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Sunshine City completed the issuance of 800 million corporate bonds. The coupon rate was 7.5%.

April 15, 2019 03:37
source: View real estate network

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[Sunshine City completed a coupon of 7.5% for the issuance of RMB 800 million corporate bonds] On April 14, Sunshine City Group Co., Ltd. issued an announcement to disclose that the issuance period for publicly issued corporate bonds (second period) for qualified investors in 2019 is 2019. On April 12, the actual issuance scale was 800 million yuan, and the final coupon rate was 7.50%. (Viewpoint Real Estate Network)

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April 14th,Sunshine cityGroup Co., Ltd.announcementDisclosure, the issue period of public issuance of corporate bonds (second phase) for qualified investors in 2019 is April 12, 2019, and the actual issuance scale is 800 million yuan.interest rateIt is 7.50%.

Sunshine City previously announced that the bond will be for a period of three years, with the issuer adjusting the face at the end of the second year.interest rateOption and investor resale option, the value date is April 12, 2019, and the interest rate inquiry range is 6.00%-7.50%.

Zhongtai Securities Co., Ltd. is the lead underwriter of the bond and the trustee of the bond; Zhongshan Securities Co., Ltd.,CITIC SecuritiesCo., Ltd. and East Asia Qianhai Securities Co., Ltd. are joint lead underwriters.

Sunshine City said the funds raised were intended to be used to repay corporate bonds.

Viewpoint Real Estate New Media has learned that Sunshine City has previously received approval from the China Securities Regulatory Commission to approve the issuance of corporate bonds of no more than RMB 4.9 billion to qualified investors, including the issuance of corporate bonds to qualified investors in 2019 ( The second issue is for the fourth issue.

(Article source: Viewpoint Real Estate Network)

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