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Hainan: Creating a nationalwide tourism demonstration zone Innovative sports lottery variety and gameplay

April 15, 2019 10:31
source: Securities Times Network

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[Hainan: Creating a National Sports Tourism Demonstration Zone, Innovative Sports Lottery Varieties and How to Play] "The Opinions of the CPC Hainan Provincial Committee on High-Quality and High-Quality Construction of the Island Free Trade Pilot Area to lay a Solid Foundation for Building a Free Trade Port with Chinese Characteristics" Construction of an international tourism consumption center, the establishment of a national tourism demonstration zone, the establishment of a national sports tourism demonstration zone, the use of the island-free tax-free shopping policy; the implementation of the Qionggangao yacht free line, accelerate the development of the cruise industry, innovative sports lottery varieties and play, build a global The Consumer Quality Exhibition Center strives to make China International Tourism and Consumer Boutique Expo and Hainan Island International Film Festival an internationally influential brand exhibition. (Securities Times Network)

"Opinions of the Hainan Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China on the construction of a solid foundation for the construction of a free trade port with Chinese characteristics with high standards and high quality" proposes to build a high-level international tourism consumption center, create a national tourism demonstration zone, and build a national sports. The tourism demonstration zone will make good use of the duty-free shopping policy of the islands; implement the free shipping of Qionggangao yacht, accelerate the development of the cruise industry, innovate the variety and game of sports lottery, build a global consumer boutique display center, and strive to China International Tourism and Consumer Goods Fair, Hainan The Island International Film Festival and other brands have become internationally influential brand exhibitions.

  The Hainan Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China on the construction of a high-standard and high-quality construction of the island free trade pilot zone to lay a solid foundation for the construction of a free trade port with Chinese characteristics

(Adopted at the 6th Plenary Session of the 7th Committee of the Communist Party of China Hainan Province on April 13, 2019)

In order to thoroughly study and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech at the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the provincial economic zone in Hainan (hereinafter referred to as "Minute General Secretary's "4·13" important speech) and "The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on supporting Hainan's comprehensive deepening of reform and opening up" The Guiding Opinions (Zhongfa [2018] No. 12, hereinafter referred to as the Central Document No. 12) spirit, the implementation of the "China (Hainan) Free Trade Pilot Area Overall Plan" (Guo Fa [2018] No. 34, hereinafter referred to as the "Overall Plan") We will firmly grasp the strategic positioning of the "three districts and one center", take institutional innovation as the core, focus on optimizing the business environment, and aim at high-quality development, accelerate the construction of the island free trade pilot zone, and build a free trade port with Chinese characteristics. Lay a solid foundation and make the following comments.

First, further enhance the sense of responsibility of urgency. Facing the complicated and ever-changing international environment, facing the arduous and arduous situation of domestic reform, development and stability, facing the new round of high-quality development trend of local competitions and thousands of sails, the whole province must seriously draw on Hainan’s “big ups and downs”. The historical lesson, continue to study and implement the important speech of General Secretary Xi’s "4·13" and the spirit of the Central Document No. 12, and more accurately understand the strategic intent and far-reaching spirit of General Secretary Xi’s personal planning, personal deployment, and personal promotion of Hainan’s comprehensive deepening of reform and opening up. Meaning, consciously stand at the height of the overall development of the party and state undertakings in the new era, serve the country's major strategy, seize the once-in-a-lifetime historical opportunity, further emancipate the mind, and vigorously carry forward the special zone of "Dare to dare to test, dare to be first, and work hard" The spirit, with the sense of mission of "I will be without me, live up to the people", with the urgency of "not waiting for me, just fighting for the day", with the enthusiasm of "one day and three days", the implementation of the "overall plan" with high standards, promote high Quality development, strive for the era of innovation, comprehensively deepen the new benchmark for reform and opening up.

