-on-year growth, the latest dynamic price-earnings ratio is lower than the industry average and the stock price has lost the same period this year (this year)Shanghai indexThe cumulative increase was 27.86%).

Analysts said that after the market has completed the transition from weak to strong, under the influence of the trend, the gradual rotation of each sector will become the norm, accompanied by the upward shift of the A-share valuation center and the shock in the rebound background. Some stagflation stocks have obvious opportunities for compensatory growth, and are expected to become new funding concerns.

In terms of performance,Three special ropewayIn 2018, the annual net profit increased by more than 20 times, reaching 2348.96%.*ST Liuhua,Panzhihua Iron and Steel,Zhenghong Technology,Zheng coal machine,Quantum biology,Guanghui Energy,Kailuan shares,Deep high speed,Youbo News,Garden creature,Abbyson,Mi Nuohua,New Austrian sharesThe net profit of 13 companies in the 2018 annual report has doubled year-on-year.

For the three special ropeway, the stock has risen by 19.97% this year, and the latest dynamic price-earnings ratio is 21.71 times. The company's 2018 annual report shows that the company in the report periodOperating incomeThe net profit has reached a new high in recent years, and the overall business situation is improving. The company's operating income is 648,200,600 yuan, an increase of 10,875,900 yuan over the same period of last year, an increase of 20.16%; attributable to listed companiesshareholderThe net profit was 134,472,700 yuan, an increase of 129,225,300 yuan over the same period of last year, an increase of 2348.96%; net profit after deducting non-recurring gains and losses was 5.0126 million yuan, a turnaround to profitability compared with last year.

It is worth mentioning that the electronic stocks Ai Biessen has increased by 9.60% this year. It has the least increase in the 2018 annual net profit doubling stocks. The company's annual net profit has increased by 127.00% year-on-year. The latest valuation is significantly lower than the latest one. The average level of the industry (37.05 times), market participants said that the stagflation stocks have a good margin of safety in the context of satisfying the dual advantages of “low valuation + excellent performance”, with the current market conditions gradually determined, stagflation The stock may usher in a wave of ups and downs.

In terms of valuation,Long flying fiber,Tianfu Communication,Optical library technology4 communication stocks, such as Youbo News,AVIC,Xinyu Guoke,Emerging equipment,Zhongzhi sharesWait for 4 military stocks andSu Shi Agricultural Development,BeidahuangThe latest dynamic P/E ratios of the two agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery stocks are more obvious than the industry level, both of which are more than 50 times.

On the whole, whether there are opportunities for compensatory growth in the market for the above 189 stocks, the recent institutions have also publishedResearch reportConduct market pre-judgment, statistical data shows thatSAIC,Indigo environment,Zijin Mining,China Pacific Insurance,Songcheng Performing Arts, Zhongzhi shares,Haitang House,Fuyao Glass, China Aviation Machinery,China Zhongche,Shuanghui DevelopmentWaiting for 11 stocks to receive optimistic ratings such as “buy” or “overweight” by more than 20 institutions.AVIC Shen Fei,Tianqi Lithium Industry,Qiaqi Food,Chinese boulder,Petty shares,Chinese media,Aerospace information,Hongfa shares,Wintech,Peacebird,AVIC,SDIC Power,Shaanxi Coal Industry,SinopecThe number of rated stocks in individual stocks is also between 15 and 19, and the performance of the market is worth closely tracking.

For SAIC Group, which has the highest number of ratings, the company believes that the company continues to deploy in the field of new energy technology, and the new round of “three powers” ​​core technology innovation and new electric vehicle exclusive architecture development projects continue to advance. The company continued to increase the development of key systems for intelligent driving such as perception, planning, decision-making and execution, and further promotedAlibaba, Mobileye and other well-known domestic and foreign companies to cross-border cooperation, constantly optimize the service ecosystem, using artificial intelligence and other technologies to accelerate the construction of SAIC mobile travel platform and service ecosystem. It is estimated that the company's diluted earnings per share from 2019 to 2021 will be 3.10 yuan, 3.35 yuan, and 3.58 yuan respectively. The company's operating performance is fully guaranteed, and it actively explores the reserve growth space and maintains the "overweight" rating.

(Article source: Securities Daily)

                (Editor: DF380)

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