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AXA Technology's shareholders increased their holdings of 280,000 shares, and the shareholding ratio was 10%.

April 15, 2019 06:37
Author: Yu Tong
source: Digging net

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[AXA Technology shareholders increased their holdings of 280,000 shares after the change of shareholding ratio of 10%] April 15 news, AXA Technology (834167) shareholder Zhengzhou side by side peer management center (limited partnership) in the share transfer system through the after-hours The agreement transfer method increased the holding of 279,000 shares, and the shareholding ratio after the change of equity was 10%.

K picture 834167_60

April 15 news, Ansheng Technology (834167)shareholderZhengzhou side-by-side peer management center (limited partnership) increased 279,000 shares in the share transfer system through after-hours agreement transfer, and the shareholding ratio was 10% after the change of equity.

According to the digging of Beibei, the shareholder Zhengzhou side-by-side business management center (limited partnership) completed the 279,000 shares in the national SME share transfer system through the after-hours agreement transfer. Before the change of equity, Zhengzhou side by side with the enterprise management center (limited partnership) ) The shareholding is 7.44%, and the shareholding ratio after the change in equity is 10%.

It is understood that there are no relevant agreements, administrative transfer or change, court rulings and other documents involved in this change in equity.

Digging the new three board data shows that the main business of AXA Technology isSocial securityThe development and sales of software products, and provide related technical services, at the same time, gradually extend to software applications such as food and drug safety supervision.

(Article source: Digging the net)

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