Second, strengthen institutional innovation with a focus on establishing an open economic new system. We will comprehensively promote institutional innovation in 12 aspects, and encourage all industries in various cities and counties to boldly test, boldly and independently reform, and create more institutional innovations that can be replicated and promoted. Focusing on building a new open economy system, based on the demand orientation, it proposes the restricted areas of the current negative list of investment access that need to be broken through, and further reduce the entry threshold for foreign markets. Utilize big data technology to create a “single window” for international investment, and build a “single window” for international trade with Hainan characteristics, promote customs clearance efficiency to reach the national leading level, and improve the degree of investment and trade facilitation. Research and develop a new mechanism for promoting trade in services under cross-border delivery and overseas consumption mode, and implement a pilot program for export of service trade. Increase the introduction of foreign financial institutions, pay close attention to the shortcomings of Hainan's financial organization system, optimize and upgrade Hainan's free trade account system, and explore and carry out pilot projects in the financial sector for open innovation, accelerate the establishment of trading venues with Hainan characteristics, and differentiate development. Green finance, financial technology, etc. We will strive to implement a more open and convenient entry visa-free policy, and gradually expand and extend the scope and duration of visa-free countries. Pilot reform of statutory institutions that is compatible with the construction of a free trade pilot zone.

Third, deepen the "multi-regulation" reform. Scientifically compile the national land space planning of provinces, cities and counties, improve various special plans, and construct a spatial planning system with national land space planning as the bottom plate and clear hierarchy. The “Administrative Measures for the Implementation of the Overall Planning of Cities and Counties in Hainan Province” was promulgated, and the conditions, divisions and processes for the revision of “a blueprint” by provinces and cities were clarified. Improve the "multi-regular" big data management information platform system. Establish a unified supervision system for natural resources based on “multi-regulation”. Research and development to plan the management of the management of land, pipe space, pipe use, and effectively improve land utilization. Exploring the adjustment of cultivated land and basic farmland layout according to actual conditions within the province's cultivated land holdings and basic farmland protection indicators. The province has promoted the pilot project of reforming rural land acquisition and collective management construction into the market and housing system.

Fourth, promote the realization of "a game in the province, the same island in the same city." The whole island is planned, constructed and managed as a large city, forming a pattern of “sports driven by the north and south poles, accelerated development of the east and west wings, and ecological conservation in the central mountainous areas”. The “Haichengwen” integrated comprehensive economic circle in the north will focus on the construction of the headquarters economic zone, high-tech industrial base and modern service industry cluster. The “Da Sanya” tourism economic circle in the south focuses on the construction of the core functional area of ​​the International Tourism Consumption Center, the Cultural Tourism Headquarters Base, and the deep-sea and seed industry industrial highlands with international influence. The eastern region will focus on building international economic cooperation and cultural exchange platforms and international health medical tourism destinations. The western region will focus on regional shipping and logistics centers, international energy and commodity trading centers, Nanhai resource development service guarantee bases, and national strategic energy reserve bases. The central part will focus on building a core experimental zone for ecological civilization, and develop a green economy such as tropical high-efficiency agriculture, tourism, culture and sports industries according to local conditions. The province has coordinated the allocation of new construction land planning indicators. Accelerate the elimination of the urban-rural dual system, promote the free flow of urban and rural factors, integrate planning and management, infrastructure connectivity, and basic public services to achieve urban-rural integration.

5. For a long time, the industrial structure has been adjusted for merit. We will implement the new development concept, deepen the supply-side structural reform, take the development of tourism, modern service industry, and high-tech industries as the leading factor, strengthen innovation drive, and make 12 key industries. Encourage the development of the headquarters economy, high-quality development of strategic emerging service industries and modern service industries such as health, education, sports and culture, build tourism, digital services, special financial and business service industry clusters, and innovate next-generation information technology and digital economy development. Mechanism to build a free trade pilot zone featuring the “Digital Trade Island”. Promote deep integration of the Internet, Internet of Things, big data, satellite navigation, and artificial intelligence with the real economy. We will build a "five major platforms" to accelerate the technological innovation and industrial development of "land, sea and air" such as Nanfan, deep sea and aerospace. Vigorously develop new marine industries, build modern marine pastures, and build a strong marine province. Establish a high-level international tourism consumption center, create a national tourism demonstration zone, build a national sports tourism demonstration zone, and make good use of the island-free tax-free shopping policy; fully accelerate the implementation of the “National Nine Articles” and promote the technology of Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pioneer Zone. Equipment, medicines and international advanced level "three synchronizations"; implementation of Qionggangao yacht free travel, speeding up the development of the cruise industry, innovating sports lottery varieties and gameplay, building a global consumer boutique display center, striving to China International Tourism and Consumer Goods Fair, Hainan Island The International Film Festival and other brands have become internationally influential brand exhibitions. Establish and improve long-term mechanisms for regulation and control, and promote the transformation of the real estate market and the steady and healthy development.

6. Scientifically adjust and optimize the layout of industrial parks. In accordance with the requirements of “multi-regulation”, the existing provincial key industrial parks will be adjusted, and some professional industrial parks that can be large or small and can be concentrated and decentralized will be planned and constructed to focus on cultivating the headquarters economy, design, new industries, and health care. Twelve key industrial parks such as the Internet, large-scale theme parks, finance, exhibition and trading centers, trade and logistics, science and technology, education and culture, and national parks. We will improve the "enclave economy" policy, promote industrial projects into the park, and make it an important carrier for attracting foreign investment, laying the foundation for exploring the implementation of the core policy of the free trade port. We will vigorously decentralize the park and let the park "speak and count". Introduce specialized park operators and lead the design, investment, construction, investment promotion and operation and maintenance of the park. Guided by comprehensive benefits, the park management and assessment mechanism will be improved.

7. Promote upgrading of the “five network” infrastructure. Realize the urban and rural coverage of fiber-optic networks and high-speed mobile communication networks, and accelerate the large-scale deployment and commercialization of 5G networks. Construction of a provincial smart grid to accelerate the transformation of power grids. Construct a "Feng" type expressway network, build tourist roads such as round-the-island and tropical rainforest national parks; plan to build an inter-city railway network, accelerate the expansion of Meilan Airport Phase II, Sanya New Airport and Boao Airport to open to the public, use the first Three or four five-way air rights, strive to open the sixth air rights, encrypt and open new international routes, and strive to build a four-hour and eight-hour flight economic circle; accelerate the transformation of the "four squares and five ports" and transform Yangpu Port into a new international land and sea trade The new fulcrum of the channel will accelerate the integration of Hong Kong and Shenzhen in the Qiongzhou Strait. The natural gas circulation island backbone network will be built to realize the full coverage of “county and county pipeline gas” and urban and rural gas. Accelerate the construction of island-type modern water networks, build water conservancy hubs and irrigation district projects, and promote the connectivity of rivers and lakes. Promote infrastructure construction in areas such as artificial intelligence, industrial Internet, Internet of Things, and finance.

8. Deepen the reform of administrative examination and approval. The “six trials” minimalist examination and approval was extended to all key parks in the province according to law. We will sort out a number of examination and approval items, prepare and establish a provincial government affairs service library, publish and improve the catalogues of government affairs at all levels, and implement “no approvals outside the list”. Push the administrative service comprehensive window acceptance and "one seal management approval" to improve the efficiency of examination and approval. Implement the direct registration system and the simple cancellation registration system. The administrative licensing items and household registration, residence permit, and social insurance that are included in the unified implementation of the provincial level will be gradually implemented as “all provinces”. The implementation of "Internet + government services", promote the province's "one network through the office", to achieve the masses "do not run once" or "run at most once." We will improve the new post-event supervision system based on cross-sector “double random and open” supervision as the basic means, supplemented by key supervision and based on credit supervision.

9. Focus on foreign investment and attract investment. Obey the overall situation of the country, base on international competition, pay more attention to attracting foreign investment, increase global investment, adhere to the introduction of industrial projects and market entities that meet China's national conditions, meet Hainan's reality and meet high-quality development requirements, and “one enterprise, one policy” point-to-point precision investment Use the best resources to attract the best investment, and you can't "get the dishes in the basket." We will use the platform of Boao Forum for Asia to expand exchanges and cooperation with countries and regions related to the “Belt and Road” and promote the establishment of consular institutions in Hainan to attract international organizations to set up headquarters or representative institutions. Clean up local regulations, government regulations, and regulatory documents that are inconsistent with the Foreign Investment Law, effectively reduce the burden of taxes and fees, and operate costs of the enterprise, supplement the short-term business standards of the World Bank, and conduct third-party evaluation of the business environment. We will build a new type of political and business relationship, build a credible government, and a government under the rule of law, and strive to create a business environment of rule of law, internationalization, and convenience. Actively docking Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and Dawan District, establishing a new mechanism for industrial cooperation and creating an industrial cooperation park.

X. In-depth implementation of the plan for the entry of millions of talents into Hainan. Adhere to the introduction of talents and cultivate "two-wheel drive", create a brand of "thousands of special talents", increase the intensity of team-based talents, innovate a flexible mechanism for attracting talents, and take measures to attract talents in urgent need; increase local talents, especially The selection and training of talents in the western and minority areas will create a “Nanhai Series” talent brand. More emphasis will be placed on the introduction of international talents, piloting international talent management reforms, exploring the establishment of a global talent recruitment and service management system that is in line with international standards, researching and implementing preferential personal income tax policies, and launching a “one card” pilot program for high-end talent services. Simplify the qualifications and work visas for foreign and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions, as well as work-study procedures for foreign students, and allow them to work, start a business, and permanently reside in Hainan. Build an international community and improve high-level education, medical care, housing, cultural and sports facilities. We will improve the “one-stop” online and offline integration platform for talent service in the province, and open up the “last mile” for the implementation of the talent policy.

11. Accelerate the construction of a national ecological civilization pilot zone. In-depth implementation of Green Water Qingshan is the concept of Jinshan Yinshan, strictly control the red line of ecological protection, ensure that it falls to the land, establish a provincial environmental protection zone control system, and even more projects affecting the ecological environment.GDPMore taxes are not determined. Full implementation of the river (lake) long system, the long system of the lake, the system of forestry, the overall management of the lakes and grasses in the landscape, the six major special projects of the ecological environment and the remediation of the coastal zone, the improvement of urban and rural sewage garbage collection and treatment facilities, and the construction of land and sea The regional linkage mechanism for ecosystem protection and pollution prevention and control, and steadily improve environmental quality. Implement clean energy priority online, speed up the promotion of clean energy vehicles, encourage regional district heating and cooling, and implementcontractEnergy management, building a clean energy island. Piloting the compensation mechanism for horizontal ecological protection in the upper and lower reaches of the basin, promoting the reform of the compensation system for ecological environmental damage, and implementing the system of compulsory liability insurance for environmental pollution. We will improve the system of paid use of state-owned natural resources assets and strictly manage the environmental management of reclamation. Innovate the national park management system, define functional divisions, initiate ecological relocation, and create a tropical rainforest national park display area.

12. Coordinate the promotion of poverty alleviation and rural revitalization. Reinforce the five-level secretary to grasp the responsibility of poverty alleviation, adhere to the precise poverty alleviation, strengthen the five-level combat system; improve the interest linkage mechanism, promote the industrial poverty alleviation and improve quality and efficiency; pay attention to Zhizhi double support, continue to do a good job of getting rid of poverty and getting rich TV night school; The income level is slightly higher than the marginal population assistance mechanism for poor households, preventing poverty alleviation and new poverty, and ensuring that the task of poverty alleviation is completed on schedule. Deepen the structural reform of the supply side of agriculture, vigorously improve the conditions of agricultural facilities, promote the good seedlings, strengthen the docking of production and marketing, give play to the leading role of leading enterprises, promote the development of green, standardization, scale and brand, and build a "five bases and one district" To create a "trump card" for high-efficiency agriculture with tropical characteristics; strengthen the management and control of rural residents' housing construction, focus on the "three clears and two reforms and one construction", and solidly promote the three-year rectification of rural human settlements, and do a good job in rural purification, greening, and colorization. We will brighten and beautify our work, continue to promote the construction of a beautiful village in Bainan Town, Hainan, and promote the integration and development of the first, second and third industries; give full play to the role of the Rural Revitalization Task Force, and promote the overall revitalization of the countryside around the goal of “Ten Thousands and Ten Good”.

Thirteen, fully protect and improve people's livelihood. Adhere to the people as the center, and persist in doing a good job in the people's livelihood. Continue to do a good job in the construction of "one city (county) two schools, one garden and one hospital", through institutional and institutional innovation, to guide and motivate good teachers and good doctors to stay at the grassroots level; accelerate the construction of Hainan University's world-class disciplines, and promote Hainan Normal University and Hainan Medicine The school runs a high level, promotes the reform of vocational education and the construction of “double high plan”, actively introduces high-quality educational resources at home and abroad, encourages the establishment of branches, promotes the establishment of independent Chinese-foreign cooperative education institutions, improves the quality of education, and explores the prepayment of medical insurance by regional total headcount. The control fee and the close-up medical association reform promoted the grading diagnosis and treatment, increased the cooperation of international and domestic medical resources, and realized that "small diseases do not enter the city, and the disease does not go out of the island." Adhere to the priority of employment and coordinate the employment of all key groups. Optimize income distribution, increase residents' income, and improveSocial securityInstitutions, building a multi-level old-age security system, and resolutely sticking to the basic line of the people's livelihood. Actively solve the needs of residents of the province's affordable housing, improved housing and various types of talent housing. Strengthen the supervision and control of comprehensive price control, implement the “10 dishes” and manage the “vegetable basket”.

14. Solidly promote the building of spiritual civilization. Cultivate and practice the core values ​​of socialism, integrate them into daily life, and grasp them frequently and become habits. In-depth development of social civilization, support cities and counties to create a national civilized city, national health city, accelerate the pilot construction of the new era civilized practice center, advocate civilized tourism, civilized etiquette, civilized dining table, civilized transportation, etc., do a good job in literary and artistic creation and mass Stylistic activities. We will build a social credit system, build a business integrity demonstration province, improve cross-departmental and inter-disciplinary trustworthiness incentives and a common disciplinary mechanism for untrustworthiness, and create a “Hainan no fake” brand to create a safe and secure international tourism consumption environment. Vigorously shifting the wind and customs, smashing waste, thick burial and thinness, feudal superstition and other hurricanes, carrying forward the civilized new style of obeying the law, diligence and saving, filial piety and love.

Fifteen, comprehensively improve the level of social governance. Innovate the social management model, improve the level of social governance intelligence, and create a social governance pattern that is shared by the province and the same island. Establish Hainan Provincial Big Data Administration, build a high-level big data platform, and build a three-dimensional prevention and control system for port-circle islands combining civil air defense, physical defense and technical defense; accelerate the promotion of government informationization and government information sharing, integrate provincial data resources, and build Flow of people, logistics,Cash flowIn and out of the information system and social management information platform to achieve all-weather, all-regional, full coverage management and control of social dynamics. In principle, there is no law enforcement team at the provincial level. Municipal, county, township and townships implement comprehensive administrative law enforcement. Each city, county, township and town has a law enforcement team. Explore the four-in-one social co-governing method of “market autonomy autonomy + industry association self-discipline + social supervision + government supervision”, and establish and improve a comprehensive supervision system. Improve the ability of grassroots organizational governance, improve the mechanism of villagers' autonomy, and build a new system of rural governance.

16. Resolutely keep the bottom line of key areas. Adhere to the bottom line thinking, prevent problems before they happen, and never let go of chaos, and do not allow interference, hindrance and delay in Hainan to deepen the reform and opening up, and ensure the smooth progress of the free trade pilot zone. Strictly abide by the bottom line of ideology, conscientiously implement the responsibility system of ideology work, clearly set the direction, manage the position, and bring the team well; master the initiative of ideology, accelerate the deep integration of media development, strengthen public opinion guidance, and prevent malicious speculation. Strictly abide by the bottom line of security and stability, resolutely safeguard the political security of the country with political security and institutional security as the core, crack down on terrorism activities, strictly prohibit "yellow gambling poison", resolutely win the three-year anti-drug war, and deepen the anti-black In addition to the evil special struggle; strengthen safety production and improve the level of emergency management. Strictly adhere to the bottom line of the ecological environment, strictly prevent the invasion of harmful organisms, and ensure that the ecological environment can only be better and can not be deteriorated.

17. Prevent and resolve major risks. Strengthen risk awareness, promote the construction of major risk prevention and control systems and mechanisms, and ensure that no systematic and regional risks occur. Vigorously prevent and resolve national sovereignty and surrounding security risks, strengthen the service guarantee for the maintenance and protection of the South China Sea rights protection, deepen the reform of the airspace management system, and create a national demonstration model for military-civilian integration and innovation with Hainan characteristics. Vigorously prevent and resolve risks in the economic field, build a comprehensive financial risk prevention system, crack down on illegal criminal activities such as money laundering, terrorist financing, tax evasion, smuggling, strictly implement local government debt limit management and budget management, and classify and deal with problems in the real estate industry according to law. Vigorously prevent and resolve the risks of social stability, focus on source governance and control, and do a good job in risk assessment of major decision-making social stability. Vigorously prevent and resolve network security risks and improve the level of cyberspace governance.

18. Create a fair, transparent and efficient rule of law environment. Make good use of the local legislative power and the legislative power of the special economic zone; sort out the existing laws and regulations, and submit to the National People's Congress and the State Council for a package and one-on-one discussion on the construction of the free trade pilot zone, which is a central authority; actively cooperate with the National People's Congress Formulate the Hainan Free Trade Port Law. Strengthen the review of legality of decision-making and deepen the reform of the administrative law enforcement system. We will deepen the comprehensive reform of the judicial system, effectively solve the difficulties of implementation, and ensure the fairness and efficiency of the administration. Establish commercial, maritime arbitration and dispute mediation mechanisms that are linked to international practices. Strengthen legal awareness, rule awareness, and order awareness, and create a rule of law environment that is determined by law, by law, by law, by law, and by law.

Nineteen, improve the style of work and grasp implementation. Leading cadres at all levels must conscientiously implement the requirements of the "Ten Implementation" of comprehensively deepening the implementation of the reform and opening up policy, effectively play an exemplary role, learn to use the policy of full use, faithfully perform their duties, use their minds in the cause, and sink to the grassroots level. Solve the problem and fall into the actual effect. Strictly abide by the spirit of the eight central regulations and the implementation rules of the provincial party committee and the provincial government, resolutely implement the requirements of the central government's "basic-level burden reduction year", unswervingly improve the style of work, force formalism and bureaucracy, and focus on solving the problem of Wenshan and the sea, and issue documents to cities and counties below. Reduce the number of meetings by 50%, reduce the number of meetings held by more than 30%; optimize the supervision and assessment, reduce the inspection and examination items of the county, village and mining enterprises by more than 50%, and push the cadres to devote their energies to solve problems in the most difficult places, resolutely Prevent and correct problems such as the implementation of central decision-making, the deployment of provincial committees without care, impractical, and effortless efforts.

20. Adhere to and strengthen the overall leadership of the party. Party organizations at all levels must earnestly strengthen the organization, leadership, coordination, promotion, and implementation of the construction of free trade pilot zones. Put the party's political construction in the first place, firmly establish the "four consciousnesses", strengthen the "four self-confidences", do "two maintenance", and promote the "courage to be a pioneer, do a good example" special event and "not forget the original heart, Keeping in mind the mission of the theme education seamlessly, strengthen the deep integration of party building and business work. We will comprehensively strengthen the building of grassroots party organizations in all fields and select and organize the party organization. We will comprehensively and strictly manage the party's main responsibility and supervisory responsibility, deepen the reform of the discipline inspection and supervision system, and build an effective mechanism to promote non-corruption, perseverance, and non-corruption. Establish a fault-tolerant and error-correcting mechanism, adhere to the "three divisions", improve the comprehensive assessment and incentive system for cadres, and encourage cadres to innovate and work hard. Highlight political standards, adhere to the cause of selecting talents, and promote the normalization of two-way cadres, increase training, expand international horizons, and build a cadre team that is loyal and clean.

Party organizations at all levels in the province and the majority of party members and cadres and masses should be more closely united around the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and build a free trade pilot zone with high standards and high quality. Accelerate the exploration of the process of building a free trade port with Chinese characteristics, and strive to build a beautiful new Hainan with economic prosperity, social civilization, ecological livability, and people's happiness!


1. Institutional innovation in 12 aspects: First, strengthen the effective management system of the free trade pilot zone and the free trade port with Chinese characteristics; second, promote the red line of ecological protection in the province; third, establish and improve the long-term mechanism of real estate regulation; It is the innovation park management system; the fifth is to deepen the “minimum approval” reform of the park project; the sixth is to innovate the foreign trade and economic promotion system; the seventh is to accelerate the construction of the tropical rain forest national park; the eighth is to build a national demonstration model for military-civilian integration; The legal and regulatory system that is compatible with the construction process of the trade pilot zone and the free trade port with Chinese characteristics; the ten is to establish a new mechanism for the integration of urban and rural areas and the development of the whole island; the eleventh is to accelerate the reform of the party and government institutions in the city and county; leadership.

2. “Single window” for international investment: refer to the “single window” of international trade, establish a “single window through” service system that integrates online and offline integration, cross-departmental joint processing, and covering the whole process of investment after the event. The network "one network through", offline through a government service center a window to accept.

3. “Single window” of international trade: centralized management by a leading agency, enabling corresponding government departments or agencies to receive or access relevant materials according to their respective purposes, coordinate their supervision, and enable trade and transportation related parties to register in a single Point to submit standard information and documents that meet all import, export and re-export regulatory requirements. If it is electronic, you only need to submit the data in one go.

4. Hainan Free Trade Account System: The unified and unified local and foreign currency account system opened by financial institutions in accordance with the needs of customers in the free trade test account accounting unit, independent of the existing traditional account system, the service targets include domestic and foreign enterprises and individuals. Various entities such as financial institutions are an important institutional arrangement for exploring the convenience of investment and financing exchanges, expanding the opening of financial markets and preventing financial risks. On January 1, 2019, the Hainan Free Trade Account System was officially launched in some financial institutions in Hainan Province.

5. Twelve key industries: tourism, tropical high-efficiency agriculture, Internet industry, medical and health industry, financial service industry, convention and exhibition industry, marine industry, modern logistics industry, pharmaceutical industry, low-carbon manufacturing industry, real estate industry, culture and sports industry.

6. Strategic emerging service industry: including service industry-related industries in seven major industries, including energy conservation and environmental protection, new generation information technology, biology, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy, new materials, and new energy vehicles.

7. Five major platforms: major scientific and technological innovation base in the aerospace field, the South Center of the National Deep Sea Base, the National South Traditional Research and Breeding Base, the National Tropical Agricultural Science Center, and the Global Transfer Base for Animal and Plant Germplasm Resources.

8. The “enclave economy” policy of the park: “Enclave economy” refers to two administrative areas that are independent of each other and have a gap in economic development. They break the restrictions of the original administrative divisions and realize the resources of the two places through cross-space administrative management and economic development. A model of regional economic cooperation with complementary and coordinated economic development. "Implementation Opinions of the Hainan Provincial People's Government on Implementing Enclave Economic Policies in Provincial-level Parks (Trial)" (Qiong [2015] No. 102) pointed out that cities, counties and development zones are encouraged to have different functional locations, resource and environmental constraints, and planning. For reasons such as industrial support restrictions, projects that cannot be implemented in the region can be settled in other provincial-level parks (referred to as “enclave”), and the benefits sharing and input sharing of the flying and flying areas should be clearly defined, and relevant encouragement and support policies should be implemented.

9. The sixth right of navigation: The right of an airline of a certain country or region to carry passengers and cargo between two countries or regions abroad and to suspend its registered country or region.

10, four hours and eight hours flight economic circle: from Hainan, four hours of flight time can cover 21 countries and regions in Asia, accounting for about 47% of the world's population, the GDP of the economy accounts for about 30% of the world's total, eight hours flight time It can cover 59 countries and regions in Asia, Oceania, Europe and Africa, accounting for 67% of the world's population, and the GDP of the economy accounts for about 41% of the world's GDP.

11. Qiongzhou Strait Port and Shipping Integration: Integrate the port resources of Qiongzhou Strait, and finally achieve the goal of “unified planning, unified construction, unified information, unified management and unified service” for the port and shipping resources of the two places.

12. “Six Trial” minimalist approvals: trial “planning generation”, “regional assessment review replaces individual project evaluation review”, “access list” and “project technical assessment” system, “commitment publicity system”, “joint The “acceptance” mechanism, strengthening the post-event supervision, and experimenting with the “project exit” mechanism.

13. Thousands of special projects: Introduce and support a number of key areas, high-level talents in key industries that are in short supply, and major leaders, key laboratories, key disciplines, key specialists and other platforms. Leading talents and their teams will strive to introduce about 10 masters and their teams, 90 outstanding talents and their teams, and about 1,000 leading talents and their teams by 2025.

14. Five-level combat system: Under the provincial poverty alleviation and development leading group, Hainan set up a province to win the battle for poverty alleviation and warfare, and gradually formed a wartime warfare mechanism that covers the provinces, cities, counties, townships (towns), villages, and natural villages.

15. Five bases and one district: national winter melon vegetable production base, natural rubber base, southern breeding seed production base, tropical fruit and flower base, aquaculture and marine fishing base, and unspecified animal disease area.

16. Sanqing two reforms and one construction: clean up rural domestic garbage, clean up rural domestic sewage, clean up livestock and poultry manure and agricultural production waste, transform rural toilets, renovate village roads, and establish a long-term mechanism for rural human settlements.

17. The goal of “Ten Thousands and Ten Good” is to grasp the construction of grassroots organizations and achieve a good team; to grasp the accuracy and get rid of poverty, to achieve a good well-off construction; to grasp the construction of “hundred towns and thousand villages”, to achieve a beautiful country; to grasp the “three clears and two reforms” "Building one" to achieve a better living environment; grasping rural characteristic projects and achieving good industrial development; grasping the creation of spiritual civilization and realizing the good looks of farmers; grasping the party building to lead governance and achieving a good governance pattern; grasping the construction of rural "five networks" Good infrastructure; grasp the village-level collective economy and achieve good value-added assets; grasp the development of rich industries and achieve better farmers' income.

18. One city (county) two schools, one garden and one hospital: During the “13th Five-Year Plan” period, each city and county will introduce and run at least one provincial-level high-quality secondary school, one provincial-level high-quality primary school, and one provincial level. Level high quality kindergarten, a provincial level hospital.

19. “Double High Plan”: Focusing on the new requirements for vocational education in the new era, we will concentrate on building about 50 high-level vocational schools and 150 high-level professional groups to build technical skills and cultivate highland and technical skills innovation services. The platform supports the development of national key industries and regional pillar industries, and leads the new era of vocational education to achieve high quality development.

20. Dishes: On February 17, 2016, the General Office of the Provincial Government issued the “Notice on Implementing the Decomposition Plan for Ten Measures for Stabilizing Vegetable Price in Hainan Province” (Qiong Office [2016] No. 41), referred to as “Dish 10 Articles”.

21. Advance the comprehensive implementation of the "Ten Implementation" requirements for the implementation of the reform and opening up policy: On January 31, 2019, Secretary Liu Cigui pointed out at the closing meeting of the Second Session of the Sixth National People's Congress that the implementation of the comprehensive reform and opening up policy should focus on Do a good job of "ten implementation." First, implement theoretical arms, improve the comprehensive quality of the construction of free trade pilot zones and free trade ports with Chinese characteristics; second, implement openness first, promote the formation of a new pattern of comprehensive openness; third, implement emancipation of the mind, and stand at a higher starting point to plan and promote The fourth is to implement the new development concept, adhere to high-quality development, and build a modern economic system; the fifth is to implement the green water Qingshan is the Jinshan Yinshan concept, to set an example for the national ecological civilization construction; the sixth is to implement the people-centered development thinking, Let the reform and development achievements more fair and benefit the people; the seventh is to implement the spirit of brave struggle, to prevent and resolve major risks; the eighth is to implement the nailing spirit, a blueprint to draw the end; nine is to implement the talents of the four parties, let all kinds of talents in Hainan Every effort is made to make the best use of their talents; the tenth is to implement and uphold the overall leadership of the party, to solidify the "four consciousnesses", to strengthen the "four self-confidences" and to achieve "two maintenance".

  【Related reports】

  Building an open highland with a more proactive attitude - Hainan accelerates the formation of a comprehensive, high-quality new pattern

(Article source: Securities Times Network)

                (Editor: DF070)

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